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Shri Krishna- Complete Incarnation’s Description

    Shri Krishna- Complete Incarnation’s Description Shri Krishna-complete incarnation's description Krishna is the source of complete incarnations who is the original Paramatma, As per Bhagavad Gita, it is elucidated that this material world is created at a determined duration and again destroyed. The process of creating and destroying continues as per supreme power because of the conditioned soul. Shri Krishna maintains the material world by spreading his total expansions. The incarnation of Krishna has a prominent reason basically for the well-being of human beings. Never think of impersonal ways to help entities. Sense of individuality (ego) is great identification for eternally conditioned souls that determined the sense of enjoyment, that are unable to have constitutionally. Shri Krishna is the opulence of all potencies and all knowledge, maintained accordingly to the need of human beings like dictated Bhagavad Gita.   Lord Krishna is the only bliss, and all ot