Knowing Equanimity verses - Bhagavad Gita


Equanimity is the form of God 

Knowing Equanimity verses - Bhagavad Gita
Knowing Equanimity verses-Bhagavad Gita  


Equanimity is the real form of God, whose mind gets settled in equanimity, they conquer the world and experience the divine God.

To enhance equanimity in the adversary circumstances are the dare to balance themselves with delightful feelings of happiness with eternal power.  

The state of equipoise in every condition of duality is the equanimity and the seeker who is equal in every circumstance is on the higher level of equanimity.

The power of equanimity liberates us from the degree of dualities like sad-happy, my-your, like-dislike. This way enables us to provide selfless service.

 It needs to practice for advance in equanimity, first, we have to try this in a rough way every day, after some time and it will be transformed into true spirituality with equanimity.

“The one who is engrossed in equanimity is most dear to God.”

But the one thing to be noted here that, all these above practices must in a pure and a constant manner.

Chapter 2verse 54 Arjun asked many questions to Lord Krishna about stable wisdom. Like how the person behaves remains in steady insight (Samadhi)?

How do the stable wisdom people speak?

How does he walk, talk, and how he does his own duty?

It is not the meaning that if we access equanimity shows the definite path to attain godhood, but it will push you to obtain the state of tranquility gives you an excessive amount of peace in your mind.

In this verse, the meaning of sthita-prajna and equanimity has the same sense of meaning. Actually, this is the element that is more beneficial for modern life.

“Sthit-prajna quantified the amount of peace that is incredibly emphasized on the specific need of equanimity with full of exhilaration.”

 But this life is being puzzled our mind distracts from the real aim that indicates us to walk full of transcendent mind.

This emerging era gives us many of the helpful technology but not able to give mental peace. 

All question of Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra carries great questions with answers of golden words.

Related to the question of equanimity are how can one know that he attains an equable state of perfection?

How does he comply with his duties?

It shows the curiosity of Arjun who wants to know particular signs and indications that one has the state of equanimity.

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Symptoms of state of equanimity

1.     He is full of tranquil mind – their mind remains in the blast of peace and calmness.

2.     The one who is full of equanimity lives in a calm, he always searches for an alone and peaceful area where they can spend time with only oneself.

3.     Their posture will still in one motion. 

4.     He does and stands full of confidence without incertitude circumstances.

5.     His way of communication stands on the clarity with the true mind in a very vivid way.

He remains cheerful, ecstatic, overjoyed, elated, delighted, and deprived of somber, melancholy, dismal, unattached, undisturbed mind in all circumstances.


There are two types of equanimity

·       Sadhanrup samata

·       Sadhyarup samata


Instrumental form of Equanimity Sadhanrup Equanimity

Equanimity is the of the conscience in which nature the mind should come out with equanimity like living in both good and evil,

The equanimity is in the form of God, instrumental equanimity, when a human being stays steady in achievement-harassment, accomplishment-accomplishment, praise-evil, favorable-unfavorable, or their consciousness completely devoid of love-hate behavior.

If we say in the open words, then the world inside us remains not as we want to have this but we must balance this in unfavorable conditions so it will be able to equilibrium in both conditions of good and bad.

This thing is fully depicted in the Bhagavad Gita, which teaches us that every situation and situation is a game of karma, which we should handle our circumstances.

This is the situation where our karma is cut. The lord also tests us a lot to know how strong we are and how to handle any adverse situation.

It must be devoid of fascination-malice that directs the vision of men to draw only one direction of equipoise.

Master form of Equanimity - Sadhyarup equanimity

The equanimity that we obtain automatically proven equilibrium by instrumental equanimity is a master form of equanimity (sadhyarup equanimity).

In broad terms, in every situation, the way we handle ourselves or the way we balance ourselves or whatever is the form of our behavior to face all this, the same behavior is our way of treating ourselves to find equanimity. It comes into us.

The four things are generated by the equanimity are:

·        Worldly people

·        The seekers

·        Instrumental equanimity (sadhanrup samata)

·        Master equanimity (sadhyerup samata)

The impact and power of determination by equanimity

I want abide only in equanimity, I want achieve the only equanimity, I don’t care for anything, I want only and only equanimity power whether it is very tough or not, I will try till I alive – this type of determination pushes us towards God and do engross only in God, that type of mind is the master form of mind.

 A very beneficial thing is that, this type of seeker, when he faces practical life remains calm and equilibrium in favorable-unfavorable conditions. 

In this way, he goes up from worldly attachment by instrumental equanimity and we attain ultimate power with automatically proven equanimity.

Measures to attain equanimity

“This equanimity can be attained when we consider other people's problems to be own and the happiness of other people to be own.”

Chapter 5 verse 18 of  Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that the one who sees me everywhere as own body with the vision of equanimity and who is neither pleasure by delightful moments nor dejected by opposing moments, his wisdom is in great stage equanimity, this seeker is supremely eminent.

For example.  Just like when an injury occurs in your body, you are engrossed to overcome it, similarly when there will be a yearning to relieve someone's pain, then you know that you are in parity.

As long as you wish for your happiness, then parity cannot come, no matter how much you try. But when you are sad to see someone unhappy and try to do everything possible to overcome his grief,

Like, think of how to bring happiness to others, how to comfort them, how to be well-being, then automatically the equipoise can come in your mind.

When we do not have any relationship to help and when we want to help someone, we will carry out the pleasure of joy because on this we help with even mindedness, and do karma equitably, it is very good to have karma with equanimity, due to which we do not get the feeling of ego, with we also aware of having to help him more and help him less.


The teachings of Equanimity

Equanimity is the power of our inner consciousness that makes us strong from within, which cannot be learned from anyone but rather it is learned by oneself.

Equality teaches us many things by which we make it strong and self-confident which is elaborated described here:

·        By achieving this way, we can manage ourselves in this crowded and confusing world and live a peaceful life.

·       Equality makes us fit for our lives and to achieve that ultimate power.

·        Equanimity teaches us to live in peace in this world. 

·        Parity teaches us to stabilize our minds.

·        We see ways to connect with ourselves.

·        Parity introduces itself to us.

·        We feel the real form of God that everyone wants to feel but no one can feel.

     Equality makes us able to introduce us to see our true form.

·        Equality gives us the power to handle and cope with all the confusion of this life.

·        Parity gives us inner happiness.

·        It fills us with confidence that looks simple all over, but this is what makes a person work very strong inside

·        Equality teaches us to handle in every situation whether it is good or bad.

Including these simple things of equanimity if we believe strongly, then we will not have any problem in facing any bad thing because we have come to know and understand every situation and have also learned to handle these bad situations. Parity is a must for a person. 

This is also said very well in the Bhagavad Gita. The parity in the form of god that has been described very beautifully in Bhagavad Gita, which is the path to be attained by God, many of its qualities are mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita,

Just as we are said to meditate and there is a lot of emphasis on meditation that we must meditate similarly equanimity is also the vital part of our life that is said by Lord Krishan to do in our life.

So in this way, we can reach parity and know everything inside us, and subdue our senses and rise above this world.

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