Bhagavad Gita chapter 14 famous | big reason


Why is the Bhagavad Gita chapter 14 so famous?

Bhagavad Gita chapter 14 famous big reason
Bhagavad Gita chapter 14 famous big reason


The exclusiveness and a big reason for the famous chapter of the 14 of Bhagavad Gita will know after reading this article.

 As we notice that, we all are striving to get close or obtain deity. But it is not possible until you will refine yourself with senses and inner skills. The way to attain God is described in chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita.

Besides all that you would be trying more of the methods to obtain God but definitely, you might have unsuccessful in this work. 

The ability to monitor this universe and the world is only having Bhagavad Gita. This has been shown in Bhagavad Gita chapter 14 that is so famous chapter.

In addition to this, it gives every method of knowledge and understanding to obtain lord. This knowledge is outstanding for those who want to liberate from this world.

Here I wrote something after research that will more helpful for you and will give some results as you want to solve your problems.

So please read this post to get a better answer to your thinking with the sharing of great experiences.  

Some of the methods and measures will be described further. 

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Important Factors about Chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita

In Bhagavad Gita, it has been described this knowledge is of utmost comparatively better from the whole knowledge of cosmic (laukik) and transcendental (paarlaukik) or every type of knowledge present in this world and universe.

It gives intellectuality of perception of nature-human beings, relation to nature and to enlist this Lord is the foremost and superlative.

It awakes our insight and vision. Our life keeps on changing at every moment but we didn’t get realize this change so far as it is in very slow motion. But these are the drastic changes.


Verse 1, to attain God and to liberate from bounded knowledge

Very importantly, we pay the least heed on bounded knowledge. It means that the whole knowledge which we gain from the world is trapper (fasaane wala) and binder (bandhane wala). That is ignored by us so far as we don’t consider this as necessary to our life.

By acquiring the knowledge and experience that given in chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita, the great sages have been liberated from this world and attained god.

There is no doubt of this knowledge that someone will be liberated or someone not is librated. This is 100 percent sure knowledge to liberate from this world.

All and everyone gets liberated and become bound free from this world.

To say that, every accomplishment (siddhi) of work of the world or all practices of yoga is the non-accomplishment (asiddhiyan).

So far as it's all that is responsible for bounded life, bounded thinking, bounded behavior, responsible for birth-death, and all materialistic actions are hurdles to attain god.

But the enlist of the Lord is the optimal way because on enlisting this, oneself get liberated from the birth-rebirth process.

Not any other knowledge present in this world that can be helpful to attain absolute accomplishment (param siddhi).

There is nothing except one God, such an experience is the attainment of absolute accomplishment.  Only remains cognizable authority that really exists.


The meaning of the verse of 1/14 of Bhagavad Gita as per today’s context

As we begin our knowledge with Bhagavad Gita, please take a moment to think about your limitations in life.

In chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita says we bind ownself with materialistic things.

Perhaps you do not know that we make these boundaries ourselves which prevents our life from doing something broad to attain god.

In today’s life, it is not possible to worship every time then you can do this thing that, starts your day with Lord name or do every work with the lord name.

If you would attach to god, your understanding would be successful perfectly. You can know clearly about your thinking about your path.

The famous chapter of Bhagavad Gita gives thoughts about the worldly knowledge that make us bound free from this world. Just like we have a thinking that we start to value our values ​​from the materialistic things like I am rich or I am a scholar or I am intelligent.

But in fact, we reduce our importance, not only that but a person also does a lot of disrespect of oneself, because if he celebrates himself with wealth, then these root substances have more importance and not their own importance.

This shows that his existence is from these materialistic things, he has no existence of his own. If these substances present, then only he will live, otherwise, his life is of no use. He thinks like that.

In this way, he grows with the bond of his thinking.

Jeevatma considers this body as his own and uses it in his service, whereas it has been said in the Bhagavad Gita that this body is not found for us but for the service of the world. Because of which we also bind with this body.

It is a rule that where there is a lump, we are released from the bondage on opening the same knot, if people leave affection with their own body, then he is free from the world.

God’s Vani

Besides chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita here is given the god’s Vani that affectionately says to the human of this world to indulging in God.  Here and there everywhere is God. If anyone implies this with love it is only the base to live comfortably in this life. Their life will completely cover all difficulties and comfortable overcome this.

I surpass these human beings, I create these human beings but these karmas don’t bind me to this work, I remain present in that human being in a neutral or inactive manner.  This nature constructs many of the construction of whole beings in instructions of me. Many people do worship me. That is wisdom, secret knowledge.

Everything is me, I am yoga, swadha, medicines, and also I am satt-asatt result of everything is me. That is the science of realized knowledge.

The one who indulged in worship, Yagya, or any other work of religion, they all people when got haven they enjoy happiness. And this happiness stays as long as these people lived in haven. And at the end of virtues, they come again in this world.

If the consciousness with the idiosyncrasy of that people will be filled with my name then the happiness of that people is the duty of mine.

He worships me only after worshiping any deity. One who offers me flowers and every activity of worship with devotion, they all freed by good and ominous karma.

I am equal in every era. I have no love or malice to anyone. Every people is equal in my sight. But the one who sings a song in praise of my, they are very much love for me and I am live in those people and they live in me.

One who doesn’t reverence, believe, or not to obey the instructions given in this religion, they have to face all problems in this world and they are born and die again and again. This is secret knowledge given by Shri Krishna.

This secret knowledge is as well given in chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita. Mind, brain sense everything is helpful to obtain the knowledge of Lord Krishna. This is all the important things to our life because it is fundamental things.

This whole world is present in me.  Everything is only I am, and no one else besides me.

To find me is very easy because I am everywhere so definitely I am here too, I am in every time of period so definitely in this time I am present. Whichever you see, you here, you understand in all that I am present.

Every human being is mine and I am to every human being. But the problem is the sight of you is not on my side but your sight towards nature. So again and again you got birth and death.

If they give some attention to me can notice my supernatural and remarkable powers.

And it comes clear the relation towards mine and towards nature. our close relation becomes understandable. 


Chapter 14 ultimately the greatest chapter of the Bhagavad Gita because it gives supreme intelligence. This maximizes our conscience and discretion between the paths of deeds and misdeeds.

It is possible that today's people do not have so much happiness in achieving the lord, but when we are in trouble, only God makes our support. And God helps us if we call them with love.

But there are some things about the Lord that we can read and know how we can get closer to the Lord and work on our grief. You can gain a lot by reading this knowledge.

I will keep bringing similar posts for you; please do not forget to give your comment.

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