Nature's Law - Infallible Justice


The Nature Law - Infallible Justice
Nature's law- infallible justice

The laws of nature an infallible justice for entire species of the world, that teaches felicity, moderation, and piety for godhead. The behavior of the lord makes us obedient to others. 

While speaking of the rules and norms of nature, it becomes pertinent to the words of Lord Krishna. In this article, many of the norms from Vedic scripture embodied in very simple ways. In this article, it has emanated intelligence to human for being disciplined in his life.

Vedic knowledge is inerrable and surefire, it incarnated on the earth through possession of spiritual guru, means, prologue with the golden words of the Lord himself.

Since the golden words of Vedic knowledge have started through the Lord wherewithal this knowledge turns into the transcendental. These golden words spoken by the lord are called apurseya.

The Vedic approach to the natural law of Bhagavad Gita, emphasis the full development of a universal aspect of human nature - consciousness - to promote right action.

The rules and norms of nature advocate a supportive social environment and the use of meditation techniques to promote such development by Vedic approach.

Basically, change is the law of nature. We all notices around us that everything gets changes with time like our body, our circumstances, time, thinking, living patterns.

The human being who lives in the materialistic world has automatically four defects.

·        They definitely do mistakes.

·        He is under the world of illusion

·        He has the inclination to cheat others.

·        The sense of these entities is imperfect.

This lacking makes men imperfect by which they do not deserve to take perfect knowledge. The Vedas will never become out by such type of imperfect creature.

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Vedic knowledge radically imparted by the dint of the lord into the heart of Brahma, the first created living being,

Since the lords are absolute (purnam), all-perfect, there is no chance of being that comes under the laws of material nature, which he controls.

However, living beings and non-living beings' materials are monitors by the norms and rules of nature and ultimately by the lord's superpower.  

The elements of nature are earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence, and ego, these all pertain to the lord's inferior or material energy, which is known as apara Prakriti, whereas the living being, the organic energy is the superior energy of lord.

The power and influence of rules and norms of nature elucidated clearly the duty of every age. Anything, scripted in Vedas is stemmed directly from the experiences of rishis. Still, many of the minds have to be cleaned to comply with the day of Bhagavad Gita verses.

These energies (prakrities) are origin from the lord's power, and ultimately Lord is the only controller of every action and motion of living or non-living that exists in this world and universe. 

In this world and universe, not single things are devoid of either the Para or the Apara Prakriti, hence every property of this world is of the supreme being - the lord.

 The absolute power of the Supreme Being is the perfect visage of the godhead, the complete person with accomplished intelligence to manage everything from their own power and supreme energy.

The paramount lord is meant to a form of fire and every energy organic and inorganic is similar to the heat and light of the fire. In the same way, the lord emanates his energy in every form.

In this way, the lord remains the ultimate controller, sustainer, and dictator of everything. The supreme lord is just the possessor of all energy, of all thinking, of all views, of all things' knower and the presenter of everyone.

The supreme power is unstoppable, full of power, fame, beauty, knowledge, and sacrifice.

Everyone must therefore be prudent more about Lord that no one is a proprietor of any object in this entire world except god.

The meaning of achieving Human life isn't meant to quarrel for small things as animals rather human community must be aware more and more to cognize the true and real meaning of life.  The Vedic knowledge is meant to upgrade humanity, not to spend life in unworthy and waste things. 

Animals can kill other animals for their own survival without doing sin, but if the human being kills an animal only for their own taste, he is totally responsible for breaching the rules of nature. Consequently, they must be punished.

The standard of life of humans never is applied to other human communities like animals. Like a tiger can't eat human food, it has been made to eat only animal meat.

Most of the animals and birds, in that some are vegetarian and others are carnivorous, but among all that, none of the animals transgress the laws of nature that have been monitored as per the lord's wish. 

 All animals, birds, reptiles, and every kind of animal strictly follow the laws of nature, therefore, we cannot say these creatures are part of sin, nor the Vedic instructions are for them.

In addition to this, human life is only laden with responsibilities and only for the responsibility of human life. 

Here is the important thing is that we all think, we eat only vegetables mean we are vegetarian but it is totally wrong because vegetable plants also have life, in this way we all part of committing the mistake of the wrong view of vegetarianism.

And while it is the law of nature that a living being is there to feed for another, that point for man is to recognize the kindness and power of the Supreme Lord. Thus a person should not be proud to be a vegetarian.

Animals have not no sense and consciousness,   to recognize between wrong or right, but a human being is enough intelligent to take advantage of the Vedic literature along with they are able to know the clear working of the laws of nature and able to drive beneficial lessons from such knowledge. 

So, if a human being disregards the instructions of Vedic knowledge, his life will be full of restlessness. A human being must be aware of to reformation of their own life by recognizing the authority of the supreme God and by becoming a great devotee.

He must serve everything in the foot of the lord and participate in the full dedication for the lord. That will make you a great devotee and you can able to perform your duty properly. 

In Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 verse 26, Lord says that I will accept vegetarian food from the pure devotee of mine.

God says that whatever is the matter of letters, flowers, fruits, etc., surrender them to me, then you will be free forever.

The devotee who offers all these things to God with love, then God consumes him. Like when God took a leaf from Draupadi and ate Triloki

Gajendra took a flower from the river and offered it to God and greeted him.

After eating the fruits of Shabri, God was so happy that he used to sing his praises everywhere.

Therefore a human being must be a tough devotee along with a strict vegetarian, offer all food to the lord that food you make, and then partake of such prasad, the blessing of God.

The main cause of sin is disregard intentionally to the laws of nature by disregarding the proprietorship of the supreme lord.

Through disobeying the law of nature or order of the Lord, men go only the spoiled path of progress.

The men who are faithful to the laws of nature and dedicate everything to the foot of the Lord, sure this being is recognized by the name of the lord and these men are eligible to live in the shelter of Godhead.


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