Absolute Intellect: False Ego Bhagavad Gita



Absolute Intellect: False Ego Bhagavad Gita
absolute intellect: false ego Bhagavad Gita

Our mind thinks, it’s my body and I am this body, liberated soul peruses that I am not this body and I have no relation with this body. I am a spirit that works only in changing my body. This I am” is called ego or limited only up to self. This is my body and everything connects to the body is mine is called false ego, ahamkara.

The ego is an instinct of conscience. The 'oneself' is knowledgeable of this instinct, but mistakenly joining oneself with that instinct means accepting that instinct as his own form, this man is called vimuddhaatma”.

When we get self-realized and think that I am an everlasting servant of the god that is real ego.

Like the body is 'this' similarly ego also is the 'this'. It is not possible to interchange 'this' from 'I' - It is the principle of egoism.

When a man accepts the meaning of 'this' as 'I' mistakenly, this man called ahankar vimudhatma. This supposed ego does not disappear by trying, because even in trying, the ego remains. The perceived ego only vanishes from rejection.

The one concept of ego is in material nature with a more increasing amount is the ignorance that doesn't watch any wisdom thoughts in a pure state of mind called Satta-sattva or Vasudev.

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But on the other hand, this pure goodness can watch threefold blessings of the supreme lord.

That is some difficult to leave ego but when we try to leave it means we try to give up false ego, but the real ego is always present. 

One who exists only in false identity through egoism of heart and mind, that state is in the conditional state, but when he is reflected in ego-free mind or pure state is called the liberation of the mind from egoism.

Ego is the form of two types:

·        Real ego and,

·        unreal ego

Real ego is based on the 'I am', but unreal ego is based on 'I am the body' is an accepted ego.

Real ego is natural and constant and unrealistic ego is unnatural and impermanent. Therefore, the real ego may be forgotten but cannot be erased and the unrealistic ego may appear but cannot last.

It is a mistake for a human being that he forgets the real ego and accepts the unrealistic ego as true.

The recognizance of themselves with only material possessions in the conditional stage must be ego-free and we must close to the supreme lord in a wholehearted manner.  

An adapted mind accepts everything for the enjoyment of sense gratification and the one accepts everything for the nursing of the supreme Lord in the state of an ego-free mind.

Therefore devotional services are the super most and real liberated stage of the living entity.

By understanding the pure soul, called satya-drk, one can scrutinize everything as a reflection of the supreme personality. A concrete example can be given in this connection.

A conditioned soul sees a fist of rice to eat food and he thinks that the small amount of rice should be used to fill his own stomach and to sense gratification. This is one kind of vision.

A liberated soul, however, sees the same heap of rice as a reflection of the supreme lord. He thinks this small amount of rice has been found only possible by the superior energy of the supreme lord;

Therefore it belongs to the supreme lord and should be utilized in his service. These are two kinds of vision.

The conditioned soul finds the fist of rice for his own enjoyment, and the devotee finds this rice as food to be used in the service of the lord.

In the same way, one can see the reflection of the supreme lord in one’s own sense, mind, and body- in everything with that correct vision; one can engage everything in the service of the Lord.

It has been stated in the Bhakt-Rasamrta-Sindhu that who are indulged in the Lord with his mind, vital energy, thinking, wisdom, and his words or who wants to be engaged only in lotus feet of Lord, no matter about his condition, his caste, his country, that is the liberated soul.  

This is Prahlad Maharaj's instructions that the fabled proudness is not for ego unless you are qualified. This is the big mistake of human beings. To banish this mistake is the initial point of pure life. In the current era, numerous people keep on living in this false prestige.

When men get engross in false thing, he has his own identity as vimudha(rascal). This false prestige makes our body is unrealistic. We think like that I am this, I am that, I am.... blah.. Blah...What is the difference? 

Therefore Bhagavad Gita, shows that all this completely under the control of material nature, that I am very advanced in that work in this work so on it is all the part of egoism.

This is the habit that makes our personality very low and lean, but the question is how we can leave this bad habit, but when we become devotee or worship to the Lord with dedication and dedicate everything in lord's feet. As per Lord, if we behave then our whole life will get rejuvenated. 

There are three kinds of chastisement is body, mind, and the words of a human being. This is called tri-danda.

This is the philosophy, that only Brahman is there and nothing else. Brahm lives in everybody, so think this, I am Brahm you are Brahm means one monism. This is the philosophy of everyone because everything is Krishna. There is nothing except Krishna.

As per Shrimad Bhagavatam - The self-centered materialistic ego, or the sense of identification with matter is grossly self-centered, devoid of clear knowledge of the existence of God.

Self-centered egoism is only focused on I, me, and my. It is bound only towards oneself with the materialistic way of thinking. The living entities of the era being conditioned by the materials only and continuing to live in this world.

 The self-centered impersonal, barring of discernible connection  of the persona of Lord, these foolish people concludes in the own words about the Supreme Lord that the personality of the Lord's head takes a material form of his own original and personal manner.

So this fallacious conception of the Supreme Lord by the self-centered egoist people concluded false personality.

Moreover, they all are very interested in the scriptures and intellectual knowledge.

Natural phenomena are the energy by which the body, tree, etc are produced and developed or distress the wave motion of rivers like Ganga are moved on, and this is the same energy by which men do own work like seeing, watching, listening, feeding, drinking.

But the men in dint of ignorance they consider this energy as two parts in the effect of egoism, this energy is only one but we do the part that energy into two parts. Just like making of body, digestion of food, etc. and the second one activity are of knowledge actions like watching, speaking, taking food, etc.

 Human beings ignorantly accept the actions to be done by themselves. In this sloka, God says that all actions are done by the qualities of nature, not by the human form.

Natural phenomena's activities are natural processes and processed by Mother Nature or Prakriti.

Now, for the procedure of the human body that is divided into two categories:

·        Natural biological functions – Like digestion, heartbeat, blood circulation, etc that are not executed consciously beside occur automatically. 

·        Unnatural Process – actions like speaking, hearing, working, walking, sleeping, etc are actions that we think are done by ourselves. 

Both the above categories of actions are processed by the mind-body-sense mechanism. These are the part of the Prakriti or nature or material energy. 

Just as the waves are not separate from the sea but a part of it, similarly the body is also a part of the mother's nature from where it is made. Therefore, physical energy is the only thing to do everything.

Here is the big misconception about the soul that, the soul perceives itself as the doer of everything itself. Because of the unforgiving ego, the soul misleads itself with the human body.  Therefore, it keeps on under the illusion of doer it.

Explain that two trains stand side by side on the railway platform and one passenger in a train looks at the other by staring at it. When the second train runs, it seems that the first runs.

Similarly, the stable soul is identified by the dynamics of Prakriti. Thus, it considers itself as the doer of tasks.

“The time when the soul dissipates the ego and surrenders to the will of God, he cognizes himself as a non-doer.”

Although all karma is done by nature, however, an ignorant person who is fascinated by ego, assumes himself to be some karma. The reason is that he considers the ego as his own form.

We should dedicate our little work to God, no matter what we do, because everything in this world cannot be done without the will of God.






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