Bhagavad Gita – Atam Gyan


Bhagavad Gita – Atam Gyan
Bhagavad Gita- Atam Gyan 

 The highest stage of Atma Gyan is within this word - to recognize or to aware of oneself.

When we get to know that I am not a body, which is perishable or which is made up of pancha mabhutas.  Rather I am a pure enlightened soul who is part of the divine, all-encompassing consciousness. This form of perception is an element of perception (tatva-bodh).

This is the higher state of self-knowledge; this is the real element of knowledge. In the higher stage, No attachment to the body.

In the higher state, the seeker realizes that the soul of all the souls is Brahm - that is me. The soul is eternal, indestructible, ajar, immortal, continual, monogamous, infinite.

On realizing Atam-bodh, the seeker feels part of the all-pervasive consciousness, so in all beings, he experience himself and feels the condition of the pasture world including themselves and all beings in themselves. Due to this, such a perfect man instills a soft sense of love towards all beings.

Too often, people consider knowledge means outer world knowledge or physical knowledge.  As more they literate, as more they have knowledge of the things and matters of the world, they all accept this knowledge as the beneficial knowledge and this knowledge is enough for this life, they think like this.

In this way, they all are getting further away from the real knowledge of the soul that is the core of our life. 

But we can’t refuse the value of physical knowledge, without this knowledge some works get a stop. All the material world works like fooding, earning, lodging, the upbringing of family, business, etc are quite important for their own life.

For that, it is necessary the knowledge of worldly knowledge. But the real knowledge is different from this knowledge that is Atam Gyan this is known as Aatmik Gyan.

The core difference in the physical knowledge and spiritual knowledge that physical knowledge becomes the basis of cosmic resources but they do not become the conductors of aim, peace-happiness of those means.

Having seen the result of physical knowledge for this material world is worthless. It is a fact that the veritable pleasure-peacefulness can’t be regained by the just cosmic knowledge, for that, spiritual knowledge is a must.

Having said that, today most people are forcing to learn cosmic knowledge.  The source of real happiness is not this physical knowledge rather spiritual knowledge.

The real source for Atamik Gyan is the highest quality of attribute, karma, and behavior.  On achieving the entire world’s knowledge, if we would not be aware of our own attributes, karma, and behavior, it means still we are devoid of knowledge-light and exist in the darkness of ignorance.

omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient- Lord Krishna

false ego by Bhagavad Gita

benefits to becoming Krishna Consciousness

At the moment, we wish to go path on the well-being and well-wishers; it is showed that we are now in contact with the knowledge of Atam Gyan or Atma-bodh.

So real knowledge can be achieved by only Atam-Chintan.

The brains of people who are engrossed in the Atma-Chintan become equanimity. This type of person can’t be affected by any pleasure or sad moment. He remains balanced in both situations of happy-sad, favorable-unfavorable conditions.

That is the blissful knowledge of life, produced by Atma-Chintan is a supreme achievement and sublime element. After obtaining this, no need to find anything.

  It is said in kathopnisad  3/5 slok – one who deprived of the knowledge of Atam-Gyan Vigyan, remain entangled in the worldly subjects. Due to the lack of Atam Gyan, their conscious habits of mind cannot be under control.  Their all senses are out of control.

He cannot able to find the real aim of life like spirituality, karma, salvation.  In this life, humans need the knowledge of spiritual knowledge along with physical knowledge of the materialistic world.  The core part of it is in Veda.

By the dint of Atam Gyan, we can achieve the real aim of life.

Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.3.34 –If the energy of illusion ceases and the living entity becomes fully enriched with spiritual knowledge by the grace of the Lord, it becomes enlightened at once with self-realization and thus rests in its glory.

Shrimad Bhagavadtam1.3.33 –Whenever a person experiences through self-realization that both gross and subtle bodies have nothing to do with the pure self, at that time he can see himself as well as the master. This means that full self-realization is possible by adopting God or spiritual life.

Srimad Bhagavatam 11.11.8 -  He who is enlightened in self-interviewing, though residing within the physical body, sees himself as a transitory to the body, the way a dream originates from It is, he leaves the body of dreams, the same identity. A foolish person, however, is not so with his physical body, but for this he is parochial, thinking of him as situated in a body, like a dreamer who finds himself situated in an imaginary dream body.


For Atma Gyan the path of the soul

The soul of a human being is the best topic to read, but today we haven't attentive for the soul that is a big reason to go away from the soul, simply we are attentive for the outside world connection, on the basis of the possessive ego.

Needless to say, the possessive-ego is driven by infatuation like it acknowledges instantly all these are the only mine.

whereas, vividly, this is the delusion of own brain to stalwartly opine anything from the outer world, this same delusion pushes us into the worthless ego and thoughts, and it will be spoiling real personality of one's that takes us from the real portion of life is - Soul.

This body is given by nature which is identified by you and others, only for a limited time period.

We are surrounded by most of the luxurious items, but possession of materialistic things drive the only fascination from the external would like house, wealth, servants, etc. Consequently, we get stressed and begin to live in a bewildered mind.

The question is how we get stressed about achieving materialistic possessions?

The answer is, we get away gradually from the real truth of oneself is the soul.


The core reason to dispel from Soul – Atam Gyan

On the basis of possessive ego, you redundantly energize your thoughts of me, mine, my.

But it is only for the distress of human beings but the question is if we have great wisdom to think then why we indulge in such desperateness?

Because we remain away day by day from our own soul. It shows that necessary to leave feelings of my and mine.

We all need to parry all delusions of life - me, my, my own.

We all know that when we pay full attention to something, it leaves positive energy for us and it is beneficial for us, similarly when we focus on our soul and think that we are not the body when there is a soul, then it slowly starts joining us, and then we also start connecting with its truth.


Affirmations to get close to the soul for Atam Gyan

You must affirm this, you must speak to get closer to the soul if you want to feel good with feelings of consciousness of the soul with supreme lord feelings.

Who am I?  Am I ego? Am I beautiness? Am I aspiration? Am I the body? Am I the brain?  Am I an ego?  Am I rich?

If you get remain to inch closer to the conscience, you will feel like, no, I am neither compliments, feelings, emotions nor wealth, nor am I the brain, ego, and body. I am just the soul and part of the supreme power.


Story For Atam Gyan

Once, a young man went to a Brahmin-wise Mahatma and said - Master, tell me the secret of enlightenment so that I can be knowledgeable gratitude to the nature of the soul. Mahatma kept sitting silently.

The young man thought he would answer in a while, so he sat down, when the Mahatma did not say anything when it was too late, the young man went to him again and said – O Master, I have come with great hope to you, please do not disappoint me,

Then the Mahatma smiled and said - for so long I was giving you the secret of enlightenment, it seems you have not understood,

The young man said no, Master, you haven't told me anything yet, Then the Mahatma said - Okay, tell me one thing, can you hear the beat of your heart,

The young man said, yes Master, but for that, he will have to be silent,

Mahatma laughed and said - this is the secret of enlightenment (Atam-Gyan), just as there is a need to be silent to listen to the beat of your heart, similarly to listen to the voice of your soul, all the senses need to be silent,

The day we learned to silence all our senses, understand that we learned the secret of Atam-Gyan or spiritual knowledge.





















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