Bhagavad Gita Relevance Life Essence


The real essence of life that introduces oneself to us  

Bhagvad Gita Relevance Life Essence
Bhagavad Gita relevance life essence

The truth of life, truth is only the essence of life including knowledge of Bhagavad Gita which includes worldwide acclamation is totality. Totality and cause are the gigantic essences of life. These are lofty essence to push towards the real questions of life.

Indian culture and philosophy of life has always focused on the Bhagavad Gita's essence the fundamental essence of life which chronicled in ancient scriptures as well.

Noticeably, all living entities are reciting Bhagavad Gita and gets a real part of identity with their own personal life.

These are underlying a life that if we do not know all that what the necessary essence of life is, comfortable life will convert into the stalemate.

Ignorance of the reality of life comes with a result of flawed life, thereafter; it is more likely, possible to take Bhagavad Gita as an aid.

Bhagavad Gita with knowledge of the essence of life instructs us to follow the right ways and moral paths and prevent us from to walk the wrong path or to sin.

 The essence of life is the moralistic guide arises with the universal spiritual truth that starts with the moral act of thinking. With this thinking, the great scholars got made themselves able to comprehend and understand the Vedas, Upanishad, and Bhagavad Gita.

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What is the essence of life?

The primordial essence of life is 'wholeness' (samagrata), means this life is not only for keeping on living with the only outer and material things but it is for esoteric knowledge that is samagrata (totality), samata (equanimity), nimitt (cause), and ecstasy (parmananda).


“The realization of own supreme possibilities is the 'Totality' (samagrata) or to achieve consummate.”

Nimitt - to make the cause of someone's bliss and ecstasy.

To spark life with utmost totality in which bloom own life that are beyond own thinking but not impossible, to be finding this truth is the totality of life and get make themselves cause of every noble work.

Root questions of life come before us when we feel devoid of something but we understand why my mind is so restless. The questions are what is the real aim of life, what is realization, what is self-knowledge process and who I am, self-experience to know oneself; collectively these questions with the answer are known as the essence of life.

Cause (Nimitta) - thereafter, to be the cause of every noble and human work and get all beings to the realization of reality with oneself.


 Perfectionism or Holistic

This life is the name of perfectionism. We are always entangled in worldly things like the comparison to others, envy, angriness, hate, ego, and so on that dispel us from the essence of life.

Whatever has this time, use this and go ahead. You are the best; as you make by god, don't compare oneself to others because as you know nobody is like you on this earth. You are unique, you are diamond.

So, we should all follow only lofty development (this development not worldly things but self-development). How we can tackle these questions of life? It is the first step to lead own real life, whose known and enlighten with these questions.


Today’s thinking about the material sense

Errant materials are here to distract our minds from the discretion and the essence of life to go ahead for reading Bhagavad Gita. If we all stop cognize reality it would be destroying every string of mind. We believe only on outer things like richness, name-fame, respect but it is not the significance of life.

We are being changed life with only their own material thinking and men consider only money is everything.

In this present time, I agree with this thought as well that money is the way that gives us a rich life, but money is not everything. Money is helpful for us, strong and powerful for us but it is not the destination of life.

It is not life, that takes away from the essence of life or at material things we think like that - studied well and make a career, got a good job, got married to a beautiful lady, born babies then after making a career of kids and collect a lot of money, the upbringing of their life and afterward get die.

It is true for everyone even me also try to make a good career like an engineer, doctor boll wood but in all that we get forget the real essence of life, and this as the ultimate goal it often happens to human beings.


Essence of Life   

To live life with expressions, thoughts, speech, and actions with uniformity are the essence of life.

Brain (man) to make oneself with refined, obedient, and infatuated knowing that you are in reality is the basic goal of life.

It is a simple question but very complicated. To know these questions, big saints leave their houses.

The aim of life is the realization of oneself and enormous bliss. Happiness is not the one that makes choices from temporary things, but we cannot count the outer things as absurd, because it edifies us to make a decision towards undoubtedly truth realization and bliss that are the essence of life including Bhagavad Gita knowledge.

This knowledge opens and breaks the inertia of one’s mind. Bliss is the internal happiness that doesn’t depend on temporal things. It neither depends on worldly materials nor outer delight.

It puts a permanent smile on face when we acquire this, all big problems look like a small ant and we tackle all these with the help of the bliss and this bliss is the path of ecstasy.  


Chaitanya – consciousness or spirit

Chaitanya is the element inside us that inspires us to know ourselves, which we can reach and experience ourselves. If we do not remain inside, this body will become a corpse.

The Shiva inside us keeps us alive, which is our basic goal to get.

When life in the human the body comes to know its truth it is called self-realization.

We have got this body only to know this truth, when we come to know the truth of this life, then we will understand the real art of life.

After attaining this, you will be able to easily gain all the knowledge beyond this life from this body, and then you will not feel anything when you get sadly happy criticism.

You will move very close to your inner being.


Self-realization and stabilization

Self-realization is the -to go very close to the truth that abides in us and stabilization is the establishment in achieving the stage of truth. In this stage, we have to attach to the internal form.

It needs to be enhancing body capacity for continuous retention.

When we will enhance this the potent of the body only then the stage of stabilization appears and we can feel the essence of life.

Erroneous attitudes – this attitude stops us to find the stage of stabilization. So it is necessary to work on our bad attitudes is an important role that helps to enhance and control of our sense.

And, the one thing to be noticed is focused attention; inveterately attachment is the best way to exist in this stage.

Consistency is going on to this internal attachment.

Thereafter, a big transformation takes place in our mind, the sense in the whole body.


There are 11 points that clear the essence of life by Bhagavad Gita :


1.     A human being who is devoid of any kind of fascination, wish and desire can start their life with the name of Lord.

2.     The men who are a friend of their own soul are the best seeker to know the real meaning of the essence of life because it is a starting step to know the better path of oneself.

3.     The mind that is full of bliss, ecstasy, and harmony with the name of God. The soul of humans goes on that.

4.     Who are free from misdeed work and demonic behavior, miser, anger, and lust can know the real meaning with the essence of life with Gita so as far Bhagavad Gita does prefer the people who are pure by heart and devoid of all the material things.

5.     Equanimity – steady in the even-mindedness for both condition of good and bad.

6.     Spiritual realization - chapter 7 or chapter 9 of Bhagavad Gita teaches us to go close to God, this is only the way that direct our mind of universal profound things and produces keen curiosity to get knowledge or the esoteric elements. Hare Krishna Hare Ram, the name looks very simple and small but this name has every knowledge of this world and can be realized reality before us. Lord Krishna depicted the entire Bhagavad Gita as per the human problem and human sense.

7.     To liberate oneself to pure own mind - this is the ladder of heaven who wants only who are pure with mind and heart.

8.     Transitory of happiness – happiness comes from the god realization that is able to uplift us from the duality of nature. It does not depend on outer things. Once we have got the inner essence of life, then we will not feel anything outside, it is the joy that is difficult to match with anything outside, this joy is beyond everything, it introduces us to the inner joy.

9.     As you think you will be made. This the universe has given us so much power of the mind that we become as we think, from this, you can guess how strong the power of our mind is. This unseen is a wire that connects us to the powers of the universe and they have so much power that if we think on them continuously, then it definitely becomes true. So Believe in oneself.

10.      The expectation of returning - Don't expect fruit in returning to any work.

11.   Focus only on permanent things like God. Relationships made in the world are always either broken or end, it is just a mayajaal in which we forget the thing for which this body is found. These relationships are always for a short time. If something is important, then there is just God, so we should only focus on God.

Bhagavad Gita

As per Bhagavad Gita chapter 5 verse 22, an intellectual mind doesn’t believe in the material things that are the big reason for misery. This happiness is temporary because it is all perishable so O son of Kunti doesn’t indulge in the material senses and don’t find pleasure in this.

The eternal nature of human beings always searches the essence that is the real source which is God. We are part of God that’s why our brain (man) always searches for his own part by which we never separated ever.

This is beyond the bliss and can be getting easily ecstasy. To be near to God is higher than significance knowledge.

Chapter 6 of verse 47 – every sage and the one who believes in me with immense vision and stays with constant thinking in me and offers true heart.

Chapter 9 verse of 34 just busies your mind only consideration of me; indulge your mind only of me with great worship and devotion. If you O parth completely absorbed in me, I will come to you close more close.    

Chapter 18 verse of 65 God says that if your whole mind will be in me only and your devotion will be your dedication to me and will worship me with full devotion then you will reach me like a true devotee, this is my promise to you, All the humans are my dear, they are very close to me, you are all my parts, if you are in trouble, then I will also suffer.

 By knowing the essence of life in this way, we can descend into our life. With these things, our lives will take a good direction and move forward. Where we can reach very close to the Bhagavad Gita, we also show the right path and also tell the essence of life,

The basic essence of life is in the Bhagavad Gita, which we can learn a lot by reading.

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