Bhagavad Gita – Best Knowledge Meaning


What is knowledge according to Bhagavad Gita?

Bhagavad Gita – Best Knowledge Meaning
Bhagavad Gita-Best knowledge meaning

 The world is devoid of the treasure of knowledge; if the sacred knowledge of Bhagavad Gita doesn’t exist that is divine knowledge. This is the knowledge that realizes the veritable in oneself in due course of the duration of time. This is the same truth that gives us inner self-knowledge, path, purification of the mind by Chapter 4 versus 38 of Bhagavad Gita.

 Knowledge is the first and foremost step to the path of intelligence, happiness, and prosperity of glorious life. Knowledge is like the best weapon to fight for ignorance, it is the power, strength of anyone.

 By dint of knowledge, we can handle the situation very well, over life. Too often, we look at progress in every area of science that made easy our life so much then. It is all because of knowledge.

 Mankind has an infinite curiosity for knowledge and this curious makes the human being unbeatable for victory on his intelligence by making many of the progressive things.

 Our sages do respect this giving knowledge and consider it the best gift from Lord Krishna. Half-baked knowledge is very harmful to society for human beings. 

 Knowledge of Bhagavad Gita is phenomenal and great that teaches you to lead yourself from the inner world. Therefore knowledge is the base of every human.

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 “the teacher could never be ordinary both construction and destruction belongs to him.”  – Chanakya

“who seeking knowledge, will gain knowledge” – Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

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Why lord, Krishna explained the whole knowledge of Bhagavad Gita to only Arjun?

Because Arjun asked questions every time from Lord, Arjun was so curious about the knowledge of the real truth of this body, senses, world, and universe.

 The kshetra, this body, and the owner of the body- I am not this body; I am the owner of this body. This is jnanam.

Arjun asked Krishna, what is the Prakriti, and what is purusa, what is kshetra, what is ksetrajna, what is Janan? These are the questions inquired by Arjun.

Arjun was the senior disciple and Krishna was the best Teacher. The disciple submissively inquired from the teacher about knowledge.

That is the Vedic injunction. Teacher or Guru plays an important role in everyone’s life, without which we cannot get knowledge. By speculative advancement, nobody can achieve a real platform of knowledge. In real-time many of the great professionals are trying to be advance knowledge by speculation.

 Many of the philosophers, scientists give their opinion with the statement of ‘I think’ only like this.  And it is considered true with great support. Knowledge means anyone can think freely and independent ways.

In the current era, that is being considered and supported as knowledge. The knowledge of scientist is also accepted by others, as per today’s knowledge of scientist, life is made of matter, from matter by a combination of matter and life is made of chemical evolution theory.

Today these scientists are being treated as big things and awarded Nobel prizes. We all are making fool of oneself, themselves, and others. But we don’t know they all are capturing the wrong field of knowledge.

It is not knowledge, totally it is ignorance. But by the speculative process, they are writing many and big volumes of books. Have we concluded the proof by which any life came out by the process of matter? Some of the scientists put many facts about this theory of life.

They say this life is the result of a combination of matter and chemical, so when we give this chemical, will it be produced life? The answer is no.

Our Vedic system is really such a great system that gives the best of the best knowledge by the perfect and unique personality of Lord Krishna.

It is well known by everyone that we should get knowledge from that a person who is master of the subject whom you want to learn.  But today's students, scientists, and doctors believe only in speculative knowledge, it is not the perfect knowledge whole world assimilate the same knowledge that has no deep knowledge.

But if you get knowledge from Lord Krishna, you will acquire knowledge from a great person who is perfect and mastering this knowledge, which is well-known the imperfect knowledge and perfect knowledge. 

 So if we die only for the speculative knowledge or if we get knowledge, half-backed, we too make oneself imperfect knowledge, we can’t get perfect knowledge or we can’t give perfect knowledge, therefore we must find knowledge from the perfect person. That is the Vedic injunction.

Guru is the one who is perfect in knowledge means heavy.

Our Vedic knowledge gives knowledge full of one-pointedness, like it will be done or it will not be done, this type of dilemma doesn’t take place in this. It has one answer ever. It will be done, which is a Vedic injunction.

So in Vedic culture, the master guru is Lord Krishna, the real Jagat-guru.

Krishna is the supreme of Godhead. Lord Krishna appears in a particular course of time, there is a time when Krishna appears, everything is in the Vedic era is in calculative form.

Just as the time of sunrise and sunset, is fixed from era to era, this is certain.

Similarly, in the sastras, it is decided the time for the avatar of Lord Krishna on the earth.

In one day of Brahma at the end of Dwaper yug 43 lakhs thousand times, add another 43 lakhs time thousands, this is the period after which Krishna comes. So the question is why the Lord comes down on earth in chapter 4 of 8 verse.

Noticeably, the supreme Lord’s descends comes down on earth to save dharma, religion and to make us aware, to give us knowledge of life and reason for this birth, who I am all these questions have been described in Bhagavad Gita

Today Lord Krishna isn’t present on earth as a human form; still, we can attain the answers to these questions from Bhagavad Gita.

The part of knowledge is religion as well. If we find the meaning of religion from this materialistic world, it is defined as religion as a part of faith, but faith can be varied at any time with the concept of right or wrong.

The knowledge of Vedic is the knowledge, that is perfect and cannot be right or wrong, it is totally based on veritable, so how can religion be right or wrong whereas it is the part of our primitive scripture – the Vedas. Religion must be correct.

For example – like, if we talk about the ocean or river, the picture of huge water comes out in our mind always. The ocean or river must be always full of huge water, you cannot change this concept. Similarly, that is a religion that cannot be changed at any time.

As per Vedic shastras, religion is the code or the laws, given by God.

For Example - Just like government laws mean the order given by the government. That is correct. You cannot accept this as your wish like I want or I won’t obey, you have to obey these rules. 

If you arise doubt of belief or not believe – that is not law, the law means you must obey all rules and you must believe it. That is the law. And if you don’t obey those rules, then you will be punished, as God punished us in the form of bad and problematic conditions.

So, whether it is God’s law or government law, you, we must be complying with that in our life. That is the law. But in the condition of faith, you are not compelled to obey that. 

Chapter 18 verse 66

Only one dharma – to surrender to the orders of God. The question is why we should surrender to the laws of Lord Krishna? Just like we have to follow the government’s rules and regulations.

Similarly, we have to follow the rule of religion. But the question is why it needs to obey the rules of Government? Because, we are blind faith in the rules of government that if we obey the laws of government, we all shall be peaceful citizens. No conflict, no fight, no loss will be held in society.

Today government run out many of the scheme and plans no move progressively this public, if all the way of to be happy citizens.

If we want peace in personal life, we must follow Lord Krishna, who is the supreme of the universe and who is the great source of better knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.

Tapasya, you undergo severe austerities. Suppose, if we are doing our job, that is kind of Tapasya, you have to work hard or job, then you will get some money with more hard work, it is the outcome of your Tapasya.

Sometimes, poor men become rich with their very hard work. But when we get millions of rupees, we cannot enjoy it.

The ritualistic ceremonies in Vedas is the golden way to obtain something best in our life.

If you get the best outcome of your work then you will be a big enjoyer, but if you enjoy this with only mundane materials then you will never be happy, if this happiness will share with Lord Krishna then you will be happy, you will be happier with Lord. This is the simple formula for happiness. If you understand this you will never get upset.

Chapter 5 verse 29

Knowledge of oneself and God fulfills us from the blessing of God that comes only from dedication and devotion. We should surrender to God.

for example - Because God is the proprietor, he must enjoy. Suppose, when we construct a skyscraper building, costly building. But who has made all these materials? The brick, stone, wood, iron from where you have got it?

It is Lord Krishna’s property. Five-element earth, water, air, fire all these things and mind, intelligence. Mind and intelligence are vital things to progress in the material world, unless we have got intelligence, we can’t generate, create anything with these material things. 

We are manufacturing day to day different and unique types of things; it is all possible by our intelligence that is given by Lord Krishna.

 Chapter 15 verse 15

I am sitting in everyone’s heart we completely depend on lord Krishna, he can give a great memory to us or can make us forget everything at any time. Furthermore, why a man is more intelligent and another is not? Why this big difference takes place?

Lord Krishna says to leave everything what should you do or what shouldn’t do in this world including religion and come into my shelter without any doubt without any more thinking.

To become into my shelter is the pure sadhana. In this shelter we don’t have to think about ourselves, moreover, Lord Krishna says, we should move our own activity according to religion and we should obey our duty Karma.

Men should not leave their own responsibility at any cost. 

A story about the secret miraculous power of all:

Once upon a time, there was a discussion in the deity that the secret miraculous powers that fulfill all the wishes of the human being said to be hidden, all the gods started arguing about this, someone, said, hide in the cave, someone said, hide on the Himalayas, Someone said to hide in the sea depth,

After the completion of everything, a sensible deity said, why don't we hide this power of human beings in the depths of the human mind, since his childhood, his mind keeps on running here and there, a human could never imagine such amazing and the eccentric power can be hidden within him, and he will keep searching in this outside world

Therefore, these precious powers were hidden in the lower surface of the mind, it is said that the human mind has amazing powers.

 In this way, we can achieve whatever we want by these powers, these are the powers that make us strong, but the biggest thing is that we do not know ourselves that there are so many powers within us, even the information of these powers. We can get it only by knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.

Do not search it anywhere, just learn the art of looking inside yourself, you will come to know that you are the treasure of these great powers.



















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