Anger control method- Bhagavad Gita


 Best Anger Control Method By Bhagavad Gita


Anger is the behavior, shows a real picture of strong emotions. You, I, and everyone come under the control of angriness sometimes.

This behavior forces us to do something wrong only.

You must also have been under the control of anger in some circumstances. No big reason is needed to get angry if you make a habit.

Anger control method Bhagavad Gita
                                                     Anger control method - Bhagavad Gita

Angriness is the feelings of human beings, which differentiate by severe emotions. This behavior describes in Bhagavad Gita.

Because when we get angry, our mind is not able to do proper work. Mind astray to take wrong decisions or wrong behavior. 

Angry behavior neither understands the age attiquate nor intellectuality.

I have searched many of the things related to anger and I write something like new about angriness. It will give you good and proper results to control angriness.

So read this post that is full of my personal experiences with full of knowledge by Bhagavad Gita.

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Some factors about to get Angry 

Anger comes only to those who are very critical. There is a lot of attraction in them towards wealth and luxurious life. The people automatically get angry when he doesn’t fulfill his own aspirations. There are some fundamental reasons behind

Anger which is as follows:

 Forcefully doing work

·        Insecurities

·        Not fulfill of aspirations

·        Work is not done according to us

·        Any matter that is not according to us even it is wrong or right.

·        If anyone does insult us.

·        If anyone follows illegal rules and regulations.

·        If anyone doing mock you.

·        If anyone blames you.


Some facts about angriness by Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 2 verse 56 says that if we leave attachment to something, our anger may decrease. The one who is stable in both conditions of happy moments and sad moments.


Why it is said, attachment is big the big reason for angriness?

Because, if we attach too much from something or someone, we don’t want to be apart. And if someone tries to banish you from the object or people, that is most likely to you, then definitely you will get angry. So it is said in Bhagavad Gita we should not too much like or dislike something to someone.

And also if the people are kind-hearted and if the heart of these people filled with feelings to give happiness, welfare, and give service to everyone is also gets free from attachment.

Chapter 2 verse 62-63 says that aspiration is also a big reason to provoke angriness. There are two things in this world, one is God, and the other is the world.

If the individual leaves the hand of the lord he attracts towards this material world. Because there is nothing to think about except the world.

So the attraction towards this world makes most lucrative, addictive, and desired.   With these bound qualities of men provoke to live under these restrained behaviors.

In this way, people continuously come under these materialistic things and it is not possible to come out of this.

With the happiness of these material world men’s interest and love creates for these things.

Through affection and love from these materialistic things people always think about only luxurious life.

The important thing is that men whether use these luxurious objects or not, the kind of attachment is being produced - that is the law.

By producing attachment with these objects, we strive to get a luxurious life, which produces aspiration, that I wish to get all that.

That is the point that should be noted – if any hurdle comes in the path to achieve all that, we get angry too much either on circumstances or on people.

Aspiration is the type of thing in which any obstacle makes us angry. So if our wish not fulfilled more likely to get angry.

Chapter 5 verse of 26 says that the great and scholar men who are devoid of wrath is real anger free men. Who always indulged only in Lord Krishana.

Chapter 16 verse 21 says that the materialistic things of this world’s attraction drag us towards hell world. So the nature of angriness, desire, greediness, fascination is a big enemy for us.

In chapter 3 verse of 36, Arjun asks a question from Lord Krishana that why people follow every action of misdeed works even he doesn’t want to do that?

The answer from Lord Krishna is – it's only by angriness and desire. Both are big enemies for human beings.


 Loss of power of prudence thinking

At the point when we lose our temper, we lose our thinking as well and when we lose our thinking, we behave like wild men. We as a whole have gained from our tragic experience that when our temper lost, we never do a thing that we will be pleased with and feel always bad for misbehaving.

In this way, we think that next time we will not do such behavior with others, but when such a face comes, we again adopt the same angry behavior for others. In this way, it happens again and again, and we do not improve ourselves.

And we lost most of the reasoning of our mind.


How anger affect Sanity of people

To a large extent, anger breaks us; anger prevents us from doing what is really necessary and right for us.

Anger shakes the wire of our brain, causing the nerves of our brain to explode and the head starts to be very heavy.

Sometimes this head also hurts a lot due to which our intellect cannot think anything.

The trivial phase of anger gets very normal but it can be high at any time that is very harmful to the mind and destroys our discriminating power.

Anger and its effect on the brain and body

Anger most extent comes during the time when things don’t go on according to us or when we do some unwanted thing when we are being faced with any unwanted condition or when we don’t find such things that we want, it is very well known by us.


Factors that make us the full voltage of angry:

·        Past bad memories

·        Expected action in an unexpected manner

·        The inability to solve problems

·        When what we don’t do wishful things


What is the tragic effect of anger on our bodies?

Undoubtedly, anger phenomenally prone to bewilder mind that gets everything blurs to our sight.

You may know the reality of anger that destroys everything in everyone. Deluded and confused mind search every time a clear path but it is not able to search the correct situation.

By dint of bad impact of anger, every human being has to fulfill the compensation form of anger.

It consents to everyone the tragic effect of anger the example of this can be shown in our primitive sculpture. Many of the demos get to destroy their own existence only because of anger.

To control anger, first, bid to find any calm and alone place where you can feel relief and relax.

·        Here, sit for a moment with a concentrated mind.

·        Speak loud to your mind to fill yourself with the positive signs of thoughts.

·        Just focus on your skills and will.


Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 62 and 63, when the one attached to the object most or every time lost in to find objects the desire is that rises anger by which delusion comes, delusion loss down the memory of the destruction of discrimination from the destruction of discrimination man parishes.


Anger cannot be analyzed better.

Loss of reasoning – when we lose our calm nature, we lose our cognize mind too and when we lose our cognized mind we become animals.

Longings for possession – the dispel of all outer attachment of materialistic things, obstruction of desires gives birth to a wave of righteous anger.

Psychological blindness – anger envelops our delusion and the mind goes to psychological blindness that is formed through all the reasoning faculties. It overclouded the mind and makes it grope aimlessly. In a normal state, one knows what he ought to do.


Normal consciousness

The broad day highlighting of the reason is present to guide the man of normal consciousness. But as soon as the light of anger extinguishes that light, the angry person is left in the darkness without confusion and does not remember what he is about to do. Thus it is said that loss of memory causes confusion.

Hypnotic influence of delusion

 A man loses the power of memory and wanders into the inner self and people, which makes people only confused and lost memory.

The memory of normal feelings

 The everyday feelings of chores and good sentiments get down at every angry moment and fades everything's impact on the mind.

 Under continued darkness, the angry man’s memory of himself and his good qualities become chronically bewildered and forgotten everything.


Reasonable thoughts

Reasonable thoughts vanish completely in angry men and no means of expression. The reasonable words have no effects because they are directed not to the real man but to the angry self, who from confused memory has lost the consciousness of his true self.

Confused memory is completely incompatible for irrational reasons.

The spiritual path

 The engrossing of spiritual path progressed far in the anger man life may find come to a sudden sense with great consciousness.

The discriminating and sense of controlling oneself applied towards the rigid spiritual path and deeper mediation will improve and inspire for upgrading the action of amending moment.

But allowing the mind to focus harmlessly on that attraction or feed it in any way, invites assured results.


Inner calmness

The one, who proper in self- control, roaming among material objects with subjugated sense and devoid of attraction and repulsion attains an unshakable inner calmness. Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 64.

What is the action that should apply to angry moments?

First, close your eyes and concentrated your sight on one point or foot of lord, just close your eyes for 10 minutes only, it will make you feel your real calmness.

And visualize that your mind gets to calm down slowly –slowly. Just mold your mind towards progressive thoughts at every midpoint of angriness.

Moreover, mental pressure is a fleeting way that exists only for some time; it depends on controlling the power of one.

The anger behavior is very tough to vanish it but with meditative way and proper action of thinking can be bailout daunting and anger thoughts.

Perpetual action controlling method is a really very effective method that will surely remove out every entangled mind.

·        A clear vision of oneself makes real value.

·        No involvement in trivia of any misdeed work.

·        Don’t expect over fruition.

·        Dexterous mind.

·        Follow veritable thoughts, but today it is true that if we do something right, still the situation deteriorates, at this moment you can shut your mouth till the over-limit situation not created.

·        One-pointedness focus.

·        To find real bliss,

·        Travel some natural and calm places.

·        Talk to others, makes you more relax from the inside.

·        Just try to recognize your inner self. Inner self is the one that can transform you and your life completely.

·        Try to know the prime reason for angriness, it will insist you go depth angle of anger behavior that makes you away from any unfavorable conditions.

In this way, we can control our anger and keep our mind cool. Keeping the mind cool is the best way to make the mind sharp and stable, so we must adapt it so that we can do our work in a concentrated manner.

Staying calm and ignoring unnecessary things is to take yourself on the path of progress. Where the name of anger doesn’t exist.

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