Shri Krishna- Complete Incarnation’s Description


 Shri Krishna- Complete Incarnation’s Description

Shri Krishna- Complete Incarnation’s Description
Shri Krishna-complete incarnation's description

Krishna is the source of complete incarnations who is the original Paramatma, As per Bhagavad Gita, it is elucidated that this material world is created at a determined duration and again destroyed.

The process of creating and destroying continues as per supreme power because of the conditioned soul.

Shri Krishna maintains the material world by spreading his total expansions.

The incarnation of Krishna has a prominent reason basically for the well-being of human beings. Never think of impersonal ways to help entities.

Sense of individuality (ego) is great identification for eternally conditioned souls that determined the sense of enjoyment, that are unable to have constitutionally. Shri Krishna is the opulence of all potencies and all knowledge, maintained accordingly to the need of human beings like dictated Bhagavad Gita. 

Lord Krishna is the only bliss, and all others are enjoying themselves. Living beings enjoy premonition, predetermined. But eternal conditioned souls, by forgetting this constitutional position, have a strong desire to enjoy.

The chance to enjoy matter is given to the conditioned souls in the material world, and side by side they are given the chance to understand their real constitutional position.

In the material world, the juncture is given to the conditioned soul to enjoy mundane things, along with this they are given the juncture to cognize the real constitutional dimensions of oneself. 

Those, who living entities recognize the truth and dedicate unto the lotus feet of Vasudeva after more and more birth and who join the eternally liberated souls and thus they deserve to catch the blessings of the lord and can attain the Dham of the godhead,

And they don't need to rebirth again in this material world.

But those living entities who don't get the constitutional truth are again involved in the mahat-tattva at the annihilation time of the material world.

When creation gets again takes place, this element (mahat-tattva) is again let loose.

Mahat-tattva - this element contains all materials of the mundane manifestations, including the conditioned souls.

Noticeably, this mahat-tattva has sixteen parts, namely the five gross material elements and the eleven for senses.

Brahman, that is god for everyone and everywhere, the sparking of blessing spread everywhere with spiritual light.

Brahma the master of all engineers in the universe.

Bhagavad Gita verse 38 chapter 3

Bhagavad Gita- happiness, distress


First Incarnation of Shri Krishna is the Karanodakasayi Vishnu

From the Lord Vishnu's skin holes immeasurable universes have sprung up, in these universes, the Lord Vishnu enters as the Garbhodakasayi Vishnu. The Lord is recumbent within the half of the universe which is full of the water of his body.

From the navel of Garbhodakasayi Vishnu has sprung the stem of the lotus flower, the birthplace of Brahma. Lord Vishnu alone is the father of living entities and the master of whole demigod engineers ascribed in the perfect design and working of the universal symmetry and dimensions. 

Within the stem of the lotus, the fourteen divisions of the planetary system and earthly planets are situated in the middle.

From upwards, better planetary systems present, and the topmost system is called Brahma Loka or Satya Loka.

From downwards, the earthly planetary system, there are seven lower planetary systems inhabited by the asuras and similar other materialistic living entities.

From garbhodakasayi Vishnu that is an elaboration of the Ksirodakasayi Vishnu, same Lord is the collective Paramatma of all creatures, the name is Hari and all incarnations are expanded within the universe.

Thus, the Purusha-Avatara appears in three features :

Karanodkasahayi which forms the overall physical components in the Maha-tattva, the second Garbhagrihasaei which enters each the universe, and the third Kshirodakasayi Vishnu who is the culmination of every material object, organic or inorganic.

The spiritual sky becomes full of Maha-Vishnu by his own liberated will thus he situated on the ocean of Karana, from where the Lord has sighted over his material nature, and mahat-tattva created again thus electrified through the power of the lord, the creation of many of the universes by material nature suddenly takes place.

God says 'nothing can happen without a cause'. Material nature is devoid of the power of creation without the power of the lord.

We should not consider any creative power from the material world, we should believe in the power of the Lord, who represents nature.

Because the Lord engaged in wished meditation, the material energy created the innumerable universe at once, in every universe lord present and thus planets and paraphernalia were created through the lord's will.


Transcendental form of the Shri Krishna

With our elusive, bewildered mind and materialized senses are not able to perceive any form of the divinity and transcendental lord.

Our senses need to be rectified through devotional powers that keep on connecting us to god.

Only pure devotional powers guaranteed to achieve transcendental lord and can push us to towards lord.

In the Brahma-Samhita it has been enunciated that the Lord can be seen every time into the devotee's eyes.

So if you want to get very intimate with god take information about the transcendental form of the Lord.

In this material world, sometimes we aren't able to see things with simple eyes besides we see this by experience. So if we feel anything by experience, it will be more perfectly applicable in material to transcendental services.

So only with these experiences, we can learn about patience and perseverance that is important to realize the transcendental powers with absolute truth.

Second the manifestation of the Shri Krishna

After creating immeasurable universes in the mahat-tattva, the Lord goes into every the universe as the second purusa, garbhodakasayi Vishnu.  

When God saw only the presence of darkness and space within the universe, without leaving any space, half of the universe was filled with water with its own sweat and lying on the same water. This water is called Garbhodka.

From the navel of the lord, the stem of the lotus flower emanate, on this flower petals the birth of Brahma, the master of the universal plan, happened.

Brahma is the engineer of the universe, and the Lord maintains all in order.

Brahma was produced from rajo-guna of Prakriti (the mode of passion), Lord Vishnu became the lord of the mode of goodness.

Lord Vishnu, being transcendental, always is being devoid of materialistic attraction.

From Brahma, there is Rudra, who is in charge of the ways of ignorance or darkness. The form of Lord is Rudra annihilate the entire creation as per the lord's will.

Thus, all forms of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv are incarnations of the Garbhodakasayi Vishnu.

Brahma and other demigods also incarnated from time to time to generate human beings. The prime demigod's name is Daksha, Marici, Manu. 

Garbhodakasayi Vishnu has its own supremacy and glorified in the scriptures as hymns of Garbha-stuti which is full of descriptive ways to elucidate the praise of the lord like having thousands of hands and heads with the amazing power of destruction and creation of the universe.

The Garbhodakasayi Vishnu is the whole and sole master of the universe with a transcendental analogy.

The Lord Vishnu is the plenary the portion of the Garbhodakasayi Vishnu and the Supersoul of the universe.

Lord Ksirodakasayi Vishnu is only the maintainer of the universe.

Thus the three attributes including incarnations emanate from the Ksirodakasayi Vishnu form.

In every millennium Lord Vishnu incarnated in different forms, like Matsya avatar, Varaha avatar, Narshima avatar, Ram avatar, Vamana avatar. All these incarnations are called Lila incarnations.

After these incarnations, there are qualitative incarnations such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, who are responsible for every mode of material nature.

Brahma is always a jiva-tattva, the highest pious living things empowered with the immense power for creation that is called Brahma. The immense power of the lord is similar to sunlight.

Lord itself is more enough to deal with any calamity as compared to others in Brahma form. This form is full of potency and power.


Manu Incarnation Age of Shri Krishna

Manus is the one very prominent incarnation. In that one day's duration of the life of Brahma is calculated by solar year(4,300,000 * 1000 years), here the 14 manus.

Thus, it will be 420 Manus in one month of Brahma inhabits for 100 years of his age, and therefore 5040 * 100 or 504, 000 Manus in the duration of Brahma's life.

Immeasurable universes are here with the power of Brahma in each of them. All these universes are created and destroyed during the breathing time of the lord.


Every form of Manu Shri Krishna

This form of Manu is prominent within the Universe, that follows below :

·        Yajna as svayambhuva Manu,

·        Vibhu as Svarocisa Manu

·        Satyasena as Uttama Manu

·        Hari as Tamasa Manu

·        Ajita as Caksusa Manu

·        Vamana as Vaivasvata Manu

·        Sarvabhauma as Savarni Manu

·        Rsabha as Daksasavarni Manu

·        Visvaksena as Brahma-savarni Manu

·        Dharma-savarni Manu

·        Sudhama as Rudra-savarni Manu

·        Yogesvara as Deva-savarni Manu, and

·        Brhadbhanu as Indra-savarni Manu.

All these names are 14 Manus take the solar year is 4,300,000,000.

The yugas have been divided into four parts :

·        Satya-yuga

·        Treta-yuga

·        Dvapara-yuga, and

·        Kali-yuga

The important thing is the incarnation of every yuga has a different color of form. The color name is white, red, black, and yellow.

We all know that, in Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna appeared in black color.


Four unmarried sons of Brahma Shri Krishna

At the starting of the creation, the four unmarried sons of Brahma incarnated, who, being situated in a pledge of bachelorhood, undergo severe austerities for the realization of the radical veritable.

As we read earlier that the creation of the mundane world is created, maintained, and then again destroyed at particular time intervals.

So, several names of creations as per Brahma's name, the father of living entities in the great process of creation satisfies the thoughts.

The main reason for the appearance of ‘kumaras’ in the material world, to teach the best lesson for the realization of Brahma.

They experienced tough disciplinary action for their own daily life.

These kumaras are incarnations form on the earth. Before following these tough disciplinary action, they become Brahmanas.

In that time, it was necessary to qualify the brahmana, not through birth but also by skills, after that, anyone can undergo the process of Brahma realization.


The Boar Incarnation of Lord Krishna

In each incarnation, there had been executed a particular function by the Godhead. Every incarnation is phenomenally extraordinary and the function was based just on the welfare of beings.

All these extraordinary works are very impossible for any simple human being.

In the prime boar incarnation, Lord took the earth on the front of his own head on the horn, because asuras had hidden the earth into a filthy place, so god played this boar form.

In this way, devotees worshiped this form also because Lord stays always in transcendent form.


Third empowered Incarnation of Shri Krishna - Devarsi Narada

This incarnation was for the propagation of devotional services on the entire universe. Narad was the author of Narada-pancaratra, which is enunciated the Vedas, particularly for the spiritual and devotional subjects.

This scripture teaches the fruitive workers, to do work without expectation of fruits and to achieve liberation from bondage.

Mostly, the conditioned soul is affected by this work because it indulged in enjoying life only.

This entire world is tied in the fruitive workers that are included only in the materialistic things like economic and lusty development.

But the law of nature provides that every action becomes consequence ways, and the person bound by such a reaction, good or bad that doing the work.

The outcome of good work is material happiness, whereas the outcome of bad work is material unhappiness.

But in materialistic life, either happy or unhappy, all mean to ultimately for unhappiness life only.

Absurd people in materialistic life are very unaware to find real and eternal happiness in any unfavorable conditions.

Here, we need the teachings of Shri Narada that informs all absurd materialistic fruitive workers - how to realize the true and eternal reality of happiness.

Shri Narad explains the path to the bewildered mind - how we can obtain the path of spiritual deliverance.


The Fourth Incarnation of Shri Krishna Narayan

King Rsabha said to his son to follow the path of penance to realize the transcendence, to make reform of human birth.

That's why Lord too adheres to this path in an exemplary state to teach the community of human life. 

The Lord is so generous for forgetful souls. A big example of this is Lord Chaitanya, who appeared on the earth for this prime reason.

Therefore, he himself comes and leaves the necessary instructions for human beings and sends his forms as representatives to send all the conditioned souls back to Devbhoomi.

The incarnation of Lord Chaitanya also shows the same reason. Besides all these incarnations of Lord Krishna, many more incarnations took, which will discuss in the next article.




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