Connection Method Lord Krishna's Blessings


How do we can connect oneself to Lord Krishna?

When we connect to Lord Krishna it gives us over happiness or over excitement, either of both when gets increase then we get soon connect to Lord Krishna.

We obtain everything still we feel nullified in our life, to complete this devoid we do some more works, but still, we aren’t able to fulfill this devoid.

So unless we are not able to connect oneself Lord Krishna we cannot fulfill our own emptiness.

We still keep on feeling devoid or emptiness. We are not able to know that what we want in this life or the thing which we can feel satisfaction after getting this thing.

In addition to this, then we want to need to connect with Lord Krishna. 

The grace of God helps us to connect and introduce ourselves with our own inner-self, we can get understand what we want really in this life.

Our whole life spends only on worldly things but we don’t recognize what we want, how I am, why I find this life.

To recognize oneself is like to understand the real philosophy of life.

But it is not easy to understand this.

After researching some theories and Bhagavad Gita, this article is presented in front of you. Please do comment on reading this article. This gives me the perfect power to connect with you.

Connection Method Lord Krishna Blessings
Connection method Lord Krishna blessings

1. The first thinking of seekers at starting a connection to Lord Krishna:

To connect with Lord Krishna in Chapter 2 has been said that when seekers try to turn themselves towards God, then at first, the seeker is mindful of worldly behavior thinks that first, we have to get away from this worldly life and change my worldly behavior if I have to go towards God, and then I have to bring this change in myself. Then a seeker once also thinks whether I should go towards God or not.

Then it comes in the mind of a good and true seeker that I only have to serve the world and do not have any hope from the world that I do not want anything in return for service. I will serve selflessly and do not expect to get anything in return.

Before making such a decision and thinking, the seeker starts connecting with the Lord and then starts getting above the seeker's enjoyment, he starts feeling disinterested.

After having such thinking, when the seeker moves towards the divine, then there are different kinds of classical differences or difficulties regarding the practical and the practice of yoga.

In the beginning, the seeker is not aware of anything, so what should he accept, how should he practice, or how should he get the means, or what method of practice should he go on. It becomes difficult to understand and make decisions.

Then he starts having problems connecting with Lord Krishna.

 When a seeker, through his thought, actions, and Satang devotes his devotion to faith, what he needs, what he needs to do, how much he is capable of reaching God, how much his thinking is to know God, 

how much he has patience, if he knows all this, then his intelligence gets steady by god’s grace by which he connects easily to the process of meditating on Lord Krishan.

Or in the event of not being able to decide, the seeker calls upon God, even then he has his wisdom steady in God by the grace of Lord Krishna.

universal message chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagavad Gita

chapter 7 verse 4,5 Bhagavad Gita

practical application Bhagavad Gita daily life

everyday reading Bhagavad Gita benefits importance

2.   Thinking of unity in behavior and ideas :

There should be one belief in every thought, like this world, is not for me, I have to leave it one day, whether this world is a good of me or evil, and whatever the nature of God is, it has to be achieved, and all of them come in one thought.

So if we adopt some such thoughts then it becomes easy to connect with Lord Krishna. It is unanimous. By making such a decision, the wisdom of the seeker is steady.


3.   Desire to find and attain God with perseverance :

We only want to achieve God, with such determination, wisdom becomes immovable. Then the seeker attains eternal yoga in depth with Lord Krishna.

In the determination of your welfare through the Lord, you will delay or if think less to connect god, then it will take more time to connect with Lord Krishna.

When we become attached to ourselves and when we start seeking our own welfare through God, when both of our intellects become fixed and immovable, then we experience eternal yoga with God.


4.   To connect god we should have an immovable mind

An immovable intellect is very helpful in connecting with Lord Krishna, because with this we are able to concentrate only on one point is God. If we are successful in focusing our mind on one point then it is a big success for us and it becomes very easy to connect with God.

5.    Connecting with God through yoga

We all know very well that we have been constantly connected from the Lord, whether we believe it or not, it can neither be finished nor can it be known in any other way.

“To be in that position (the connection of god), which is always the real state of people, to be located in that position is yoga.”

This is our real situation, which is called regular yoga.

This real situation is so unique that we can never be separated from it, it is our people's relationship, it is not possible to separate from this relationship (god and creatures relationship). It is our regular relation (nitya yog) with god Lord Krishna.


6. To connect with Lord Krishna renounce of duality and materialistic relations and attachment to worldly things:

We all want to connect with Lord Krishna, but do not know how to connect, why because our mind is tied in these worldly things, due to which we are not able to fully connect ourselves to the Lord. In the body, family, son-attachment, wealth, etc., we are bound by attachment or are entangled in duality, Advaita.

By making these sacrifices, man becomes disinterested by these worldly pleasures and his intellect becomes stable. When the intellect is stable, we can connect our whole mind to the Lord Krishna and be absorbed in them. Yoga is attained due to this intelligence stability.

This yoga means connecting with God

The distance disappears from God, that is, we become very close to God.


7.  We will read this, what are the symptoms of men who have been settled in Lord Krishna, whose heart has settled in the Lord, whose soul becomes restless for the Lord:

How to connect to Lord Krishna:

When Arjun asked in, how stable minded men speak, then to connect with Lord Krishna speaks, in response to this, emotion is the priority and emotion is the main,

God here gives importance to the emotions and feelings of the devotee.

When faced with problems, when one surrounded by sorrows, hurdles in duty-karma, increase, insult, or when the result of karma does not come according to one's mind, then the mind does not get anxious, distress, or restlessness.

Those who do not start bouncing more when they are happy, do not wish for more happiness or luxury, like being respectful or admiring he doesn't try to make a big happy situation, but they do try to keeps on the patience, even if you don't get favorable fruit.

With such contemplation, the intellect of a karma yogi becomes steadfast

“If he will not have a stable intellect, he will say to the mind that I am a stable intellect, but the mind keeps telling every luxury life situation in the brain.”

It is the real symptom to connect Lord Krishna.


8.   Everything is done with the grace of God, this thought should have:

When we want eagerly connect to Lord Krishna we try to control our mind and when we succeed in some work or we conquer our mind or senses, then there is a boast in us that I have done this or I have controlled myself on senses

The thought of arrogant on controlling senses drives us into down and makes more of hurdles in the path of connection to God Lord Krishna.

One should not be proud to control the senses. Even we should think that it's all done by Lord Krishna

“The successes of the senses that I have got to control have only come from Lord Krishna.”

In this the way only comes under Lord Krishna our yoga gets success.

The only devotee becomes perfect by means of the lord.


9.   To be devoted to the connection of Lord Krishna :

Whoever wants to be associated with God Lord Krishna, the creature should have such intelligence that whatever devotee thinks, god is present in that thought, wherever he goes the only God has seen, means everywhere should god is god.

The devotee should have intellect like that only God is mine or have wisdom that God is mine and I am of God.

This world is not mine and I am not born for the world, just have to remain devotional and devote your mind to them.

This relationship has been formed for centuries; this is the reason we should think about the relationship from our Lord.

 Everything is false, which present in that world, everything is just for some temporary use, God is always with me, and this world does not stay with me

In this way, if people’s mind is focused on Lord Krishna, then he turns towards the connection of Lord Krishna very quickly and easily.

                    “The sense of I should be absorbed in God.”        


 10.  Does Lord Krishna fulfill wishes:

If we are very attentively attuned to God and connect with the Lord with all true heart and clear mind, then God definitely fulfills our desires.

If we remain the same in the situation of happy and unhappy and our belief on god also remains towards God becomes profound then it is the direction to live in god.

And when something bad condition comes before us, and then if we keep the thought about God that, it has been done only for my welfare, then comes joined God more deeply And we feel a sense of connection with God. Because of which things become easy


11.  How to please Lord Krishna:

·        All the things that have been said in the Bhagavad Gita should be celebrated.

·        Be absorbed in the grace of God.

·        Keep your karma in mind.

·        Whatever is happening in life, everyone should take the grace of God.

·        Senses should be controlled, set the mind on God.


 What is God's opinion

Anything found in this world is not its own, this is the most important opinion of God. The body, mind, senses, life, wealth, property are all parts of nature and the world is created by nature, so they all have unity with the world, and because we are part of God, we are united with God himself.

Apart from this, virtue, renunciation, compassion, compassion, etc. are also not own. All these divine assets belong to God as the property of receiving God. If these were ours, we would have full authority over them, only by accepting, it will increase the only ego, and devilish wealth increases.

In closing

Today we learned ways to connect with God Lord Krishna through this article. These methods are very accurate and good if you want; you can try them in your life and get closer to God.

Though it is not easy to connect with God, everything can be possible with Kosice. If you want, you can go closer to God and join them

Just be clear and heart clear. You are already good and fair men, and then there will be no such problem in joining Lord Krishna.

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