Lord Krishna’s convincing method Arjuna -Bhagavad Gita


How Lord Krishna convince Arjun to fight in the battle of Kurukshetra?

In order to convince Arjun for the war Lord Krishna put many such things in front of Arjun, who did not understand Arjuna at first, but after Arjun got a deep understanding of that thing, Arjun himself got ready for war.

Arjun wants to find a solution to his problem, so he accepts Sri Krishna as his preceptor, although he still has some resistance.

Arjun is an incarnation of the real seeker (sadhak) and Lord Krishna a supreme teacher, perfect yogi was always aware of Arjuna’s panic mind.

Lord Krishna is the best teacher of Arjun who always tries to push Arjun to realize and manifest himself.

Lord Krishna makes Arjun aware of every esoteric knowledge and makes introduces it to that strength.

Lord Krishna treat Arjun like a child treat him with very close to the heart of Arjuna’s despondency and hearken consciously to Arjun.

Started with a dignified smile to bring and show a path to Arjun.

Lord Krishna feels confident to comprehend the real knowledge about the battle that it all only a temporary phase.

The convincing method of Lord Krishna for battle in Bhagavad Gita was really unparalleled that makes every human to realize oneself.

Well, Lord Krishna knows every strength of Arjun and knows the ability to regain ownself so very soon after giving subsidiary advice to me and taking this advice by Arjun to tackle puzzling emotionality.

By which Arjun will make oneself deserve to understand the depth of the state of the Lord and can make balanced actions.

That’s why Lord Krishna has a confident smile to overcome the battle situation and can bring Arjun out of his wilderness and take him for a self-interview.

emptiness trust Lord Krishna read Bhagavad Gita

reason of Krishna Avatar

 Lord Krishna reacting to the real picture of Arjun’s state, a close, great and real friend. Directed and aware of Arjun for doing their responsibilities in the battle of Kurukshetra.

Interpret the Lord to Arjun that he has completely lost and gone out from the real identity from your personality, and lost only into the false identification.  A sparking expression from Lord to Arjun “you are the man of valor, you are great warriors should not flee from battle and should not behave in a cowardly manner.

From the remembrance of the heritage of Arjun, Lord says – just remember the greatness of your noble Aryan heritage, so your duties become so vital to perform and perform it with gallantry.

Description of the heritage of Arjun by Lord in the elegant emotions to convince him for battle.

Lord Krishna's convincing method to Arjun gives a loving and confident smile on Lord Krishna's face, knew already about Arjun and about Battle.

Your heritage name is Aryan Heritage. Aryan meaning in Sanskrit is fully civilized. The Aryans are the ones who situated the most ancient culture that was for the individual community, that was full of discretion, prudence, intellectuality and more importantly, realize and aware of the conscience and transcendental paths.

O son of Kunti, Arjun, the Language of your heritage Aryans was Sanskrit and their cyclopean lecture are abyssal and picturesque.

Lord Krishna’s convincing method
Lord Krishna's convincing method Arjun-Bhagavad Gita

In this way, the lord recollected the spanking past of his ancestors and gave a big lecture to make him realize that you are Kshatriya and timidity is not your duty besides if you find the battle work automatically, you should comply with it.

Shri Krishna makes Arjun mindful of the mental fortitude that is inside him and urges him to follow up based on that fearlessness.

 Chapter 4 – 7 and 8, God has said that when there is loss of religion on this earth, then I take incarnation.

All this work is possible only by a seeker, who should maintain himself in every situation and take it in piety.




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