Bhagavad Gita Effective Leadership


Bhagavad Gita Effective Leadership
Bhagavad Gita effective leadership

Leadership is not only the way to giving instructions rather it is also an inspiration from leaders of society, home, or professional places. In this time any instructing man is known as a leader but in the old era, it was known as Guru or great people. This profession is the anthology of all values and ethics. These values and ethics are the prime bases of human culture that a guru or leader is worthy of respect.

In a society or in the whole world culture was being established for following the footsteps of great people. These great people are respected and accepted by others as Guru or Leader because they have thought only in the well-being, selflessness, and sacrifices for others who takes the teaching of these great people, thus they are the best examples for ordinary people.

The great men who is known for the well-being of people who had a great personality, different types of gesture-posture, sign, symptoms that are not defined by ordinary people.

The great people who lead society have the same responsibilities and duties that are divided into two parts:

·         In primitive times, the seekers were engrossed in worship and meditation.

  The reverence ways, who aware of the ways to live in the world but they are people loving men, they all responsible for their own duties selflessly and serve the fruits of their karma to others for their welfare.

The materialistic people who are selfish, uncontrolled, disturbed, they are ordinary people.

This whole world including society’s people instructs by great men who are known for the the welfare of society.

It is an automatic process of the human mind that does great people, ordinary men follow that path automatically.

Every action, communication, nature, talking-walking of great ones are followed by masses with no wisdom. Ordinary people follow this great one without any doubt.

Just as in our life, every employee follows the path of its own leader.

Bhagavad Gita self-realization

Bhagavad Gita reading ways

will-power enhancement, wonder by Bhagavad Gita

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna states to maintain and effective leadership everyone must follow these three paths:

·         The discipline of karma,

·         The discipline of equanimity,

·         The discipline of communication,

·         The discipline of control of mind and thoughts           

Power of Leadership

positional power always forces us to complete work on time, so if there is any force behind us or upon masses, it is a dimensional scattering of power in every area, it will not on one point, that’s why they form of doing work is nominal and the personal power influences most on the masses that come out with great result and the public stands with that leader with sympathy and faithfulness. 

The whole community based on the care, love, and sympathy that only imparts by personal power not by professional power, it makes a great leader.

Examples of positional power are every tough leader and personal power is Mahatma Gandhi, Gautama Buddha, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Chanakya are followed by a large number of masses.

We often see that in the society, community, caste, hermitage, etc., who are called great people and those who are considered as the best, we behave with respect, they behave like that society, community, caste people's great, they start behaving like that great man.

One who is free from desire, affection, attachment, selflessness, partiality in his conscience, and the one who has no sense for materialistic things or no sense to take something from this world. The words uttered by such a person automatically affect others and they also start behaving themselves accordingly. These types of people are more powerful because they are followed by many of the masses. 

Leadership is the duty to aware of the role of colleagues that are part of the responsibility taken by their position. as per chapter 18 of verse 45, complete perfection is obtained when everyone does their duty with determination. Leadership is the duty to make many more effective leaders and effectively affected others.  


 Description of real leaders

In the field of spirituality, leadership plays an important role to make many seekers like Gautam Buddha, Sankaracharya, mahatma Gandhi, they all are the inspiration of our society. The relation between Guru and disciple is very deep from each other. They are true for others and their own relations.

Basically they are leading many of the people at one time and all these people are following these gurus.

If any religious program had organized, several people fervently participate in this program; everyone was doing all the work.

Here, the leading personalities were fulfilled by the supernatural power that helps every needy people in moral ways. These leaders have forecast sight with remarkable skills. Being a spiritual leader they have amazing power to the welfare reason of society.

Like in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna lead Arjun in the personal perspective to upgrade Arjun. In this leadership, Lord make inspired Arjun ay every path. To the upcoming situation of Arjun, Lord Krishna knew everything about that already.

The first leading way of lord Krishna is to gear up for battle with some loud voice to Arjun in chapter 2 verse 5.


The leadership quality of Lord Krishna:

As on the matter of leadership, Lord Krishna was the greatest manager, the greatest planner, and the big controller of crisis means lord was mastered in crisis management.

As a leader, an important quality for that are strategies that are present in the Lord – a master of strategy.

Lord was tactful leader, who develops different types of leadership tactics and methods that are according to circumstances.

A modern leader knows the importance of management, Leadership, and communication.

The art and the technique of doing things done through people efficiently and effectively is the sweet way of leadership.

 Today leading person doesn't want to do work itself but instead make his group perform their concerned task.

Lord Krishna is the great leader with the ability to control an army of 1.53 million soldiers and warriors, but the different thing is here that Lord Krishna’s ruling, directive and control strategy was based on the delegacy of responsibility.

Lord Krishna was leading Pandavas, decided the exact position of all 5 brothers in battle like what will the role of the Lord as a coordinator, what would do Yudhister, what would be the next position of Bhim, how Arjun will make tackle all that. In this way Pandavas ready to obey the lord’s permission as a leader.


Leadership lesson from Lord Ram

Ram and Krishna is two protagonists of the Hindu religion. In the story of Ramayan Lord Ram leads an army of monkeys to surmount Ravana.

Lord Ram was kind-hearted and a true leader with the compassion of emotions.

He was incredible and amazing in deciding the plan during the battle of Ramayana. He guided his team to accomplish the objectives.

The monkey the community was happy to follow the orders of Lord Krishna.

Lord Rama's leadership style during the battle of Ramayana was extraordinary. He was direct the army of a monkey who are unskilled fighters that needed always the direction of Ram.

Bhagavan Ram was very serene and sincere hearted, so people joined him and started helping them.

Lord Ram showed his team the way and guided them on what to do in difficult times.

Lord Ram skills: 

·         Skill for taking the sight of forecasts

·         Team leading from the front side

·         Some solid and exact role and instructions are given by Lord Ram

·         Lord show clear path in difficulties

·         To motivate people to contribute to fight


Lord Krishna skills:

Lord Krishna didn’t pick up any weapon; he only played the role of a charioteer. Lord Krishna only led to Pandavas.

·         Work with mastered in his professional

·         Fight from backside.

·         Allow only team member to lead the battle

·         Fight and support the reason of team

·         Given exact the answer to every question


Some more skills of Leaders are:

1.      The mastered leader can be a visionary who can guess outcomes already.


2.     The leader can be our role model if they attach to the team with love and to take care with full of responsibility.


3.     The leader can deserve to salute if they give judgment with no partiality.


4.     The leader can be a manager, like Buddha who was the best human resource manager. Like Buddha, today's leaders should be aware of human knowledge like weakness, strengths.


5.     The leader should be like the protector of colleagues and team responsibilities.


6.     This is the great responsibility of a leader to show the right path of the problem to your team.

In this way we can become a good leader and can bring the qualities of a good leader within us.



















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