Brahmanmuhurat : 3 am significance supreme God connection



Brahmanmuhurat :  3 am significance supreme god connection
Brahmmuhurat: 3 am significance supreme God connection

Do you often wake up between 3 am and 5 am and a higher power is trying to tell you something, it is the supreme power indication to connect with you.

Life starts with the wee hours, we must step out with nature and we must set our own time according to nature’s timing. To begin your day, it is more beneficial to you starting with the first chirping of birds.

It is said to be the ‘Amrit Bela’ as well.

Just meditate on the crown chakra that helps to receive and supply universal energy in us. With the supply of more and more energy, the amount of energy increases in our body that means you are able to get more energy in short sleep.

This indicates the high level of energy of our body will automatically be shown by the body.

The significance of 3 am and 5 am in Hinduism are depicted by many great people. Like Kabira says about morning hour “Kabira Makhan Kha gaya, chach piye sansar”. The essential thing that was eaten is butter, then Kabira has eaten, now the remaining thing that is left will eat the whole world, here the word ‘morning’ said to be Makkhan and the time after that is said to be buttermilk which is the remaining part.

First, it is the sign of spiritual power that attracts all energy from the universe. If you get up in the wee hours automatically, it could be an indication of universal power that wants to communicate with you.

Basically, this time famous for the spiritual power where the level of supreme power remains high till 5 am.

If we put it differently, the universe ponders our ability to be a part of supreme power.

If you get up continuously from 3 am to 5 am that means you need to pay more and more attention to the supreme power.  

It is the big indication from universal power to communicate with you, to connect with you for the reason of – make you understand the real motive of life or what is the main purpose of your birth on this earth?

The veritable talks about wee hours are perpetual action from ancient to till today that makes people power of men, the energy of men with the conscious mind.

Motivational Guru Robin Sharma’s book 5 am club coined that this hour of 5 am to 8 am is a very precious time where nobody can disturb us; it is beneficial by the starting of works at a punctual time.

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In a psychological manner, you put oneself as a strong guy in comparison to late arisen.  The most advantage of waking up in the morning is that you do not do your work according to the day; rather the day runs according to you. The perspective of emotional pattern, spiritual pattern, mental pattern, and physical pattern make him empower.

90 % of people the ones, who do exercise in the morning due to wake up early in the morning. 

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook and Disney CEO Robert Iger wakes up at 4:30 am. Laura Venercam writes in her book ‘what the most successful people: do before breakfast.

Successful people start their day by getting up early in the morning. The pattern of sleep controlled by the circadian pattern means our body works just like a clock, it alarms us to do our routine work like eating, sleeping. 

The body alerts us from time to time to evolve and to check out activities of the body. So it makes a habit that automatically alarms our body on a particular time of asleep and to wakes up us.

If you wake up at 3 am to 5 am it means someone is watching you connect with you and gives superpower to people to make him supreme strong.

The platform for Brahmmuhurat of 3 am to 5 am- the significance time for supreme god connection

Brahmmuhurat time can be the inner power of a human being if he gives value to that time he and can be the winner of any problem.

By dint of the morning hour, we find an excellent platform to encounter the negative power. It happens to meet us with spiritual powers, which anticipated meeting us. It only needs to connect with these powers.

Apart from this, it is vitally dependent on the practice only that great extent depends on the awakening people who aware of their own sleep on time.

Increased creativity, doubled energy, tripled productivity, can you imagine all these are the result of waking up in the morning of 3 am to 5 am.

By the way, our brain is very capable to do anything but our brain lack that it can do only one thing at a time. So our mind has limited power of energy and bandwidth of mind comes into limited phase only.

In a day we get busy in many of the activities, work, overthinking and gives the power of attention to most of the unwanted fields like social media, outdoor relations as many of the works drink our real energy, so the energy of the body gets down gradually, till the mid of the day and by evening, our entire energy is lost.

During the day, our energy gets scattered all around, but in the morning our whole energy remains confined to one place, due to which we can take more advantage of our minds.


Brahmanmuhurat :  3 am significance supreme god connection
Brahmmuhurat:3 am significance supreme God connection 

So, at this time we can grant more attention to the supreme god that wants to connect with us. 

The people must grab their own attention to focus on the indication from the universal power of the supreme god along with reverence. So, unquestionably, the wee hour is the golden opportunity to dominant the situation without any distraction.

With this in mind, when we start our own day in a peaceful way, then our prefrontal cortex just shuts down for some time that is basically responsible for the logical thoughts. 

In dint of that, the habit of over-thinking, stress, work decrements stops in the wee hour. The benefit of remission thinking about worldly things reaches to your mind to supreme god and the mind finds a flow state and works properly with full of energy, power, and enthusiasm to get bliss to the supreme god, the mind focused on one thing as well.

But still, some people don’t understand the real reason behind awakening in the early morning. So the question why do I wake up at 3 am for no reason?

This is just a sign of connecting with the power of the universe, and when you wake up in the morning without any the reason, which means that the power wants to tell you the purpose of your birth and wants to make you the work that is full of virtue.

Most of the problems that human beings are facing, it is only because we lost the awareness that how we should consonance with the universal power.


Why do I wake up between 3 am to 5 am?

It's been a century’s year since the importance of brahmmuhurat. This is a marvelous time to get connected to the supreme god. This is the time that has been specially designed for god, where god comes down on the earth in different forms and lives till brahmmururat.

The phase of our mind the calmest and serene in the morning time as we get the best time to come close to your heart with emerged and quite energy with soft expressions.

As per the Chinese theory of Qi energy, our body’s energy meridian is attached to the clock-like system that plays an important role to energize every part of our body at a particular time interval.

If the individual gets up in the wee hours every day it indicates that new energy needs to enter your body means meridians are blocked.


Is waking up at 3 am is healthy?

Undoubtedly, waking up at 3 am to 5 am is more healthy, but it is healthy only when you will take this opportunity with conscious motion and spend your time in meditation and prayed to god.

It is not healthy when you will spend your time on social media at 3 am, it depends on you, that which type of view you take this golden opportunity which finds you every day. Most people know and aware of this wee hour’s power of 3 am.

When we put in more time in prayer and meditation from 3 am to 5 am we would attain exceptional power to reveal anything you want.


What happens at 3 am at night?

It is a powerful hour for spiritual awakening. But to feel it you have to practice meditation and prayer to connect with spiritual power. At 3 am, it is the highest power of universal power that takes place on the earth. It is the best time to begin or to complete the goal of your life.

The regular practice of meditation might happen in spiritual awakening.


Why is praying at 3 am important?

The importance of praying from 3 am to 5 am direct effects on your reverence. It is the best time to direct personified of the divinity of God it is the time to pour your true devotion, sacrifices for God.

 At this time every particle of the universe involves only in the presence of divine power, the peace of the environment makes every tiny particle to big objects make its own aura to affect positively the mind of people including animals.

Environmental aura impacts the internal power that stops the demonic effect. So you can easily connect to divine power and your worship will take a solid result for you.

This time carry out your calm from the internal world, along with the complete loneliness. Prayer at this time would increase your spiritual life and you go close to a deep relation with god. The connection of god with you will increase from higher to higher.


The transformation from 3 am to 5 am the significance time for supreme god connection

The experience of transformation is the big sign to change in you, you should aware of your awakening and keep practicing for that and it can be sure to propel in this field. And if you are not sure what is happening within yourself, then those signs and symptoms will highlight you that you are under the spiritual awakening process.


SIGN Transformation from 3 am to 5 am the significance time for supreme god connection

1.     Physical sign – a sensation that will come in your body, sensitive to noise and light, shivering, tingling.


2.     Emotional sign – you will feel either an extreme level of emotions or low emotions.


3.     Energy sign – the level of energy puts you in a solidify attitude towards the supreme god.


4. Synchronicity – you can see a series of numbers, symbols, or some unique coincidences.


5.   Negative vibrations – you can feel at once the negative vibrations at any place, people, and area. But you can able quickly regain from these negative powers.


6.     Extraordinary power – you can feel yourself to change within you and your life, but you will not be able to explain clearly that before anybody.


7.     Power of loneliness – you will fall in love with an alone the atmosphere, prefer only live alone.


8.     Hate - hate from fake people or illegal things, places, and people. Superficial things are most hateful for you.


9.     The restlessness of mind – a deep groan to find the real questions of life from a great scholar, you would be yearning to help others and also animals. You try to accomplish your life purpose, birth purpose, and soul purpose. 


10.   Intuitive abilities – the power of intuition will increase by which you can find anything already of situation, coming problems, about people.


11.     Senses – Your senses become more conscious for hearing, eating, talking, thinking, and seeing.

12.      Vision – your vision will be clearer from worldly things and thinks.

13      Habits – you will find changes in your eating pattern. Definitely, you will aversion to meat and unnatural food or packed foods.


14.    Sleeping pattern – your sleeping pattern will be on punctual time. But sometimes you can feel a problem sleeping because some more powerful energy moves around you every time. But it not problematic even it is for your cautiousness only.


15. Sudden events – sometimes you will get tenser or sometimes you would feel entangled in the past memories, but it is only for removal of your inner world. For Cleansing of your mind.


16.   The vivid aspect of life – by these powerful indications supreme god you will get the more and more vivid meaning of your life, then your dreams also will take more meaning in life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The sign, symbol, indication to you is the love of god for you. Everyone wants to see this indication, but God gives it only a few people because these people are not special for god rather they are innocent from the inn, their heart is beautiful which only wants to own service to needy people and needy animals. It's all the worship of god an indirect manner.  

If you are in sync with life, then you will wake up automatically at three o'clock, a ray of liveness will awaken in you, you will be aware of yourself.









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