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Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog Tiru Tashi Art, My aim to give my own readers the best of my writing abilities. I believe in writing about the morality of Bhagwat Gita with vibrant colors and flawless pictures of true emotions with words of a logic pattern of Gita. 

My work speaks my heart out and is all about sharing feelings, expressions, dreams, and aspirations with Bhagwat Gita. I try to paint my writing with different colors of emotions and feelings in the foot of Bhagwat Gita.


I have done a master's in mass communication. Besides being a writer I write also Hindi poems about true feelings and emotions and I am passionate to draw real emotions with blooming my art. I try to draw thoughts and hope on canvas.

The morality of Bhagwat Gita can be useful for you to balance your life. Share my an article, like my article and comment on my article, stay link with this blog for further updates.


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