Bhagavad Gita – Soul | Human Consciousness



Bhagvaad Gita – Soul | Human consciousness
Bhagavad Gita-soul|Human consciousness

This topic entails a short discussion on the brain and unabridged facets related to the relation of soul and consciousness.

Upon a specific point, the importance of the relation between consciousness and soul is an elevated dimension to the growth of humankind; it has been in existence since time immemorial.

Despite the primitive time of knowledge, no one could find exactly the depth of soul and consciousness not fathoms assertively their relation. Hence human consciousness is not yet full-blown to a level wherewithal a normal man could be able to probe with invisible, its psychology, and its powers.

The consciousness of the slump of the people is continued only to the visible world as the physical body, car, relations, house, luxury, wealth, outer nature, etc.

Since the mango man exists only in the rude, rough outer domain they are easily eating and digest this outer knowledge.

However, the elements beyond time and space i.e. the invisible are left speechless and confounded. We all know that this invisible power of the soul and brain is extremely difficult to explain profoundly.

But, sometimes some people experience the power of the soul and brain and after some little experience, it gets ends no, never comes forward to experience more, because it is difficult to comprehend this.

false ego by Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita eternal soul

Bhagavad Gita Atam Gyan

Just think, if we never experience these powers then how we can explain it?

So how we can explain the soul and brain?

 It is possible only the one, whose consciousness continues to grow and evolve, will gradually experience all these profundities within.

But even if we asked them to explain this, how can he possibly do it? For example, one who has never felt the emotions of poor people, cannot understand the situation of lack of hungriness of poor people similarly one whose consciousness is not yet developed would never be able to understand this clearly.

Anything about the soul, the power of the mind, destiny, or the principle of time.

Hence, the profound powers and elements of the soul can surely be dexterous, but we cannot be naively perceived. So if you want to get close to the soul or consciousness, just try to experience this, instead of just trying to comprehend them, it is only based on personal feelings and emotions you can understand by deep thinking alone.

We all try to decipher this power with a normal view of the vision of mind and senses, whereas it is completely dependent on the experience of awakening the consciousness of the mind. So, we should try to focus on our own efforts on awakening the consciousness and thereupon experience the secret powers in the awakened consciousness.

Pseudo-intellectuals are far barrier to acknowledge this power along with comprehending the power and practical experience. Don’t debate on this, just imbibe it.

This life is not meant for just enjoy this life, but this life to be awakened the consciousness that gifted by the Lord to worship and reformation your life.

Hence, it notifies if we clouded in many challenges and problems then it shows clearly the dormant stage of consciousness.

Human being chooses only the path of ignorance, then tell me how God will help us. so first we must comprehend the importance of awakening consciousness. This is incredible power thereupon we make us able to experience lord’s supreme power.

 At this juncture, we are oblivious to the secret power of soul and consciousness that is the chief cause for negligible achievement in life.

This is not just the motto of their own life to struggle for materialistic things. The more curious we are the more awaken we will be. Given the purpose of the lord behind the making of an incredible consciousness in the human form, to know oneself, to close with god, and lastly to reform oneself.

This life is not meant to make him lead a life full of perils and struggle.

And if one cannot able to awaken this consciousness, his life comes down with pain and struggle, and his amazing power consciousness gets dormant for his whole life.

Hence, you would hear that, why my luck is so poor,  If we avoid the powers of the soul and consciousness that bestowed by a supreme power, how it will help us,  this is the main reason,

And if we lead a painful existence, how this nature or lord power can help us if we ignore itself so how unawakened consciousness creates better results for us, for destiny. So we should not blame our own luck besides we should aware of consciousness and soul power.

So, it is more inevitable to entire beings, first decipher the essential dimensions of awakening their own consciousness.

In addition to this, these powers are bound by some pectoral laws.

In truth, there exists a complete science behind all the invisible powers. Its laws and principles basically enunciated by primitive seekers.

Definitely, you would be thinking, how these powers work? When you will read this consciousness, you will have attained the full knowledge about this power.

When an individual gets to start reading this fantastic topic you will feel a curious mind to be cleaned inner world.

According to Bhagavad Gita, the spirit dwells within a whole living organism. This soul is the source of consciousness.”


Six roles of living consciousness

What is the soul? Where did you come from? But what position is he is and where he will reach perfection?

We all know that the soul is the biggest source of consciousness; in this context, we will study consciousness as well as the soul.

Which Vedas and Upanishads have also considered authentic.

The six folks;

·        Bhuh

·        Bhuva

·        Swah

·        Mah

·        Janh

·        Taph


These are six stages of living beings:

·        Beej jagrit

·        Jagrit

·        Maha jagrit

·        Jagrit swapan

·        Swapan

·        Swapan jagrit susupti

This is the science of the seven stages of living consciousness, on understanding it; it becomes easy to get pure knowledge from the state of God to the expansion of the world, from the science of the individual soul to the attainment of free state again. These states are known as astral bodies.



 This folk is within us, the element of which we develop. While being physically in the body, we feel ourselves in the same world, in the same way, we are masters of subtle vision and power.

Bhlok is a folk of gross metals and minerals. A person living in this world lives in the limelight and lust

The person affected by this element has leadership, humorous, humorous, disease-free, poetry, and quality of writing.



The folk is the element of water, the ego, fascination; motherhood of the person residing in this world is destroyed. God begins to experience happiness in contemplation. The power of creation starts developing, it starts to grow more progress than the normal person.



Self is the state of the primacy of the fire element, the sun can only have live elements with fire element or those who continuously meditate on the sun, they grow in the body of fire i.e. heat, electricity, and atoms of light. A person with such a body has the power to annihilation and abide, promise and fulfillment, etc.

That person starts hating the bad guys and starts to get enjoy charity and service.


This folk is the symbol of the primacy of the air element, by its meditation and attainment, self-control, the sensation of attainment of knowledge and attainment of entry to other body, etc. are owned. At the same time, the soul-consciousness acquires the powers of these powers in general.



Whose atoms are predominant with the sky element, in this situation, in this situation, the person gets the right to see a long life, the bright, the best interest, and the great past and future.

Souls who have reached this state experience immense peace even in difficult situations, always pleasant thoughts arise from their minds.



Tapa: Lok is made up of pure astrological atoms of Subarna Varna, this is called mahattva, by meditating on it, it gives a pleasant sound of loudness(naad) and what is there in all three folks, it starts to be reflected in the soul like gross eyes.

All the defects of the seeker reached in this state are destroyed. The final Satya-Lok, where the Supreme Spirit is enlightened, is formless, and past all elements.

These arrived souls get rid of the bonds of birth and death and get the ownership of Divya Lok shaped like Sahastradal Kamal.


 Soul and consciousness

Spirit and consciousness are complementary to each other when our the soul is fully strengthened, then our consciousness also gets strengthened on it's own.

Mahatma Gandhi had said in one of his discourses that prayer is a food of the soul, we must resort to prayer to awaken our inner purification and divine light (Divya Jyoti). Only when we connect with our soul can we connect with our consciousness

For this, three types of ways legends have suggested

·        Karma

·        Contemplation, and

·         Prayer

This is the state through which all-round development of our consciousness takes place and this development continues again and we become the master of a great personality.


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