Bhagavad Gita Quotes - Materialism



Bhagavad Gita Quotes - Materialism
Bhagavad Gita quotes- materialism

This material life occupies a vital place among the thinking of this time impetuous by money. But with the quotes of Bhagavad Gita on the life of human beings, do emit luminosity on the lost path for the confused mind.

Bhagavad Gita propagates the best prudential path of mind. In this article, we will be focused on the materialistic disease that is very true and nobody can save it from this –death, birth, old age, disease. So we have focused on some verses of Bhagavad Gita, discourses on the material life change method.

The materialistic knowledge moves us away from the reality of this life but the Bhagavad Gita pushes us towards the reality of life and teaches us, how we can be able to face all these materialistic life problems.

In Bhagavad Gita, it is given the importance of the human form of life, which is not for wasting uselessly like animals. It is like a golden opportunity for human beings to best use this life, it should be sanity utilized.

best knowledge meaning by Bhagavad Gita

daily sleep method by Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 8 verse 6 our next birth depends on the mental situation. As per this thought, we get a body form of living or non-living thing; we have 2 types of body:

·        The subtle body and,

·        gross body

The subtle body is made of mind, intelligence, and ego. The gross body is made of 5 gross material elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether

When we put ourselves to sleep, the gross body does not work but the subtle body works. So we dream is seen.

 This gross body gets finished at death time but subtle body interchange body from one to another gross body. Then it upbringing in the form of gross body from another relation, from another mom from another body.

We can say that the soul is bound up by the material gross body and subtle body. This is our disease. The presence of material existence means we are suffering from this disease.

Chapter 5 verse 1, Shree Krishna was favored of both karmas –

·        Renunciation Karmas, and

·        devotional Karmas

Arjuna is confused by these apparently similar instructions and wishes to understand which of the two is best for him. Lord Krishna focused only on karma yoga and says to Arjun to focus on Karma yoga.

This is the eternal, blissful, and vital knowledge. Our wisdom is very small before God, but we possess the same quality.

As per Vedanta Sutra – God is the supreme spirit, we are so minuscule. He is ‘Vibhu’, unlimited, we are ‘anu’ very small.

So our finding after an eternity, finding after full knowledge and to remain blissful, that is our real nature because we are a division of God. But because of being included by these material elements – earth, water, air, fire, ether, mind intelligence, and ego – we are suffering this disease.

 Chapter 7 verses 28, the people who recognize themselves with an aim to attain only God means the people who got aware of the real aim of life that this body is not meant for the enjoyment of this life, but this body is only to attain god, by the grace of God.

The people who have this type of determination to get close to god, these men are part of Punya karma.

It is meant that the purity that comes from one's own determination does not come from Yajna, charity, penance, etc. because the determination of taking only and only by the path of God, towards God is within us and the action of Yagya, daan works from outside actions only.

‘Santatam aham’ means it has been certain to go only the path of God by which the effect of alienation has gone with the surety of facing God, that's why the root cause of sin eradication is alienation from God.

 The gathering of numerous people assembled together when glorifying the lord, which is called sankirtan.

Chapter 9 verse 13, great soul means who has taken shelter of spiritual nature

The property of God is called divine property because God is the truth, therefore, all the qualities and conduct of those who receive the divine, come with a true spirit, this is called virtue or virtue.

All the virtues and virtues, all of them are Bhagavat Swaroop, it means that all these are the nature of God itself and by nature, they are called nature.

That is why it is like taking shelter from the divine nature itself. It is all self-proven and every human being has equal rights on these qualities.

Prabhu says that now whether a person believes or not, it depends on him. But those who take their shelter and walk towards the Lord, they do their own welfare.

These qualities are not made by anyone, but these qualities are considered to be acquired by their manpower.

We can call every good quality a goddess property such as speaking the truth, behaving well with everyone, gaining wisdom.

Divine property can be manifested in anyone only when his aim is only to attain god because only by supporting these Goddess qualities, he can move towards God.

Taking shelter of the Goddess qualities does not bring ego in itself, rather humility, ingenuity, self-respect, and constant new enthusiasm in the sadhan.

Chapter 2 verse 13, with impeccable logic, Shri Krishna establishes the principle of life-to-life conversion. Our body changes from childhood to youth to maturity and then to old age.

In fact, this science era describes that cells of the human body wend regeneration, old cells die and new ones take their place. It is guessed that practically all cells in the body change within 7 years.

The molecules present in cells change even more rapidly. With each breath, we absorb oxygen molecules into our cells through metabolic processes, and the molecules of the still now are closed within the cells are released as carbon dioxide.

It is guessed by scientists that about 98 percent human body's molecule changes every year. Despite the constant change of body, we are contented to think the same body it is, because it is not the material body but the spiritual soul that exists within us. 

In this verse, Lord Krishna states the meaning of the two words Deha and Dehi. Deha means the body and dehi mean body possessor or, the soul. 

Shri Krishna imparts the fact to Arjun that since the human body is changing continuously in one lifetime itself.

Soul the numinous thing passes through many bodies. Very important and the universal truth of this life is death, this is the time soul plays an important role by changing one body to another body.

As a consequence, when we say the word death means merely the soul dispel from the dysfunctional body and when we say the word birth means the soul taking on a new body elsewhere this is the principle of reincarnation.

A great soul means who has taken shelter of the spiritual nature. It is a great soul. There are two natures – spiritual nature and material nature. The spiritual nature is the soul and the material nature can be understood by this body. There are two things within our existence – matter, and spirit. Similarly, the two vital energies of God are.

As long as we would not understand God, it is not possible to adhere to God, but we can understand God- by understanding the energy found in the world, just like we can understand the presence of the sun with blossom sunlight. This sunlight is the energy of this universe.

Now the morning full of light including home, through windows the rays of the sun come out, with these rays, we can see there is sunrise.

So we can understand the existence of God by the presence of his energy. Just as the sun is rising in the winter season and appreciated by the encompasses of heat and light, similarly, in this world everything bind with this energy, that is – material energy and spiritual energy.

We can understand very well there is god otherwise from where this energy is coming; it is not possible without this energy. As soon as we get heat and light, we get that there is the sun.

As per Vishnu purana  - what is this world?

The world is a composition of two energies of God:

·        Material energy

·        Spiritual energy

In Vishnu Puran, the word Mahat means ‘the person who is under the shelter of spiritual energy.

Mahat – Great Soul

Material energy – All human beings who live in this material world are all under the shelter of material energy. We should live under the shelter of spiritual energy.

If we want to liberate from the bondage of material disease – birth, death, old age, disease, then you should be performed Tapasya under the direction of a great soul.

The material is Tamo means darkness and the other form of energy is light. Don’t flourish yourself with this energy of material or darkness.

The material energy’s basic purpose for us away from every good and successful thing, with half-baked knowledge. This is material energy.

If we keep ourselves within the material energy, that will lead us more and more in the darkest region of the hellish condition of life. Your path of liberation will be open if you accept the shelter of spiritual energy.

Krishna's friendship with Arjuna was very close. Therefore Krishna instructed Arjuna. In this Kali Yuga, it is very difficult to accept the renunciation of life. Therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu recommended that you remain in your position, no matter what, but the Mahatma becomes a great soul. This is the recommendation of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

This process is recommended in the Vedic scriptures. This is the process, do not try to speculate on God. Leave this bad habit. You cannot speculate, it is called knowledge.



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