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Shri Krishna Bhagavad Gita | Sleep | daily life
Shri Krishna Bhagavad Gita sleep - daily life


Our daily sleep has been told very well in the Bhagavad Gita, today we will read about our daily sleep in this article, which has been told by the Bhagavad  Gita,

In verse 18 of Bhagavad Gita, it is written in verse 39 that when the raga increases a lot, then this raga takes the form of Tamo guna, which is called attachment, and because of this fascination, the man likes to sleep more, the more sleep one too much sleep is not good and deep sleep, because of not getting enough sleep, many sleepers and dreams also come.

Due to which a lot of time of people is wasted and human being gets happiness in this, this pleasure is said to be born of sleep.


 Raga means deep attachment to anything. Anything without which the mind does not feel and feel as if it is difficult to live without that thing, whose mind will be scared in the name of going away.

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Tandra means light sleep.

In the Bhagavad Gita, sleep is essential for our daily life, it has been divided into two parts, such a lesson related to our sleep has been given in the Gita, which makes every sleeping person inspire and awake.

There is so much power in these things, which you will feel good and energetic after studying.

On awakening a person from sleep, first of all, he remembers 'aham',   it is me, mean I have knowledge of this, after this, I am of this body, name, caste, varna, ashram, etc. - Such pride happens.

 These things of Bhagavad Gita have been threaded together so that we can rise above our lives, and get what we have got for this life,

Do not just end life in sleep. So in this way, we will know about sleep in two ways:



Waking and sleep on time is yuktnidra, there is a relaxation in this kind of sleep, due to which rest people get health, spontaneity, cleanness, freshness in body, mind, intelligence, and conscience.

With the coming of freshness, there is strength in performing bhajans and in doing worldly work and there is an enthusiasm, you will find yourself very active and every work can be done very well and very diligently.

This sleep gives us comfort and makes us completely fresh, due to which we do any work with zeal. This thing is definitely included in the sleep of our daily life, because we go into a state of sleep every day.

This sleep gives us and our body rest, so this sleep is neither guilty nor bad for us.

Rather, this sleep is important for everyone. Even Lord Krishna has said that this sleep is necessary.

This sleep is necessary only for freshness

Any man whose work or any option is not worldly and sleeps very quickly,

This is due to this, which is told in the Bhagavad Gita of Lord Krishna that if we have a worldly vision with passion, then we become completely tied to that thing and all the time the same things keep going on in our mind.

When we sleep, these things keep circulating in our mind, due to which we do not sleep fast.

Raagpurvak sansarik sakalp

The worldly promise is called it when we are too much tied to anything, whether it is a human being or something.

And we are very much attached to the thing which takes the form of a raga, then to get it, human beings binds himself to something or some promise which is called Sankalp. And this is worldly, it became worldly.

So for this reason, if a man is not bound in any attachment, he will fall asleep quickly, because his mind is not bound in any attachment due to which everything that goes around his mind, because of which sleep does not occur.

And those who are more helpful do not sleep fast; it is clear from this point that the relation of the world does not allow the pleasure of sleep properly.

The whole things that we do every day in our life and which are also very important for everyone, have been told very well in the Bhagavad Gita.

 Why does sleep so important in daily life according to Shri Krishna Bhagavad Gita?

The constant thing in the sleep propels the seeker or any human being in doing his work and in doing worldly work.

Those who are seekers are encouraged to complete their sleep properly, those who are students are encouraged to study, those who are doctors are empowered to do their work and everyone gets strength by taking proper sleep.

Therefore this sleep is necessary, it is told in the Bhagavad Gita that sleep is of tamasic quality, every person cannot work without falling into a state of unconsciousness, meaning when we sleep in very deep sleep it would be a state of unconsciousness. Is and the seekers who have risen high by doing meditation, they can relax even while awake, without going to sleep.

Its main reason is that the seeker separates him from the things and attachment of this world and fixes all the attention in the divine, due to which the seeker gets great happiness and relaxation without taking sleep.

And when the seeker separates him from this phase too, then he gets the real substance.

Those who are mediators should not sleep, they should just be absorbed in the Lord's devotion at all times and should sing the Bhajan of the Lord.


Insomnia (atinidra)

Sleeping too much is very sleepy, even when a man goes to sleep in sleep, he is full of laziness, and when he wakes up sleeping he is still lazy. There is a heaviness in the body; it becomes a habit to always take more sleep than to sleep more, due to which the people get to sleep in everything.

In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that sleep is not a binding factor, but sleeplessness is a binding factor even if necessary.

If people gets more sleep than he takes birth in a yoni like a tree.

The pleasure found by sleep, laziness and ecstasy are about to subdue itself.

The happiness found in this way is without conscience, in which neither prudence nor prudence is in the end, in which we can get the result of that work, that work is prudent.

Man's conscience is not awake in the state of sleeplessness.

Animals, birds, kits, and moths do not have discretion in all of them, due to which they do not think well of themselves. From birth to death there is no power to awaken their conscience.

In this way, due to the happiness due to Bhagavad Gita, the people cannot think what happiness can be caused to us by sleep, what will be benefited from it or what will be lost from it, all these things are more mindful of the sleeping person.

These types of people do not come to know the real shortcomings of insomnia and he continues to work and destroy his life without any goal.

But he does not see anything and he seeks his happiness in this and if someone makes understands them for this, then that person is very stupid in their eyes.

But they do not know that the biggest idiot is doing the sleeping person, who is destroying his precious life like this.

In the Bhagavad Gita, daily sleep has been told that we should keep it balanced. By the way, we should sleep by making a routine, so that we will not be able to sleep more or less,

It is clearly written in Bhagavad Gita that the sleep also comes from bad behavior, such as worry, fear, holding wrong about life, thinking about others wrongly, or being involved in some big wrong work.

You can read all these details in the Bhagavad Gita, by reading it you can get information and take blessings of the Lord's feet.


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