Main Reason Descent Krishna Avatar – Bhagavad Gita



Main Reason Descent krishna Avatar – Bhagavad Gita
Main reason descent Krishna Avatar

The belief of the incarnation of Lord, Krishna avatar infers the existence of a deity in another way. The incredible work of the incarnate deities is a signal of omnipotence.

The radix of salvation imparted in teachings of deity that is full of amazing power to learn and save about esoteric knowledge that brings us close to god. God never demonstrates oneself in the world but promulgated everywhere in the form of words.

And in this, the master of the important words of deity displays in the dummy phase of omniscience. 

The denotation of the word avatar is birth, descent, a manifestation of the lord connecting and liaison with us in a tangible form.

The deity reveals himself on the earth in many different descents in which the first example in the form of lion-face incarnation in the pillar of the royal palace of Hiranyakasipu to save the child Prahlad from the atrocities of his father.

Second is Lord Vishnu comes down to save Dhruva, the son of Uttanapada who engrosses in the name Lord Vishnu and meditating Lord in Madhuvana at Mathura.

Noticeably, as per RadhaKrishan, an incarnation is the descent of God into a man and not Man into God.

Philosophically speaking, all human beings can be such descents and the avatar of God set out from the time of being a need, exclusively at the time of hazard milieu. 

The phenomenon of Avatar really touched the human being’s formation of such a thought of a form of God’s intervention so it is not a separate occurrence.

The real occurrence of incarnation is always transformed into a new incarnation an embodiment with the resettlement of every moment.

The power and creative force of incarnation, imparted a vital role of translation of the back time to further time.

“Whenever necessary, the Lord takes Avatar to save his devotees, which is a matter of emotion rather than wisdom.”

God loves deeply and emotionally to his earnest devotees to protect devotees god reveals himself on earth.

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Doctrine of Incarnation

The main psychology of Avatar is – the protection of a man who wants the shelter of the lord and wants to meditate lord yet the lord isn’t finite to demonstrate in ‘Avatara’.

There are three objects of God’s Avatar on the earth :

·        Emancipation the world from the outer source of hard and bad forces.


·        To show grace on your own devotees.


·        To promulgate virtues of any kind.

A story

According to the talk of the Vedas and Puranas, in the Dwapar era before the thousand years, when there was a lot of sin on the earth and the demons made life difficult for everyone, at that time, Mother Earth was very distraught and upset. Taking the form of a cow and went to Brahma Ji for his salvation.

After narrating the story of Prithvi Mata, Lord Brahma went to Vishnu Bhagwan with his mother who was resting in the Ksheer Sagar. To awaken them from sleep, Brahma Ji and all the gods started praising, so that Vishnu Bhagavan opened his eyes after waking from sleep.

Seeing the Dharati Mata, Lord Vishnu asked for the reason for their arrival, then the Dharati Mata said, God, I want my salvation, burdened with sins.

Hearing the call of Prithvi Mata, Lord Vishnu said, I will take birth as the eighth son from the womb of Vasudev's wife Devaki, Vishnu Ji also ordered all the gods that you all go to the land of Braj and enter the Gwal dynasty, take your forms of the human body, and wait for me.

After that, Shri Krishna Avatar as the eights son of Devaki and Vasudev on earth in the month of Bhadrapada in eighth of Krishna paksha in the dungeon.

This date is celebrated as the Birthday or Birthday of Lord Krishna.

By incarnating in this way, the Lord saved everyone from the atrocities of the demons of the earth and from the wrath of Kansha and made the earth free from sin by destroying evil.

Main reasons to take Avatar of Lord Krishna

 Sri Krishna Avatar is the most vital and important from the view of the emancipation of evil powers. The avatar of Lord Krishna has a deep core of people get transformed into everlasting objects of reverence, worship, and spiritual aspects.  

The main reason for the incarnation of Lord Krishna on earth is being discussed here,

1.  To kill Kansh

 God took the incarnation on earth to kill Kansh, Kansha was of a lot of evil and vicious nature, his injustice was spread all over the place and society in a complete way.

Many people were harassed without any reason, by forcibly capturing these people, Kansh used to ask himself to speak God, even the youngest children could not completely escape from its evil.

Evil was at its peak, the elderly, women, children were all afraid of it. For this reason, it was very important to incarnate Lord Krishna on earth.

Kansh used to always send a demon to Lord Krishna,  to save himself from childhood, because Kansh knew that his death was written in the hands of God, so he had been thinking bad for Lord since childhood.

And from time to time Kansh sent some monster to the Lord, but every time he was unsuccessful.


2. To eradicate discrimination

At that time there was a lot of discrimination in the society, which was not bear by God and took this form to save this world, which people today know as lord Krishna God.

The most important job of God was to tell people that everyone is equal in society, even a poor has the same right of respect as a higher total.

It is also, a reason to take this wandering society from darkness to light, where people are immersed in ignorance, to give light to these wandering people by knowledge, knowledge, and knowledge.

In this understanding, all the wandering people go towards the seeker, eliminate the darkness. These were the main reasons


3. To show the value of friendship in society

 The greatest example of this is the friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama, which can still be heard by the tongue of the people.

Bhagwan Krishna took every moment to support his friendship, at that time when the people of the society saw that God is giving so much respect to the poor, then the vision and thinking of the people changed and people were very impressed with him.

In this way, friendship gained an identity and people understood that friend does not become or deteriorate due to any rich or poverty, caste has no place in it.


4. To Spreading love among people

Spreading love in society, spreading love among people were also a reason. According to God, love is the most powerful in this world, from which anyone can be won.

In order to spread this love to the whole world, God loved Radha with absolute love and told people the true meaning of love.

 Love is the ocean of the mind, love is the compassion of the mind, love is the breath of this world, love has taken the whole world, love is the flow in which every human wants to be excused, love is the call of our heart without which to live not possible.

Love is just love, it is not a place of attachment, nor is it Maya, love is a word which is not under attachment, not Maya, there is a full sense, love as deep as the ocean, to feel it you have to go deep in the heart.

When a deity took incarnation on this earth, he did it with a very big purpose when the human race is troubled only to call upon the Lord, then the Lord too gets distraught and takes some measures for his salvation.

God considers this whole world like his children, as we are all his children and he is our father, God nurtures this world with the inner mind

And love all the living beings in this life very much.            

It is very difficult to overcome the sin of the world alone, the loneliness lives in every human being, no one is worried about this, due to this, there has become a distance between people in the society, in which no one wants to help anyone.

 It is a matter of the other, but today nobody wants to help their own people, because of this, every person is alone, he needs support.

If a person calls on the Lord with a sincere heart, then the Lord surely comes, and when the whole world is troubled by sin, then God incarnates on the earth, in which the whole world takes a shower in a new light, so that ignorance can be destroyed. Light spreads, every human loves each other

Everything changes completely with the influence of God, even the minds and minds of people change and take new forms.

In this way, the Avatar of Lord Krishna is a very important thing that destroys sin and brings peace and happiness in society, people go with a new attraction towards Lord Krishna, the incarnation of the Lord from time to time is necessary as if we breathe.

The incarnation and the appearance on earth is a sign of a new society developing and spreading, this is the beginning of a society where the name of the Lord is just in the whole world, from which a true heart develops in everyone.

When Lord Krishna comes to the earth at the time of incarnation, then the atmosphere of the whole world becomes something else, as a new time is coming, a new thing is coming, this feeling comes in everyone and everyone feels it. New happiness with a new joy.

This was also an important task that was not possible without Lord Krishan avatar.




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