Best Psychological Facts - Bhagavad Gita


Best Psychological Facts - Bhagavad Gita
psychological facts-Bhagavad Gita 

The Guru-chela concept is the psychology-based the description gets populated widely in India along with the world.  Renowned psychologist of India discussed the fundamental and constitutional concepts of Bhagavad Gita as the source and model to develop psychotherapeutic concepts suitable for the entire world. But at some modal and pattern of Bhagavad Gita the concepts are speculated and debated, today, here we will make an article based on the retrospective diagnosis with the connection of current day diagnosis.

The acute diagnosis of the psychology of Bhagavad Gita with situational adjustment disorder of Arjun will be described here, along with the bad marks of anxiety, depression with the predominant guilt of Arjun.  

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Psychological analysis of Bhagavad Gita

 Five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna had depicted Bhagvavd Gita which is relevant even today. Bhagavad Gita is not only the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjun, it is the basic type of psychiatric counseling between Lord Krishna as the best counselor of the world to Arjun.

When we read Bhagavad Gita from a psychological point of view, it is highlighting the clash that takes place in every human being’s mind today based on the Kauravas and Pandava’s clash.

It is described as :

Today life is full of clash – Kurukshetra

  adharma or illegal works in today’s life  - as Kauravas

dharma, legal work, positive thoughts – as Pandavas

But the different thing in today’s life is the winning of illegal and wrong work more likely rather than good and legal works.


Depression (chapter1 verse 32)

No desire for victory, neither kingdom nor pleasure.

At that time, Arjun was sad that I do not want any luxurious life or pleasure, but nowadays people are sad for getting the goods and luxurious life.


Guilt (chapter1 verse 44)

A sinful act of killing our kin.

Today's people are thirsty for the blood of their own people, but Arjun was very sad that my relatives would be killed by me.


Death wish (chapter1 verse 45)

Arjun always had the wisdom to kill himself because he didn’t want to kill his own kins and guru.

Today's people do suicide, but their reasons are very small, which makes no sense, like if you failed in the exam then got suicide, separated from your girlfriend then suicide, what if you got a little failure? Get suicide

But the reason for Arjun's death wish was very big and weighty.


Anxiety (chapter1 verse 29, 30)

Arjun’s symptoms of anxiety are the weakness of limbs, dryness of mouth, shivering of the body, goose skin. Gnadivam slips from the hand, burning of the skin, unable to stand, dizziness, and confusion of mind.


Soul (Chapter 2 verse 22)

As we change clothes and put on new clothes similarly one’s the soul leaves a body and takes another body.

As per today’s psychology, scientists take the matter of soul as the energy that changes one body to another body.


Psychology of Duryodhan

Even though Duryodhana has superior strength, still he was inferior from inside that was an inferiority complex that induced by the jealous feelings from the Pandavas.

Today’s psychology – at this moment the psychology of the inferiority complex is similar to the psychology of the Mahabharat era because this type of psychology is universal the same.

Duryodhana knows that I am fighting for unethical motives. He wants every time to do wrong ethics to Pandavas and knows very well that their action of Karma and fighting was unjust and unrighteous motives.

The psychology behind that, this type of people as much as do wrong works but still they all are very fearful from inside.

Kauravas fully believed in the external resources and the physical strength of their army. They depend on the material world only that teaches only hardness to the inner life.

Today everyone believes in the outer resources for a happy life and not sensitive to the inlying world.

Psychology of Arjun

Arjun was the mastership warrior and the real seeker of Lord, mislay his senses of the right path when he lost in the tension and slip up his deep sense of truth and then he identifies himself with the weak power only. It’s all because of the plight of his condition and unable to recognize and use his power, virtues, and inner strength with a crippled mind.

In this way, Lord Krishna helps Arjun at the most difficult situation, awaken and realize him to the reality of his personality that dispels the darkness of ignorance of Arjun.

For consciousness, lord Krishna teaches Arjun about the soul that it is immortal is the center of his being. After obtaining that awareness, Arjun becomes self-confident and fearless. 

In today’s psychology, every people are weak from the inside, but still, some of the people only obey the talks of Lord Krishna and think that I am only intelligent, nobody is more than me. Neither had he interested to read spiritual books.

In today's life, no one wants to look inside themselves, if they have such a problem, then they always catch a wrong path due to which they do not even know themselves and are always wandering.

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