Benefits Becoming Krishna Consciousness


Benefits becoming Krishna consciousness
benefits becoming Krishna Consciousness

The benefits of achieving Krishna consciousness will stand you on the top discretion of sense of your life in the field about you. 

Those who are saintly persons, those who are Krishna conscious people, their conduct of thinking and behavior are different from the materialistic persons.

If this living entity becomes Krishna's consciousness then he started roaming just for the lotus feet of Krishna, I think definitely you all try to understand what is the use of it?

It makes us a pinnacle winner on the bondage of sense gratification.  Just like our devotees, who can live without a sense of pleasure. They don’t require any nice car or costly sleepers. They all are happy to wander with the chanting name of Lord Krishna without these pleasures. 

Because this life is so molded they think “well, I should take some rest or not after chanting the name of Lord Krishna. So in this way and that way, why should I bother about that? That is a sign of advancement in Krishna consciousness.

 “Krishna consciousness means awakening to the possessor of the lord Krishna, we are all directly or indirectly connected with the supreme lord because he is our original father and guru”

But as soon as anybody joins in the devotional services of Krishna, he tastes some transcendental pleasure, and as a result of that, this nonsensical pleasure becomes insignificant. That is the test. A devotee can, cannot be equally interested in material pleasure and transcendental pleasure.

You can examine this with your help, no need to ask anybody if anybody increase his Krishna consciousness, the test will be that he will be disinterested with all material pleasure.

Krishna's consciousness is the realization that every living entity is all-pervasive with the shelter of the lord. Krishna's consciousness's prime meaning is awakening to Krishna, Krishna consciousness is the actual perfection of the yoga of mediation for Krishna consciousness basically our relation from Krishna and ultimately the attainment of the love of Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead.

Krishna consciousness can be obtained by submissive association with Krishna’s devotees with the wholehearted devotion and dedication acts in harmony with divine instinct.

It is the form of Bhakti yoga. In bhakti-yoga, it has been imparted many of the examples in our ancient times. It is pouring bhakti yoga in which the actions, breath eating, sleeping, worship, thoughts is only to the pleasing lord.

Practicing yoga and meditation is a powerful tool for stepping outside the ego and cultivate Krishna consciousness.

Hearing and chanting about Krishna is the best way to get Krishna's consciousness.

Actually, Bhakti yogis a tremendous tool for reawakening Krishna's consciousness by engrossing their mind in the lotus feet of the Lord. Bhakti yoga starts with serene love by which Lord Krishna gets attracted, this makes an amazing relation between devotee and Lord.

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How we can get Krishna consciousness

·        Chanting hare Krishna hare Rama

·        Hearing some hymn

·        Preach and selling spiritual books to educate everyone.

·        Reading of Bhagvaad Gita

Krishna consciousness means awakening to the possessor of the Lord Krishna, we are all directly or indirectly connected with the supreme lord because he is our original father and guru.

But at this time, we have forgotten the connection with the lord and get engaged in this bluff world.

 everything starts with a question or curiosity when we will aware of god and try to know what is the connection with God, what is the aim of birth or when we become conscious of only and only Lord is called Krishna consciousness.


Development of Krishna consciousness

Krishna consciousness remains present in every heart already in the form of a dormant state. But in keeping with this time we all are lost in this mundane era and forgotten reality of this amazing body.

To develop this first we have to introduce ourselves as pure as we are, this pureness of our own heart is the big proof of real Krishna consciousness. We love to god and God loves us is the invisible spiritual dimension.

Preoccupied mind in the name of Krishna, in the entity of Krishna, in the chanting of Krishna name, in the description of psychic of Krishna, in the lotus feet of Krishna and in the first rays of your morning starts with Krishna's name.

To be considered exhilarating of the name of Lord Krishna. Equipoise your mind in the name of the lord.    

How we can awaken Krishna consciousness

Krishna's consciousness is dormant in everyone’s heart and when we come in contact with devotees, it is awakened. Krishna consciousness is the real jewel for human.

Just as the child accustomed to for his mother only, similarly, if one considers becoming into Krishna is the first step towards this amazing path Sign of advancement in Krishna consciousness.

This life is full of distress and struggle. We all don’t want to face problems in our life, but a saintly person can face all those problems with a big smile. They don’t wish to comfortable things. Because life is so molded, why should I get angry about that? They think like that.

When you feel problems around you and you think this why should I bother about that, is the sign of advancement in Krishna consciousness.

In keeping with the basic principle of Krishna consciousness is unacceptable to most people, still, numerous people are practicing to show themselves as pious person and great devotees even though they don’t consider the core doctrine of Krishna consciousness. Until you won’t be surrender completely to Krishna consciousness, you can’t get advance in Krishna's consciousness to be a pure devotee.

It is clearly mentioned through scripture and scholars that the anecdotes of Krishna consciousness have been recited from the primitive time that can be contemplated or garnered the knowledge only by the pure heart of thinking and a pure devotee.

Either you would be practicing austerities or follows the regulative principle of chanting or give more and more time to this or reading scriptures related to this is not enough to get close to Krishna consciousness.

It has only one and the best way is just pure yourself. We can understand only after getting this phenomenal knowledge. Unless we surrender us to the lord completely and make his instructions our life and soul.

In this way, Lord Krishna the Lord Himself will take you in his refuge itself, with more blessings and mercy.

It will be possible for us to understand Krishna consciousness.

Otherwise, Krishna consciousness will not be beneficial for us something and we will never experience the transcendental bliss and   spiritual realization that a real devotee experience when practicing Krishna consciousness under the direction of this bona fide pure devotee in a spiritual manner.

After engrossing in this with utmost desires gives us the power to dispel all sense of gratification and we work for the pleasure of Krishna and his pure devotee.

 core principle of Krishna consciousness – Krishna is stating here that no one can become a yogi and cannot connect himself with the supreme Lord unless he renounces the desire for sense gratification. This is the core principle of Krishna consciousness.

Beginning of Krishna consciousness

 The initial pace for Krishna consciousness is renouncing completely of your personal wishes, aspirations for sense gratification. We must be propelled with brilliant power to surrender for the lord and to satisfy and please the Lord with your continual practice of pure devotion.

One must know his constitutional position as the living entity and act accordingly.

Nobody on this earth has a separate identity from the lord. He is the marginal energy of Krishna.

Similarly, when the living entity is entrapped by the material energy, he is bound with this, and when they are entangled in Krishna consciousness, and then the people are in his veritable and natural way.

Therefore, when one guides themselves with the entire knowledge of spirituality, it ends all material sense gratification or renounces all kinds of sense gratification activities.

The senses of Krishna's consciousness person therefore remain engaged only in the whole work of Krishna. These people have not any personal desire for fulfillment and satisfaction of their own wishes.

 He only grows his own mind with this birth is only of Krishna, this breath is only for Krishna, this life is only for Krishna so he indulged only in the thought of ‘ I am the part of Krishna.’

To render service to Krishna is become big work for the Krishna consciousness person, if he would be successful to please Lord Krishna, he becomes satisfied.

If the Lord is satisfied then automatically the devotee will also be satisfied. In reality, this is the only way people can become satisfied- by surrendering to Krishna and serving and satisfying him.  

The way of the flourishing of human beings through Krishna's consciousness and learn us about the practical part of life is the real science, real authority.

Krishna consciousness is the authorized concept to attain the pinnacle of spiritual growth and enlightenment.  To come into contiguous of Krishna consciousness gives direct knowledge of Krishna based on these authorized scriptures: Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas.

The entire world is the reflection of the energy of the lord, Vasudeva is present everywhere. Whatever we see, we feel with our own eyes is simply a manifestation of the energy of Lord Krishna.

In Bhagavad Gita, the lord says whether you see me or not, you understand me or not, surrender to me.

Reading of Bhagavad Gita as it is the Krishna consciousness movement because through which you can get full knowledge about Krishna that will make you great conscious mind. It is for every people.


Why Krishna conscious of the best process of yoga?

Krishna consciousness is really the best way to get a peaceful mind and soul that is the part of yoga. When we chant god’s name with a deep heart grant more peacefulness with the highest yoga. 

Hence Krishna consciousness is the best of the best step of yoga in this running era. It is so simple and so relaxing that can be chant anywhere and any time of the period.

The purification of sense gratification plays an important role to become a great Krishna consciousness. The process of purification of oneself gives pinnacle stamina to become devotees for Krishna by which we will able to understand enjoyment through Krishna.

We don’t know of the future but expect to be blissful and definitely, it will come, whether you would be the wish or not, likewise birth definitely happen as well, therefore it should be our fundamental responsibility towards us to make the bend in the foot of Krishna. That is Krishna consciousness.


 Krishna consciousness Movement

Krishna consciousness movement was run for chanting the mantra of Hare Krishna Hare Rama over and over to get close to Lord Krishna. Today many problems and distressful situations come before us; at that time we get stuck with this situation and cannot be able to think about that or a solution. This is the time when we want more and more this mantra to relax our own situation for overcoming the problems.

Swami Prabhupada brought the movement called the international society of Krishna consciousness.

You have to completely surrender yourself to the Lord's refuge, that is Krishna consciousness which tells you the real thing that you never know, which is most important to you, that is why sometimes we are very restless and not even why it is happening, It all happens just because of our incomplete knowledge.











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