Finding Mental Peace: Bhagavad Gita verses


Finding Mental Peace: Bhagavad Gita verses
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The finding of mental peace with Bhagavad Gita's top verse marks every indication to shot out the implications in mind and behavior.

Without a doubt, mental peace is a boon for the mind and body. A peaceful euphoriant mind relinquishing recurring grief, it has the phase of one-pointedness only.

You would have observed the power of the one-pointedness mind, it takes the automatic status of a peaceful mind.

The top method to find peace with Lord Krishna is only to meditate on the object, which you want to get in your life.

The one who got a victory on the peace can be overcome in a whole sense in one direction. A peaceful mind is able to through-out garbage from the mind. Lord Buddha, lord shiva, and prime seekers kept on engrossed in the meditation to find a supreme level of the peaceful zone.

The peaceful zone makes an aura around us to feel and spread in the environment. This is a big reason to feel peace when we meet like these people.

The meditative practice of the higher seeker is very tough but still performed by these seekers with very determined minds; it is only possible they keep on doing every day without any break.

Lord Krishna's convincing method by Bhagavad Gita

emptiness trust Lord Krishna read Bhagavad Gita

When we become magnetize for ‘need’ pushes away from the peaceful mind.

“When we do practice to focus the mind in comfort and silence zone, devoid of need, reach us the higher state of bliss ( Samadhi) this is known as pure bliss. This is the best method to cultivate peace of mind.

God is our part of conscious and this conscious guides us just like Krishna directs Arjuna to the battlefield of Kurushetra. When you engross in the faith in the divinity of God, you open the entire door from the bound form of this world.

Furthermore, spiritual sadhana plays an incredible role in peace the stage of mindfulness. It gears up the action and works of mind and keeps on maintaining the regiment of mind, behavior, and communication.

It is depicted in Bhagavad Gita that the mercy of the sun to every human being with no partiality, the work of the sun is very prominent as placed indefinite area but Illuminating the entire universe.

 Similarly, our soul is dazzling every corner of the human body only by consciousness a divine consciousness.


Consciousness and peace

The relation of consciousness and peace is interconnected to put on the great result of peace. Both are vital assets for the mind. To become inside happy we must follow the path to align objects for themselves automatically.

To the dynamic phase of peace, knock the door of your consciousness. First, we must figure out the activities of mind, like why do feel alone sometimes, why do feel happy or sad in some moments.

What goes on in the inner world, go through the emotions of mood and behavior?

Very importantly, people trapped only outside sources and don’t find the big reason for the inner mind ever. This is a very important reason to not find real peace of mind.

Consciousness is being imparted too much on the inlying mind by seeker but still many of the people move away from the profound knowledge of consciousness.

Consciousness is the inlying world of any human being that makes feels us inside's problems. But the sober mind only gets peace zone when it connects with consciousness. Or it is only fleeting happiness of mind. It is described in Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Krishna’s golden word “No one has been born on this earth who can disturb you or your peaceful mind.”


Bhagavad Gita verse on peace

According to Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2 verse 66 – the disconnection of supreme leader can have neither transcendental wisdom nor a definite mind indicates to the devoid mind of peace.

The obligation of an affix to the godhead directs us to meditate in it. To concentrate on meditation need to be engrossed in the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. Really it is the initial point to find peace, afterward, it becomes our instinct. That improves our practice to give mind to that.

Chapter 2 verse 67-68 - an over wind pushes away a boat on the water, just like our roaming senses that are covered by the mind can move away from a human being’s intelligence. Therefore, the Lord says to Arjun, those whose senses are restrained by their objects are certainly of definite wisdom.

Chapter 2 verse 70 just like the ocean still remains in a peaceful atmosphere by the incessant flow of the river’s water merging into it. Likewise, the seekers maintain a peaceful and calm mind despite the flow of desirable objects present at all around the men attains peace and no need to strive to satisfy desires.

Chapter 5 verse 23,  human beings have a supernatural conscience, it remains dormant in animals, due to which the animal has only the intelligence to fill their stomach, in the community of human remains covered their wisdom with the level of bhog and collection, that's why he faces every time period of the grief and blame moments. but due to not valuing this wisdom men trapped in fake enjoyment and collection. So the people should make it permanent by giving the value of this wisdom.

In spite of this wisdom being covered in bhog and collection, so, from time to time, there is a vision of sorrow and guilt in the enjoyment and collection but due to not giving importance to wisdom, a human being is stuck in it, so God says that human being should give importance to the conscience and make it permanent. It has complete freedom.

Chapter 2 verse 71, It is said in the Gita that when a man becomes devoid of desire, then things start coming to him automatically, but even if they find any object as own desire, he doesn't greedy for that.

Whether or not a seeker makes any difference, there is no value in the object in his sight, apart from that who wants to get many things, he is always of a restless mind.

Kama, anger, greed, fascination, and ego are the five destabilizing powers that cause personal disagreement and the lack of peace is clearly captured in this verse.


Self-restraint and Peace

The whole world of enjoyment (bhog) gets the self-restraint men who, one who knows the essence of supreme power gets the enjoyment of the whole world. They are not able to produce happy-sad moments in the body and conscious. So the people achieve the supreme level of peace.

Self-restraint teaches us how to stop ourselves and focus on what we need. This is the method that stops at one point. Where we can understand things very well because there is a lot of peace because the mind is in one place here.

 Although self-care is a very big thing like it is as difficult as to control the horse kid and to sit in one place. But if we try, we can and we can achieve peace


Conscious form of mind

Whoever has the desire only material things and only give the value to outer objects or the one who always thinks about materials, they can't get satisfied even whether they have lots of sources of luxurious articles.

Their desire, envy, jealousy can’t be eradicated, then think about how they find peace?

Put it differently, the conscious form of mind cannot be fulfilled by material objects.

Long-lasting or everlasting happiness finds only by within happiness. This is the real Shanti given in Bhagavad Gita. Bhagavad Gita always puts the importance of internal bliss means paramanad that diverts our mind only in the natural form of transcendental power. 


Evenness and peace

Putting the mind in one place, focusing on the same object, putting the mind in one task is also a big reason for peace of mind. The concept of oneness is a sublime to find real peace of mind.

Because in this way our mind does not wander and it remains focused on a single point. This leads to an endless flow of peace.

You can adapt this process to calm your mind and give yourself a calm mind.

Our mind is most dissatisfied when it deviates from it and it does not find any exact path.

Our mind wanders until it finds what it needs. Therefore, you should have the ability to identify what your mind wants.

Because sometimes we ourselves do not understand what we need.

To understand yourself, first of all, focus your attention on yourself and secondly on one thing, that too on yourself.

You may find this thing a bit strange, but do you know that we ourselves do not know ourselves as well as it is hidden deep within us. To know this, you should meditate, which will tell you that, in real who are you, which will bring a lot of peace to you.


Ultimate authority and peace

Our true happiness comes from inside us and gives more peaceful mind, which cannot be found anywhere, it can be obtained only and only by ourselves, this happiness is found either by joining ourselves or by joining that ultimate authority.

In which you do not need any outer practice to stay happy, it is internal happiness that you get yourself when you break the worldly relations of some of this world and take it in piety.

Getting absorbed in piety and connecting with yourself is a path that gives you the right pleasure and peace.

Till this happiness is no longer with us, we are not able to know its value, but once this happiness comes to us, then we cannot live for a single moment without it.

 When we do some work, then our mind keeps on moving here and there, that does not allow our mind to remain calm.

The more we think about anything, the more we get entangled and do not find any solution. Because of which we get upset and our minds are devastated.

In this way, we must first remove the unnecessary thoughts of our brains. That is a great reason to find peace.

Our mind is made up in such a way that he can do only one the thing at a time, but in this busy life everyone thinks that he can do many things at once, which becomes the biggest reason for his trouble.

In this way we can achieve peace by practicing ourselves, but it is a bit difficult to be in today's race life, but it is not impossible, if you want it, you can do it, if you need it, then you have deep confidence, and persistence That will force you to do this and will gift you a successful and calm mind.

Apart from all this, we also get immense comfort with peace by reciting the Gita, because our knowledge of the Gita increases as much as we believe in it, and the more knowledge we gain about the Lord, the more confidence in us. Comes and faith arouses deep reverence in God

There is an indication of an increase in the Bhagavatprem, then the Bhagavatprem will increase, and then our minds will get deep peace.

Through Bhagavad Gita, when we gain knowledge about God and about ourselves we are spirit and not a body, this body is only for a few days while the soul is always there, the soul is immortal, thus when we become familiar with an esoteric truth, then the fear of death that comes from our mind is over, which gives a lot of peace to our mind.

When we study the Bhagavad Gita deeply, we get to know the truth of this world that this world is just full of illusion, the real joy of this mind is not in the world but in God, with this one knowledge we are absorbed in the devotion of God, which gives us deep peace,

This peace makes us feel happy inside, which is a joyful form of truth, which is joy, joy, and joy, which is the deepest desire of our mind. All of this brings real peace in us that lasts forever.



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