Best Arjun’s Mahabharat Skill | Chaharacter Analysis



Best Arjun’s mahabharat skill | chaharacter analysis
Best Arjun's Mahabharat skill

Arjun is the main protagonist in Mahabharat battle who received the whole real knowledge of Bhagavad Gita first. In general, Arjun was an ordinary person like we are, just like we get fed up with small problems. Arjun got distressed on every simple and easy problem.

At that time Lord Krishna was appeared to help Arjun but today the relevant compilation of golden words are here to regain Lord Krishna that we call Bhagavad Gita.

Arjun was a very favorite disciple of Lord Krishna, because he had a good heart, in spite of all these good habits he was full of distress demerits.


Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna

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Why Lord Krishna chose only Arjun to reveal Bhagavad Gita Gyan?

Lord Krishna’s divine the vision had deemed that like Arjun nobody is compassionate and sensitive. Arjun was devout and innocuous along with obedient. He has a big attribute of honor and humility. Arjun was a man of kind heart and valorous. Arjun was carefree from their own rights and to fight to others.

Before starting a great the battle, Arjun and Duryodhan went to Lord Krishna to comprehend the matter of the Kurukshetra battle. Lord Krishna told both of them – I wouldn’t pick any weapon and wouldn't fight personally. So you both can choose of me or my mighty army

Duryodhan got stressed out and quickly said I want your mighty army only, while Arjun said after thinking on circumstances, I want you, Lord as my charioteer and Arjun demand for god’s permission to lead him and he hadn’t cared for the mighty army even this army was of Lord.

Same as this we are entangled in the dual conditions but we are not able to choose the right decision and go on the wrong path. Whether it is any condition we shouldn’t compromise to unethical paths like Arjun. To follow Dharam gives us inner power.    

In the chapter of 2 verses 1 Lord Krishna says it is not the way to dispel from your responsibilities under the control of religion. It is the knowledge that awakens Arjun’s real duty and welfare curiosity towards battle by realizing his own demerits. This is the reason Arjun accepted to be a disciple of Lord Krishna.

Whether the duty is right or wrong, it is an important responsibility to obey your own duties.

 Chapter 2 verse 2, Arjun is the pure and conscience of immaculate. So every bad work and fearless should not come into you.


Upbringing of Arjun

Arjun was the third son of Maharaj Pandu and Maharani Kunti. It is said that Arjun was boon of  Indradev that’s why he was known as the son of Indradev.  

Education of Arjun

Arjun took education from Dronacharya. But the one thing  Dronacharya didn’t do right, he demanded as guru Dakshina to Eklavya for his thumb so that he could not archery in the future because he wanted to make Arjun as paramount archery. No one is going to bow like an Arjun on this earth.


Marriage of Arjun

Arjun was the winner of swayamvar of Draupadi. He participated in the Draupadi’s swaymvar. Arjun targeted the fish's eye and won the swaymber and married Draupadi. In this way, Darupdi along with Arjuna was married to five Pandavas.


Best seven Arjun’s Mahabharat skill | character analysis


1.     Archery skill of Arjun

The concentration and the focus of Arjun was a remarkable attribute. This power wonderfully had controlled outer distractions. He was blindly passionate about the practice of archery whether it is day or night. The benefit of practicing at night, he could make his potency to shooting an arrow at night only listening sound. He was an arrow shooter of both hands with top balance and accuracy.  


2.     Arjun was Brave and fearless

Arjun was a fearless and brave character of Mahabharat. By the way, we have read many of the nature of Arjun in Bhagavad Gita that Arjun got scared by this matter. But, noticeably here, the fear of Arjun is not the internal fear besides this fear is of fascination to own relations, and one of the warriors who got valorous Pashupatita from Lord Shiva.


3.     Chakravyuh skill of Arjun

Arjun had complete knowledge of flow in and out of the Labyrinth (chakravyuh).


4.     Five ways of Archery skill of Arjun

Arjun knew all five tactics of archery whereas Bhisma and Drona the guru of Arjun was known only the three tactics. This two other knowledge of archery took from Lord Shiva.

5.         Hardworking skill of Arjun 

Arjun was extremely laborious and focus only on one point, to be master of archery.

A story – one-day Dronacharya called every Pandavas and Kauravas and said, today is the day of your test. Dronacharya sent Arjun on the work of tidings to god. after going to Arjun from that place, he started immediately to teach everyone about the aiming at a leaf and hitting it successfully.

Now the teaching is over and everyone left from the place before returning to Arjun. After coming to Arjun to the teaching place of Dronacharya, Arjun saw many of the split leaves on the earth. Arjun quickly understood that something has been taught here important teachings that I have been missed.

To learn the missed lesson, he began practicing on leaves in his spare time and thus quickly completed his missed lesson. After coming to cover the missed lesson, all the princes understood why Arjun was the Guru's favorite.


6.     Circumspective and focused

It has the most proving an incident that shows that Arjun was very focused and attentive.

Once Guru Dronacharya called Pandavas and Kauravas  to target the eye of the bird and asked what you could see on this tree, someone said, a tree, someone said a bird, someone said a leaf when it was Arjun's turn he said I can see only the bird of eyes.

In this way, Arjun's full attention was on the eye of the bird, due to which Arjun was able to hit properly on the bird’s eye. That proves the attention of Arjun.

7.     Respectful for own Gurus

Arjuna was very respectful to his Guru and always obeyed his orders.      Arjun was very obedient to his guru as well as his mother only when Indra told that your son will be very obedient during the birth of Arjun, then Arjun's parents were very happy. Due to Arjuna's humility, Guru Dronacharya also loved Arjun very much and Arjun was known as a good disciple.

Krishna Bhagwan also liked Arjuna because of these specialties and chose for this great work.

In this way, we can get the necessary information about Arjun’s skill in Mahabharat. Outside Arjuna, there are qualities which we do not even know, that is why only the twentieth Krishna chose Arjuna for such great work.

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