Bhagavad Gita chapter nine, seven – remarkable knowledge



Bhagavad Gita chapter nine, seven – remarkable knowledge
Bhagavad Gita chapter nine, seven remarkable knowledge



By the way, every chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is very important, but in this chapter Lord Krishna has given some remarkable knowledge that describes in chapter 9 of Bhagavad Gita, which we will read further.

“Knowing your nature is knowledge and knowing holistically the deity in science (realized knowledge)” 

To find me is very easy because I am everywhere so definitely I am here too, I am in every time of period so definitely in this time I am present. Whichever you see, you here, you understand in all that I am present.

Every human being is mine and I am of every human being. But the problem is that your site is not on my side but your sight towards nature. So again and again you got birth and death.

If they give some attention to me can notice my supernatural and remarkable powers.

And it comes clear the relation towards mine and towards nature. Our close relation becomes understandable that starts in the Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 – remarkable knowledge.

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Bhagwat Gita chapter 9 – the most remarkable knowledge  

In chapter 9 of Bhagwat, Gita Shri Prabhu says that by reading this chapter of Gita, you will be freed from this tied world.

This Gyan(knowledge)  Vigyan(realized knowledge) is Rajvidya and Rajguhyam.


It is the king of knowledge with science. Because after knowing it properly, nothing remains to be known. This is complete learning itself.


This is the king of all things, matters that are the most ultra-secret in this whole world, because nothing is more secret in this whole world besides this.

Here are the most important words of knowledge and realized knowledge of chapter 9 of  Bhagwat Gita :

Science of realized knowledge

One who doesn’t reverence, believe, or not to obey the instructions given in this religion, they have to face all problems in this world and they are born and die again and again.
“This is secret knowledge given by Shri Krishna. This whole world is present in me.  Everything is only I am, and no one else besides me. That is the science of realized knowledge.”
I surpass these human beings, I create these human beings but these karmas don’t bind me to this work, I remain present in that human being in a neutral or inactive manner.

Secret knowledge

This nature constructs many of the construction of whole beings in instructions of me. Many people do worship me. That is wisdom, secret knowledge.

Science of Realized knowledge

Everything is me, I am yogya, swadha, medicines, and also I am satt-asatt every result of everything is me. That is the science of realized knowledge.
The one who indulged in worship, Yagya, or any other work of religion, they all people when got heaven they enjoy happiness. And this happiness stays as long as these people lived in haven. And at the end of virtues, they come again in this world.
If the consciousness with the idiosyncrasy of these people will be filled with my name then the happiness of that people is the duty of mine.
He worships me only after worshiping any deity. One who offers me flowers and every activity of worship with devotion, they all freed by good and ominous karma. That is the secret knowledge of chapter 9 of Bhagwat Gita.
I am equal in every era. I have no love or malice to anyone. The people are equal in my sight.

“But the one who sings a song in praise of my, they are very much love of me and I am live in those people and they live in me. That is the science of realized knowledge.”


Matters about wisdom (Gyan) and science knowledge (Vigyan):

The Bhagavad Gita’s chapter 9 remarkable the knowledge given here with knowledge of science and wisdom:

Wisdom knowledge
This world is very strange, we cannot understand its illusion, but we can understand so much that this world is born of God and will be absorbed in the Lord itself.
That's why God is the great cause of this world. This is considered as wisdom knowledge.
Everything of us and the world is made by God, everything has the power of God, and we can feel it anywhere.
It is the remarkable knowledge of chapter 9 of Bhagavad Gita.

 Science knowledge

In the world of this era, we make little praise on the fact that all this is due to God. But if we think that there is nothing besides God in the world, except God and nothing else in this world.
Everything is god only, we should keep in mind that whatever living-non living thing, everything is God Himself.
This is considered as science knowledge.

Wisdom Knowledge

There is some reason for the origin of all beings in this world; this the reason goes to the transcendent and placental nature along with the Lord, which is the reason for the origin of all things in this world.
The placenta and the transcendent nature are mines, with their help, all beings are born and I am the great cause of this world. By saying this, God told the matter of knowledge.

Science Knowledge

There is nothing except me, everything has been absorbed in me and I am the one who creates this world, this is telling about science.

Wisdom Knowledge

Every virtuous act that doing everyone in this world comes from me, every skill and practice did by me, water quality, sun, and moon's light quality, every era started and completed with me, the practice of Satvik, Rajas, and Tamas  controlling by me.

Practicing knowledge, the qualities to do the meditation of God, the art of controlling the senses comes from God. The power of our thoughts comes from God. This is wisdom knowledge.

 Science knowledge

It is not in me, I am not in it, but everything is in me because it does not have independent power, it is Science Knowledge.

Wisdom knowledge

God has created everyone with some quality and skill. These qualities give him a name in the world, due to this quality; he stands up by this name and earns a lot of name and fame.
And in the end, it says that all this has happened because of my hard work, whereas people should not say, he should accept his qualities with the Lord. God has given these qualities, all these things are possible only because of God, there should be such thinking,
That is why the Lord says that he who accepts the power of the qualities other than me goes in a different direction.
He becomes attracted by his own skills and qualities by name and fame.
Lord Krishna says in chapter 7 of verse 2 - But one who is not fascinated by these qualities and thinks that these qualities come from God and are taken in the Lord itself, it is believed that he is very much like me.
This is how I have four devotees:



Jigyasu and


They all are liberal, knowledgeable, and very lovable for me. They all are my soul. This is wisdom knowledge. 

 Science knowledge

Whoever realizes that everything is Lord Krishna. It is the science knowledge.

 Wisdom knowledge

You must have seen that many people in this life leave the Lord Krishna or any other deity and start worshiping the gods(dewata)thinking that my wish will be fulfilled, or when the desires increase a lot and we get distraught even to fulfill it. We start believing in God (dewata), thinking that my wish will be fulfilled soon.

That is why the Lord has said in the Bhagavad Gita remarkable knowledge in chapter 7 that those who go to the shelter of the gods have to stay in the circle of this world, but the one who comes to my refuge gets oneself free from this life cycle.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the Lord has said that I do not appear before those who do not know me or who do not believe me, who do not know me.

It is a miracle that they have knowledge of everything, as the Lord says in the Bhagavad Gita, I know the past, future and the present three lives and all the living beings in them and all the events that happen to live beings are well known, but no one knows me.

Those who tie in the bond of love and affection, attachment of relationships this world, are fascinated by the fascination of this world and start believing this world as their own thing, they keep getting stuck in birth and die again and again.

Those who make a determination and get engaged in my hymn, their sins are destroyed. Even after tying in this worldly bond, the one who remains the devotee of the Lord is definitely saved and remains connected with the lord even while in the world.

This is the wisdom knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.


This is the remarkable Science Knowledge of Bhagavad Gita

After that, the Lord says about his shelter in the Bhagavad Gita, he who takes my shelter gets aware of many secrets of this world. Every knowledge of this world gets disclosed in front of those people.

This is not the way the world looks like, there are a lot of esoteric secrets of this world, and this comes only when people go to the Lord.

 Variable - constant is everything I am.

This is the science knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, after knowing this knowledge, no one can stop devotee from reaching me no matter how big the obstacle may come. That too ends and my devotee reaches me easily.

This means that there is no other origin of this world except me. I am the only one in this entire universe.

How would it be possible to know other knowledge if we know the given remarkable knowledge in Bhagavad Gita besides other knowledge.”

Because there is nothing else to knowledge other than this

 Get to know all the knowledge of the world, know all the things, acquire great knowledge, or get knowledge from a great scholar still; it is uncompleted knowledge until we will not acquire the knowledge of Lord Krishna.

And even after acquiring a lot of knowledge about the world and not knowing God, this knowledge is still negligible knowing.

Without every remarkable knowledge of God and Bhagavad Gita, other knowledge is incomplete; the beginning of every knowledge, and finally, it is only Lord Krishna.

 "Therefore any knowledge without God will be called incomplete; God is the knowledge that will save us. The world will break free and tell us our true purpose of life."

The esoteric mysterious knowledge of Bhagavad Gita

The man who tries to know the Lord from the senses, from the mind and brain, in fact, he cannot know the Lord or he cannot know the Lord completely so far as that the sense, mind, and intellect are all-natural. Is, therefore, we cannot know God by nature

When people are the refuge of God himself, then he himself knows God.

 The divine can be known by itself only

Getting the best meditation from yourself will help us a lot to reach God or you can keep your mind steady while doing your daily work and can also meditate, you can also do your daily work.

In closing

There is no Bhagavad Gita’s remarkable knowledge left after knowing the knowledge with science, this knowledge is so deep in itself that if someone acquires this knowledge, then he will get the Lord along with him and he will also know that What is the purpose of his life, what he wants, who is he, he can get answers to such a lot of questions.

 This knowledge is very profound knowledge as much more this universe and world knowledge, it is the knowledge that tells us every secret of this world.

Yes, friends, if you also want to get very close to God, then you will have to know yourself first, you have to connect yourself to yourself, you will have to be one of yourself, then only we can know God and get closer to the lord.

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