Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient – Lord Krishna

 Lord Krishna is the ultimate source of entire energies

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient – Lord Krishna
Omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient- Lord Krishna

We know very well that Lord Krishna is the omnipotent for entire world and for its natural things. Along with omnipresent and omniscient form of Lord Krishna  is the supreme power that takes care of every individual.

Krishna means supreme bliss. Everyone, every creature, is seeking bliss, but he does not know how to search for bliss.

Therefore, in this physical idol time, everyone is getting frustrated at every stage of elegance.

Broadly saying that we do not know precisely from which the moment we can be happy.

Krishna is the absolute owner of the Almighty or the presiding deity of all powers. Monotheistic theologians consider God to be the supreme power. This means that God can do what he wants to be almighty; God has power over air, water, gravity. The power of God is infinite or infinite.

According to Bhagavad Gita chapter 10 verses 39 - In this verse god depicted the summarized pattern of majesty, the power that I am only the cause of everything or I am only the seed of manifestation of everything. 

Here, the meaning of seed is that I am the efficient cause of this world and I am the one who is the cause of every matter, which means the maker of this world is only I am, and making world form is the only cause of me.

Without lord Krishna's energy, in the whole world including the universe, nothing can exist, therefore he is called omnipotent.

Without the power of the lord's potency, not even things or human being active, deactivate, or reactive.

As per Bhagavad Gita chapter 12 verse 6 and 7 - One can find everything by life in the shelter of the lord. They must assert complete methods and ways of self-cognition with the help of only shelter and devotional service of the supreme lord. This is the golden path to attain the highest perfection of life.

Not to need to feel the guilt actions of gone by days of life, because if you are in under the shelter of the supreme lord, it all responsibilities goes to the shoulders of the Lord.

Therefore, no one should nonsensically try to cast himself in spirituality. Everyone must take shelter from the supreme omnipotent deity Lord Krishna, which is the highest perfection of life. 

As per Bhagavad Gita chapter 13 verses 14 - If the lord is a far distance away, how can he accept things like flowers, water fruit? It is certain that God accepts all these things. But how, if so much distance. This is the omnipotence of the lord.

In Brahman-Samhita (5.37), although in his otherworldly planet, he is all-pervasive, a person's soul cannot claim that he is all-pervasive. Therefore this verse describes the supreme soul as the personification of divinity and not as a personal soul.

Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.3.36 

 Swami, whose activities are always impeccable, are masters of the six senses, and are completely omnipotent with six opulence.

Lord Krishna is only the creator of this universe, master of maintaining rules of the universe and nature with the help of spirituality.

The whole universe, the whole world, the whole living being is logged with the blessing of Lord Krishna. Lord present in every tiny particle and biggest things. So we can say that everywhere is God.

Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.9.10 

The presence of everywhere simultaneously shows the omnipotence of the lord. We can smell the fragrance of the Lord in everyone's heart and even in every small and invisible thing.

The internal potency of the Lord works when he reveals his Infinitum transcendental form in the material world. 

The living entity is today now very alone and if he makes any friends, then it is only for professional work not for any close or emotional relation. 

This relation is only for a moment so, the lord Krishna can be our constant companion as super soul, lord Krishna is the great one can understand our desires without open our mouths.

God understands us very deeply so if our aspiration will according to our potency, the lord definitely fulfills it.

The lord is omnipotent can fulfill all desires of human being and the lord have the same feeling to everyone and lord does not interfere with the desires of human beings.

When anybody desires to find Krishna, the Lord do some extra love and care and make inspire him for his aspirations in such a way that one can attain him.

Lord says everyone worship of me but a very rare person are there who knows me as I am, everyone knows me only my own view. Therefore unless you practice devotional services for me, you cannot know me and of my omnipotent, as I am (tattvatah), even though you are a great scholar or educator.

Only the pure devotees can know something of the inconceivable transcendental qualities in Lord Krishna – his being the cause of all causes, his omnipotence and opulence and his wisdom, beauty, fame, power, wealth, renunciation because Krishna is benevolently inclined to his devotees.

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What’s the proof that Shri Krishna is God?

In the field of Kurukshetra, after lecturing some of the big lessons by Lord, Arjun asked Lord to prove his divinity. After that, the Lord gave a divine vision Arjun and manifested their own spectacular unlimited power and energy in the form of a cosmic universe. Thus Lord Krishna showed their own divinity to Arjun.

In this universal form, Arjun saw unlimited mouths, unlimited eyes, unlimited wonderful vision, the form was so huge with so many hands and the lord wears his body so many of the ornaments of silver, gold, pearl, and gunja.

He wore celestial garlands and robes, and many divine smells were scattered over his body. All were miraculous, magnificent, unlimited, all expanding. If hundreds of thousands of suns were rising in the sky at one time, their brightness could be similar to that of the Supreme Being in that universal form. "(Bhagavad-gita 11.10-12)


Supreme Father – Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 verse 4

In different shaped bodies, God establishes his conscious portion as a seed - this proves that the portion of the divine located in every living being seems to be different from the difference of the bodies. If the truth is seen, then in fact every creature has the same divine belief.

This root-consciousness, real-personal, etc. I create the whole world and I protect it by taking incarnations, again and again, so I am the father.

  I wear this world in every way, and whatever constitutes the ordinance, I am also the one who makes all the laws, so I am a victim.

 Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 verse 17 - This root-consciousness, real-personal, etc. I create the whole world and I protect it by taking incarnations, again and again, so I am the father.

  I possess this world in every way, and whatever constitutes the ordinance, I am also the one who makes all the laws, so I am a defender.


 Supreme creator – Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 verse 8

Lord Krishna is the core of all. The whole universal laws and thoughts of human beings are under the control of me. From construction to annihilate again and again happens only as per my will.

It is from God that the whole world originates and the world gets power from God itself. That means everything is gross, subtle, and in Karam form is only the god.

God is paramount; no one has been and will not be like God.

Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 verse 6

God says that I am the one who generates the whole world's creation and the doomsday. The meaning of Prabhv as per God, I am the cause of this world because the whole creation is born of my ability.


Supreme controller – Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 verse 19

I am the sun's heat; I am the one who purifies the water and rainwater for living beings, I am the nectar and death, I am the living soul, and I am also the form of the dead is lord.

 Bhagavad Gita chapter 10 verse 42

I am situated in this entire world by a fraction, which means there are infinite worlds in any part of God.


Supreme maintainer – Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita chapter 15 verse 12

The majesty of the sun that banish the power and appearance of the darkness of the entire world are spread from me. Along with the majesty of moon and fire are also spread from me.

Bhagavad Gita chapter 15 verse 13

All planets revolve as per my rules my energy also they settle in orbits by my power only.


Omnipresent form of Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita chapter 10 verses 20 

In this verse, God has said the essence of all his greatness that I am the beginning, middle, and end of the whole living entities.

Because it is the rule that the element which is origin-destructive, the element which remains at the beginning and end of it, also resides in its center, that is, the element from which it originates and in which it gets engrossed in that object, the same element remains in the beginning, middle, and end.

Just as we are born of God, we will be absorbed in God, and unless we will not be submerged into the Lord the process of the cycle of life and death will continue.


Omnipotent form of Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 verse 7 

There is no other thing to do except me, I am the cause of all the worlds, the world originates from God, is situated in God, and merges in God, there is no separate the independent power of the world except God.

God is the root cause of all.


Omniscient form of Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 verse 26 

 Lord Krishna has every minute knowledge of living entities that includes past, present, and future. Time, situation, event, person, matter, etc. keep changing but God always stays the same. So God knows everything that exists in the past, the existence of the present, and everything that will happen in the future. All living entities are recognized by me.

Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 verse 26

I am the master of the whole world, I have created this entire creation in myself, I am only one, whether you do worship of any God, every fruit of that I achieve this. I am only the master and enjoyer of all worship and sacrifices.

In this way, we can read about Lord Krishna’s omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent forms and know about his powers, which will create reverence in us and we will continue to connect with God.


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