Bhagavad Gita Eternal Soul



Bhagavad Gita Eternal Soul
Bhagavad Gita Eternal Soul

The soul is omnipresent, eternal, and cardinal for supreme. The soul is indeed the ultimate authority in this world.

We have been constantly closest to our own soul but still, we don't aware of this amazing friend.

Soul's power just can be felt only naturally with its transcendent powers. 

This natural way is the best option to get a close connection with the soul. This is the exclusive message of the Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Krishna never says, to rove aimlessly in aim to set up a connection with the soul, neither practicing of mantras nor advising to worship nor reading of high scriptures.

Lord merely states " O Arjun within your heart transmigrates the supreme power of the entire world, that name is – Eternal Soul. Just take shelter of your soul, this soul is more powerful in comparison to other power. This soul knows everything as I know, as I act because it's me and my part. Soul is omniscient

This means the supreme power resides within us.

“Socrates says that - the greatest knowledge - is to identify oneself”

 Bhagavad Gita Atam Gyan

false ego by Bhagavad Gita

anger control method by Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavd Gita chapter 13 verse 33

As states lord that soul is present in every living being’s heart. Although, we notice that, every soul has a different face, in actuality, but this different soul with a different face is just one soul that exists in all people.

Like one sun disperses its own rays on the whole world with innumerable rays of lights, similarly, it is only one soul, that consciousness gives inner life to every being.

“The life of living things on this earth is only the manifestation of just one soul. So this is only ignorance of mind that my soul is different from one another.”


Bhagavaad Gita chapter 13 verse 22

Shri Krishna explained that our deep pain and pleasure come only through the soul. The soul is the pran that energizes our body into working activities, by which human being directed oneself to enjoy bodily pleasures.

Truly, the body only like a cover that envelopes this soul, otherwise this body is nothing without a soul, hence the body is made up of illusion or Maya, it is only to enjoy material energy that is made up of the three modes -

Modes of goodness, mode of passion, and mode of ignorance.

But by dint of ego, we identify ourselves as the doer and enjoyer of the body. The body, mind, and intellect just execute whole activities, but the soul is held responsible for them.

For example - Just as when we are doing our office work and get wrong any work, then we are responsible for that wrong work, not our hand, nor our pen, nor our way of working. These things are not blamed for it; we are responsible and answerable for any wrongdoing in office, not our hand or pen.

Similarly, the senses, mind, and intellect are powered by the soul and they work under its power. Hence, the soul lays up our daily karmas' activities including past life, birth, etc.


Example from Bhagavad Gita about soul

O Arjuna, while an egoist is only meant for their own happiness, no care for others happiness, but great seekers are happy with the happiness of every human being and these seekers are beyond these small joys of life.

Hence, don't take this battle as winner and loser, think like you are only the part of this war, you are part of warriors too, you are part of all, this battle came before you automatically.  

This distressed mind is only dint of your ignorance about the soul. We know that soul is the single source for every life.

So the fear of the outcome of the war is only the ignorance of the mind. You should open yourself from any boundness that entangles the outcome of battle and delusions.
So, be brave and fight with all your brothers without any worry and without any result. Leave the fruit of karma on me.

In this way, the seeker of the soul feels happy for everyone and in every situation.  

Bhagavad Gita chapter 10 verse 20

 This verse explains the profound truth about the soul; Lord Krishna says Arjun this soul does not present alone in me, but like me this soul present in you too, in others too.

And it has not just you; I dwell in the entire heart of this world in the form of soul. Not even a single being exists in this world, which hasn’t soul in totality.

But O Arjun, one thing is to be notified here that my existence isn’t limited to the hearts, but omnipresent is the sublime dimension of the soul as well. Thus, I am present everywhere equally and in every form of the spectrum equally in this universe.  

Verily, in every era of all living beings have remained part of my omnipresent soul.

Lord says, do believe in me, when I instruct you that soul is all-pervasive, no matter where it lives or where it is. So if you don't obey my instructions that means you are insulting me.


Bhagavad gita chapter 5 verse 24

Lord Krishna says that one who aware of their own soul, don’t depend on the outer world. His world starts from his soul, everything depends on this soul of duality too like sad-happiness, virtue-sin, and mine-yours.

The person who close with the soul grave all knowledge and understanding from the soul alone itself. They make no sense to others.

As soon as you get aware for your own soul you will be liberated from all delusions that move in you.

O my beloved Arjun, you must comprehend the fact that the soul is everything and everything is the soul. This is the exclusive true self-realization.  


Talk to your soul

 It may have come ever to your mind that, does your conscience also speaks? Yes, our soul talks to us, but it does not talk with a voice like us.

That subtlety is subtle, which cannot be heard from external and gross hearing. People’s conscience is spoken, but in the language of silent thought, which people cannot hear in their noisy mental state.

To hear the conscience, it is necessary that the mental clamor of the human being is stopped.

The conscience itself has so much power that it makes a person listens to his voice. Although the conscience of man is always in him, he cannot find his true accomplishment until he introduces to it, or cannot know the power of soul or closeness with the soul.

If you want to know your conscience, then the only solution is to be always curious and conscious about it.

The one who remains more inquisitive and conscious about the subject, the deeper he searches about it and surely one day finds it.

Therefore, be more inquisitive and conscious about your soul. You will get acquainted with your soul, will listen to its voice, if you get true guidance, then you will be free from ignorance and you will be entitled to real happiness and peace in life.

Sometimes we do some work in such a way that we think that I have done this when my voice comes from my conscience, but in reality, it is not the voice of your conscience but the voice of your mind.


Role of the brain to make the perfect soul

Brain by nature is path-breaking, fickle, unstoppable, and undisciplined.

The fickle and bouncy mind is the root of torture for the brain of mankind. It spurs in the form of work by our senses and pushes the man into darkness.

As long as the human being remains entangled in his fickle mind, he will remain immersed in grief and sorrow. The real thing is that we cannot hear the voice of his conscience due to the clamor of this mind.

“Where the nature of the mind is to jump and make noise, the conscience or soul of man is calm and stable.”

Neither our conscience cans pandemonium like the mind, nor can it jump up with turmoil.

The mind remains in first place in comparison to the conscience of the human being due to its own cleverness, which gives him a variety of undesirable motivations.

The mind moves in its own way and moves men according to their tactics too and man becomes a puppet of the hands of mind and walks according to it and says that I am the king of the mind while he is the greatest slave of the mind.

We should listen to the voice of our conscience not listening to the voice of the mind, the day we start listening and obeying the voice of our conscience, on that day we will become the master of our own happiness.

“With the power of curiosity, the soul of a human being can easily prove the emotionality which is successfully helpful in telling the inner voice. The soul is a true friend of man.”

Our soul always shows us the right path and the right direction, but we are lost in this noise that our soul does not even listen to the voice.


It is always said that our conscience is our friend, it is even the true friend, and then why is it hidden?

The soul is always directly visible. But it is a visual impairment of beings that they do not able to see it.

Just like we can always see the sun, now if there is any interference between it and the vision, then the sun is indirect for it.

Between the mind and its soul lies the veil of the primacy of the mind, due to which the direct soul remains indirect to mankind.

“If a man can ignore the primacy of this mind then surely his conscience will become visible to him as light.”

Until a man is fully disciplined by his soul, prohibitive instructions will continue to come from the soul. As long as there is a prohibition of any alternative, we should understand that some independent power has been established in the mind and they are motivating us on the wrong path, which the soul is opposing.

Even the mind opposes, but there is also a subtle opposition to the opposition of the mind, which is from the eternal soul, which, if given a little attention, a human being can feel.

The soul is immortal, it is eternal, it is true, therefore it cannot be destroyed nor can its condition change.

We know a lot but remain unaware of ourselves. Forgetting our nature and goals, today we have become truly ignorant and tied in bondage.

How we have to think, stay, do, if you understand this fact and behave it well then understand that you have attained half the knowledge of Atam-Gyan.

Although there is a lot of information about the soul, but I have also tried my best to give you information about it.

If you find any deficiency in this article, then comment and let me know.


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