Overcome depression anxiety stress – Bhagavad Gita



What does the Bhagavad Gita say about to relieve stress?

Overcome depression anxiety stress – Bhagavad Gita
overcome depression anxiety, stress-Bhagavad Gita 


To overcome depression, anxiety, and stress with the help of Bhagavad Gita we must start it with the spiritual power questions like who am I, what is the reason for my birth.

Depression obediently adheres to the floral path of achievement and good luck.

 Splendidly, every mind comprehends this outstanding paradigm to change the tough path of depression into the comfort path of motivation.

We all expected to achieve something big in life but it starts with several ups and downs. We will discuss here from the perspective of the Bhagavad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita's first chapter is full of the depiction of the dark state of mind and conscious of Arjun; so the first chapter is known as the ‘yoga of dejection’.

A glimpse of Anxiety and stress upon Arjun

Chapter 1 of verse 29 implicit about the stress and anxiety of Arjun in the form of shivering of limbs, mouth dry and shivering of the whole body with the Goosebumps effect.

All the allies with bewildering of mind and senses, skin burning, not proper standing, and burning of skin make unbalance Arjun that’s why the Gandivam is falling from my hand.

Negative thoughts, chapter 1 verse 32 of Bhagavad Gita state about Arjun, he didn't want to victory, he didn’t want kingdom, joy, luxury.

Stress condition of Arjun

Chapter 2 verses 21-22, Arjuna had great valor at the beginning of the war. After that, due to the attachment of his relatives who did not want to fight, the Lord preached them and shooed away their attachment.

Method to relief from the depressed condition by Bhagavad Gita

It is clear from the above said that whatever situation we are in, we should use it properly and work with sincerity and get the divine. God lives in every situation.

Bhagavad Gita relevance life essence

Bhagavad Gita meaning real knowledge

Bhagavad Gita solution to overcome laziness


The fear of losing racial attachment

Stress condition of Arjun

Chapter 1 verse 27, Arjun also feared the destruction of his clan and race including those people from whom Arjun had educated in childhood and with whom is birth relation.

Arjun thought that if the people here died or the people from there, the total would be our destruction of the race. Because of this, they were very disturbed and did not want to go to war.

With this sentiment, now the desire to kill Duryodhana has also ended which humiliated Arjun and gave him many sorrows. Not killing them is cowardice.


Method to relief from the depressed condition by Bhagavad Gita

Prabhu tells Arjun to get out of this depression, that you should not be cowardly in this way and you should not breach your mother,

 Lord Krishna says that if you consider not fighting is your religion, it is impotence leaves this impotency, you are valorous, the son of Mother Kunti.

You yourself are very powerful, you are about to run away your enemies. This will weaken your heart and close the door of liberation.

This is a very trivial thing; it is not a big deal for you to sacrifice it.

God says that what you are thinking that I do not want to commit war-like sins and I am a religious man is your weakness; it is the fear of your mind.

Do not run away behind the fear, anxiety, stress, and depression it like this, abandon it and get ready for war.

Arjun is worried about the future outcome of the war

This worry is affecting Arjun's entire body. Arjun says that every part of the body is getting relaxed and the face is getting dry due to which I cannot even speak.

My depressed and stressed mind is confusing, my body is trembling, my goosebumps are standing, the enemy who gets nervous as soon as on took the Gandiv, today the same Gandiv is falling from my hand.

My body is burning, my mind is getting confused, because of this I should do, I do not even understand

I am not able to stand on the battlefield properly, it seems that I will faint; to stand in such a war is like a sin for me.


Method to relief from the depressed condition by Bhagavad Gita

Cowardice and anxiety has also come in your mind, but the feelings that arise in a sensible man are only for his welfare, but the cowardice which has entered you is not for your welfare.

Lord says to Arjun, this is your thinking towards for fight; it is not making you strong.

According to the situation, human being should do their duty obtained according to his circumstances with enthusiasm for his welfare.

Like a coward like you should not run away from his goal. Therefore it is not right for you to run away from war.


 Overcome depression anxiety stress – Bhagavad Gita

I think you too might be striving to come out from stress and depression but it seems very difficult to cover it. If we keenly observe our state of mind, we would find the basic problem of the starting of depression with the solution to over out from the problem as well.

Unproductive thoughts can get us composed in a deep depression. It is guaranteed to come back to your own state of mental balance and progressive thinking.

When we abide in any depressive, anxiety, and stress matter, we live only with disturbed minds. Yeah, I agree it is very difficult to face but do you feel that it is a success ladder to step out one by one movement towards success if we take this in a positive way.

All dark allies despondence, distress, dejection, stress, anxiety, and despair all that are true friends. Might be you get angry upon me. But, think if you live only in joy, happiness, or in a relaxed mode the men make oneself a little better to find success?

But a struggling people have more potential to fight all these allies, because the shortcomings and taunt of others get make him strong to follow the only a great path. And then we do get filled with a revenge angriness, that forces us to do something unique in the own world.

We have most of the time depression, profoundly, and think about overcoming depression methods. Depression shows the soul’s need, to be with Lord Krishna.

Ultimately, the worldly things are of binding us by which we cannot satisfy. To learn the vast lesson of depression in our own way Lord Krishna gave us a prominent quality of cover-up all tiny defects in us at the outer of the external pattern.

The devotee of Lord Krishna faced despondency and fight against unjust works – Arjun he wants to go from their duty as a warrior and get into the depth of the depression, likewise, we don’t want to be involved in our real duties and neglects all the basic responsibilities, that direct us towards depression and anxiety.

Arjun tells Krishna – I am not able to find any solution to do away from grief, which is pushing me into only depression and stress.

Noticeably, nothing is the material solution in this world that can bring me peace or calm. After saying this he has gone into the shelter of Lord Krishna.

To give Arjuna great help for depression and spiritual consciousness, Krishna then speaks of the unfathomable knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita, this ritualistic dialogue with Krishna fills Arjuna with his severe soreness and he acts, as instructed by God, allows for.


To overcome depression with Bhagavad Gita Spirituality

To overcome depression and stress with spirituality develops cognizance and the god gives this spiritual to the devotee that close to spirit; Arjun to recover and restore his own situation with the source of satisfaction needs to involve in the meditation of Lord Krishna.

The Supreme Lord, Shri Krishna exists with us forever. The lord too gets disappointed when we are suffered, then lord stretched out his own hand to help and to remove the tears in eyes with the best counsel and drawn up to us from the anxiety and stress state of a human being.

And the supreme lord edifies us towards bona fide gurus who will train us to fight the temporal things of the world.

The temporary things are not real assistance to us and the world is completely out of the faculties of mind and soul. These all are not real objects.

“Shrimad Bhagavatam stated, we can’t realize the real pleasure in the material world unless we are stick to the Lord with blind faith to be pure devotees.”

An imbecile man may be real devotees because he is able to ignore reality and stick it out in belief of never will end everything and me, without the permission of God from Bhagavad Gita.

A pure devotee aware of their spiritual qualities is no longer trapped in the temporary world and body. Pure devotees every bit of breath move in and moves out with the name of Lord Krishna in his inner world.

Depression starts regardless of the Lord Krishna’s name but ends with the Lord’s meditation. But still, some of the people feel depressed because of the mind and heart, moves with the material body.

 How depression can be useful for us?

By the way, we can also take depression in a good way, if we crazy for the reason for the power questions like what is the reason behind my depression and stress. This is a marvelous way to get out of the depression and go towards the Lord.

Spiritual yoga is the eventual medication for every type of depression. Spiritual yoga prevents us from the quagmire of depression. 


Substantial consciousness –vibrate the word of Hare Krishna with our deepest heart, it may be tough on starting but as we are blossomy in our spiritual consciousness, the nature of God becomes a relief.

Ask yourself power questions like, why does this happen to me instead, ask yourself what to do so that I can become good at studying again, such a lot of questions will come in your mind, not asking them in a depressive way. Ask it all in an inspiring way, you will get very good answers and a clear path will also be seen.

You have to keep yourself under your control or else you will hope too much from someone else, the same sadness will be for you, which will the stress you and you can also go into depression if you are deeply involved with that matter.

Bhagavad Gita has shown us the way to overcome depression, anxiety, and stress, now we have to walk on that path.

First of all, you have to start by doing self-control because you have the greatest friend and no one can understand you better than you. Many such things will be going on inside you, which makes you sadder, only you can know all these things.

So, know these things and become your own doctor, show yourself the way.










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