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Bhagavad Gita - Self-realization
Bhagavad Gita-self realization

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The steps of one’s journey to self-realization, they cross many of the hurdles with their own simple steps, many times they face a lot of stumbling blocks and wanders here and there to search God’s help, we all know that mighty’s help is super powerful with wisdom and counseling way by Shri Krishna is incredible.

In the chapter of 2 verse2, Arjun tense from self-pity and melancholy. Although Arjun was very strong, he ignores his inner values and powers.

Shri Krishna was the great well-wisher of Arjun so at every pace Lord gears up to Arjun and makes him aware of their strength.

In childhood, the first reacher is our parents and then comes the number of school teachers.

All of them, a spiritual teacher, play an important role in overcome the temptations and tribulations of the students and protect them with their powerful, gentle, and loving weapons, whenever they are in danger or face a dilemma.

To awakening Arjun, Lord Krishna says to be alert and conscious Arjun towards fulfilling your duty and responsibility.

You have forgotten fully himself and you make ownself the false identification of oneself.

Lord Krishna remembered the true picture of strength before Arjun and says O Arjun doesn’t behave in a cowardly manner, you are the greatest and valore warrior.  

Lord Krishna reminds Arjuna of his legacy and says just remember about your renowned and noble heritage – ‘Aryan Heritage’ and then perform, make your duty from impossible to possible.

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The meaning of Aryan Heritage

Aryan is the word of Sanskrit language that means fully civilized. The Aryans are responsible for installed most primitive culture, it was regained by a learned, wise intellectual, prudent great people. They all aware of the awakening of the inner and outer life of human beings.

In the proper way, Lord Krishna opened every renowned and prestigious past literature and his ancestors, Lord Krishna make him realize that he is a Kshatriya and not a coward.

Arjun was forgotten every skill of oneself therefore he was not aware of the awakening of skill, Valore, and strongness. So he needs to assimilate all his scattered energy and encounter his feelings and emotions of pity and despair.

 All often the call of one's attachment dissolves the mind, and one forgets the power and source of light that is hidden within. Shri Krishna teaches Arjun for their courage and strength.

In the current life scene

When we get failure in our life, we need to restore the courage and inspiration; Great people always retain the courage of their beloved students with their plausible advice.


To self-awakening the three ways described herein Bhagavad Gita on the basis of life approaching:

Kauravas was depending on outer sources and Narayani Sena. They all characterize the materialistic perception of thinking and shown power only on the physical strength of the whole army. Because of the connection from the outer world, they are become weak from inside of the heart.   That is a big reason for the dormant realization of Kauravas from the inside world.

 Arjun was completely dedicated to Lord Krishna, a warrior full of dexterous and skilled, the main thing was in Arjun is pure mind and truth seeker, even though he got forgets his senses works and skills.

Because of the great effect of despondency and benevolence, Arjun makes himself helpless and got unable to use his skills in the proper and right direction.

The inner strength of Arjun was very strong but at this moment he got a break entirely from the inner side, Arjun was more emotional and full of mercy. This is the big reason that doesn’t make the effective skills of Arjun.

At the severe problematic moment of Arjun’s life, Lord Krishna helped in every step of the problematic life of Arjun. Every moment of awakening of Arjun. Shri Krishna gives their own hand to Arjun to emerge out from this situation and rouse him to a different level of consciousness

Lord Krishna led him to realize self-awakening from removing the darkness of his ignorance

In the effect of consciousness, human being gets wisdom to aware the immortal Atman, that is the pivot of his being.

After obtaining this awareness, everyone becomes self-confident and fearless.


Self-awakening of Arjun by the fight against Bhishma and Drone

 At first, when Arjuna faced the faces of his gurus and teachers, Arjuna asked him about going to war. Arjuna does not have to understand why I should kill these great people.

 Arjun believed that killing my gurus and teachers is the most heinous crime and thought who is the best and unjust guru of mine – Bhisma, Drone, or Lord Krishna. But the great answer comes out; Lord Krishna is only the true guru.


In current life about realizing own duties

In our life, we have many teachers but the guru is the one. And guru is the one who is entirely unselfish and pour mind and heart towards his students and doesn't have expectations of receiving something from the student

Guru only renders best to his student and never accepts anything from his students.

Well, in today's world the meaning of guru has changed completely, this pious and sacred profession of giving knowledge is now under in a bad environment and most of the people uses their own guru only for the selfishness.

The best quotes for Arjun to self-realization

Lord Krishna gives compliment to Arjun that you are pure, serene conscience. So, it is in contrast, to come to a matter of fear and impurity in you.

 Lord says with surprising emotions you are champion, you should be excited about the battle, then from where these misdeed things come into you.

These surprise emotions are only to realize Arjun about their own duty and responsibility.

Lord Krishna says this type of behavior is not your real behavior, it is the only the effect of outer sources, it will not remain for long period.


Self-realization in prudent seekers

The emotion that arouses in prudent people is only for the welfare of oneself.

So to self-realization, it is said to be in Bhagavad Gita, that the cowardice in you is not acceptable by great and scriptural people because this feeling of cowardice is not for your welfare. In both tendency and retirement, a great person wants only self well-being. The production of fear doesn’t come out in great people.

As per circumstances, whatever they obtain duty, they fulfill these duties believed as our responsibilities diligently, thoroughly, and full of excitement.


Self-realization to attain heaven’s path

From your fear attitude, you can’t’ deserve to achieve the high altitude of heaven’s path. The attitude of fear is the behavior which only drops down you deeply.


Self-realization to attain fame

Great people do the same work that is fully responsible for repute in this world, but your cowardice is not for repute in the world even though it gives only unreputated life, so the behavior of cowardice is not good for you. 


As per Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna depicted three types of men to become self-realization:

1.     The one who is thoughtful wants only the well-being of oneself, their aim only is the well-being.


2.     Those who are pious souls, they want to attain heaven and self-realized to attain God’s path through auspicious actions. They consider heaven to be the best and only aim for its attainment.


3.     Those who are ordinary humans want respect only from the world, so they want their fame in the world and consider that fame is their only goal.

By giving the above three terms, God warns Arjuna that this is your decision not to fight, it is not even going to give thought, welfare, and heaven to people. And it is not even to get renowned of ordinary people.

So, the decision not doing fight because of fascination is very disgusting.

That will become a big reason for your degradation, it will send you to hell, and your fame will die completely.


In current life about realizing own duties

In our current life, we also fight for own problems in which many types of people involved, someone are very powerful, someone is fearful and someone is bewildered.

 But very importantly in all these people, self-realization dies completely, everyone has to face all problem if they will not tackle their own problems. And this problem takes a big face when we all hide our own face from our own responsibilities and duties.

To awaken the spirit of valor, Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna under the name ‘Parth’. The meaning of this name is to provoke you should not disrespect your mother's order.

Like today, we all become so much disobey of own guru and teachers and And even we do not listen to our parents, they do what we like, but Arjun was very obedient, he did not avoid a single thing about his mother.


To dispel fearlessness from Arjun for self-realization for his duty:

Self-knowledge used by Lord to get conscious Arjun has been filled entirely because Arjun believed that it is our religion to not fighting that is better than no fighting, but lord says this type of impotence is not suiting on you, you are a great warrior.

Just as in the life of a real moment when we back from our own real goal our competitor gets happy. We easily leave our path on the encounter of any small problem,

But we don’t know, we are giving a wonderful chance to own a competitor that can be ours.

Similarly, in chapter 2 verse 3, the lord to make realizing the duty of Arjun, the inspiring text by the lord is to awakening Arjun,

This weakness of heart will rag you back always, this is very cheap and frivolous, and if you will not be renunciate this you will too become frivolous.

For you, O Arjun, it is not impossible to renunciate this type of weak work.   

Arjuna believes in not doing war due to cowardice and is wrong to fight the war, God tells Arjun that you are the son of a brave Kunti then from where this type of behavior came in you.

You are the one who destroys enemies, drives them away, then running away from the war in this way will be a matter of happiness for your enemies, this kind of behavior is just insignificant for you, this will give way to your enemy to win.

If you believe that I am a god and do not want to commit warlike sins, then this will make your mind and heart weakness trivial.

By abandoning it, you stand up for war and follow your duty.

Then God says get up, stand up, and follow the warlike duty, awaken your inner mind.

There is no doubt about the duty of Arjuna in the mind of God, because he knows that to fight for Arjuna is religion.

This time, ignoring the things of Lord Arjuna, he orders that Arjun, now you stand up to fight with the whole lot.

In this way, Lord Krishna self-realized Arjuna step by step and prepared him for war, whose knowledge today the whole world is taking away his problems like Arjun has overcome his problems through Bhagavad Gita similarly, we also take the next steps for inspiration according to Lord Krishna.

Arjun would never know his abilities if the Lord does not tell him. Similarly, we do not know the true quality of ourselves in our life till we get someone to tell us,

By the way, there is some special quality in everyone but we do not understand it and throughout our life, we only live in shortcomings and evils.

Then God also tells Arjuna the path to attain himself, because Arjuna had forgotten all his qualities and Lord continued to inspire war.

Arjuna is now awakening from within by the golden words of the Lord in the second and third verses of chapter 2, for this the reason, Arjun came to mind that it is not religious to die my guru, yet the Lord without any doubt giving me orders to war, I am mistaken in my understanding somewhere, so now Arjun starts to accept the golden words of Lord Krishna.

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