Will power’s Enhancements, wonders –Bhagavad Gita


Will power’s Enhancements, wonders –Bhagavad Gita
will power, enhancements, wonders-Bhagavad Gita

Will is what motivates us to do or get what we want, converts into will power. When the desire gets higher level to achieve something, it converts into a power that induces us to touch the sky. 

The enhancement and wonders of will power have been chronicled for their unduly crucial and comprehensive phase many times.

If we notice, this power attache with us from childhood like we get stubborn to take something or we strive till over limit to find, to get, to do, and to learn something, that is a short form of willpower

well, we were kids at that time so we don't aware of that power but that power walks with us, talk with us, and live with us every time. It depends upon how you use this willpower which has most of the potent when our desire is connected with a type of internal power, and then our desire is strengthened to get something.

The meaning of willpower is very broad, it cultivates the thoughts.

“The determination to receive of desired aim is called will-power.”

The enhancement of willpower based on the formation of the firm resolution. Undoubtedly it will increase with the yearning to fulfill desire with the practice of our willpower.

“Significantly, if we will definitely only one aspiration, it carries out the judicious outcome, so every wish has not equally important in boosting willpower.”

When we are curious only for the outer world and material things it errant us.

Knowing equanimity versus Bhagavad Gita

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 Bhagavad Gita relevance life essence

Where does the power come into our will?

when the overly will for any kind of object or aim, this desire is very modest that is like fleeting once come into existence then disappear from a little while, again and again, a new desire comes into existence, again the desire makes and loose.

 In this way, until we don't generate desire as per our own wish which is loveable to fulfill with a complete mind, we are trapped in the game of desire interchange. 

 But the clear path to be shown us and the desire turns into determination to find a wished goal, then the inclusion of power imparted automatically.

The addition of power with the will increases the strength of our desire twice. This is the power that draws the celestial energy to strengthen or to fulfill our wish.

Enormously, the importance of willpower unceasingly has an effect on high aspiration people.

When we make a resolution for the material world, we remain only with this material world, and the involvement of God never takes place.

Our mind is a deep desire for conscience. Period, segment, bypassing time, it does concentrate on a steady path. It is difficult for us to walk a single step comfortably until we reach it.

A simple mind and the meditated mind go on outreach where we can see only our aim. Well, the feelings of platonic direct us for ultimate power. It will give definitely progress.

When we open up the desire in front of us and convince ourselves that this is our real desire, now I have to give my life for this, then it comes with perseverance.

Willpower involves a very important thing called certitude; it definitely separates one man from another.

The determination is like a rock, in which there is no opportunity to bow down and lose.

It gives the edge to our talent gives strength to our efforts; it is the difference of determination

Determination is the power that keeps our talent moving and makes will power strong, which makes us grow, there is so much strength in this determination that we do not even get to move from our aim, if that determination turns into firm-determination then after thousands of defeats will also succeed.

It is a fact that whatever we desire in the mind, all our physical and mental power gets towards it. Hope and aspiration take real form in the future.

 The renowned thinker Candy says that - When there is a strong desire in your heart for something, and then understand that God has especially kept it safe for you, if we take this knowledge seriously it can make wonders into our life.

Then whether you live with despair or keep wandering in the dark, it doesn't matter.

Till we do not put all our power on our goal, it may take time to taste the taste of success.

It is true that we have more decisions to make than ever before. The strong decision removes mental obstacles and steers to goal, make wiser life choices help into the enhancement of willpower.

Adaptability for specific circumstances carry out steadfast decisions.

A good decision depends on conceptual understanding; it strives to take the constants pattern in thinking.

Will power by Bhagavd Gita

If we make a resolution to connect to the supreme power of Lord Krishna then their omnipotence increases your willpower.

As per Bhagavad Gita, chapter 18 verse 33 says that the determination stays into us by constant practice of yoga and meditation. The determination of doing practice attaining the Lord and the determination of achieving their own goal is almost similar but the practice of yoga to maintain the willpower to attain God makes us talented with a purifying mind but the practice for willpower without meditating god, makes us only worldly men.

When the firm-dedication bends towards in the foot of Lord Krishna, it doesn’t move here and fro.

The mode of determining mind engrossed in the goal that helps us to move beyond degree.

The will power comes outside in desire of our inner need, it enlightened and sustains determined desires first of all; strengthen the foundation of our desire by strengthening our Krishna-connection with the involvement of opposing of negative situations.

The action of willpower must be used at first with Lord. That should be recommended to fulfill a resolution. With respecting and obeying this devotional promise increases our will power in two ways.

·        Common way

·        Mystical way

The common way is the practice with firm-determination but there is no name of Lord Krishna anywhere. It is hollow with devotion and dedication. Daily exercise for a common way to enhancing willpower strengthens us but there is a shortcoming of inner power here, so it can keep as any resolution.

The mystical way is the more consequential that connects us to Lord with strong willpower. With the blessings of Lord Krishna, we get to boost our willpower on the utmost level. Thereby it increases our willpower.

That’s why it is best to start practice for increasing willpower with the Lord.

With this input exercise, we will get the biggest benefit of numerous increased willpower which can benefit us in all our material and spiritual fields.  

There is no better example of strong will than this, Helen Keller lost everything from a disease at the age of two and a half, till she could neither speak nor hear nor see. But she achieved that position with her indomitable spirit which was very difficult. Will power was the force behind Helen.

In the same way, Dashrath Manjhi broke the mountain in 22 years and made his way.

There are many such quotes where willpower have shown amazing transformation and changed the life of many people.


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