Bhagavad Gita’s Ultimate Best Solid Purpose


  Ultimate Purpose of Bhagavad Gita to read

Bhagavad Gita's ultimate best solid purpose
Bhagavad Gita's ultimate best solid purpose


Bhagavad Gita’s Ultimate Best Solid Purpose  is starting with the spectacular vision of the aim of life is brilliantly described in every chapter of Bhagavad Gita, and towards the end of it, it was also suggested that nothing other than whole-hearted devotion could be the proper means for the great achievement of the goal of life with orating of Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

The great being, the supreme absolute is capable of enlisting through utter self-transcendence alone, a sacrifices of the self in the all-self.

It shows that the experience of getting knowledge of the ultimate purpose of life through Bhagavad Gita is impossible of enlisting unless the soul uplifts itself to the status of the supreme omnipresence.

The importance of the soul seems to be a practically impossible affair, and the one thing is only important to be available to the soul is humble devotion and surrender of itself to the Great Lord.

There are two methods that indulged us in the lotus feet of God

A humble and simple surrendering of oneself to the glory of the absolute in utter childlike the behavior of dependence,

And strenuous effort to rouse oneself to the gaining of knowledge of the purpose of Bhagavad Gita of the being of the absolute itself, by the communion of self with self, in an impersonal the merger of the individual in the all?

Our mind and senses are, in fact, very thoughtful in the perspective of the purpose of Bhagavad Gita and the Gita  offers a vigorous solution to the effect that the light of the difficulties that are involved in the practice of an impersonal achievement of refining of senses and thoughts.

The devotion to the Lord Krishana  as being in the same is considered a better method. The priority of every chapter of Bhagavad Gita from one chapter to another chapter, no comparison is included.

Usually, we make a choice for improvement in us, there does not feel to be any type of comparison between the improvement of us and quality in us.

The love of God which the powerful soul enhances in its aspiration for liberation is by no means incompatible with the fire of the soul.

the doctrine of Bhagavad Gita

The ultimate purpose of Bhagavad Gita to direct us definite direction  

Bhagavad Gita’s Ultimate Best Solid Purpose is the extract of all Vedic philosophy and is composed of 700 verses.

Bhagavad Gita explains the supreme topic like the – ethos of the soul, excellent description of God, the material universe, the basic and real meaning of karma, nature of activities, reincarnation, real meaning and process of yoga, the purpose of life.  

Bhagavad Gita is the compilation of the fundamental needs of life – how to find a peaceful life, how to get knowledge the workings of material nature, how to do a stable mind and senses and 

how can we get insights for oneself and for others?

When we really examine it, several different levels of understanding that we can be found within it. Nonetheless, in Bhagavad Gita, we find the best the solid ultimate purpose which puts emphasis on what Lord Krishna taught and expected of Arjun.

1.     The verses of Bhagavad Gita provides the means to free ourselves from ‘samsara’, repeated the action of birth-death in the material creation, and it makes us attain the highest spiritual destination.

2.     The verses of Bhagavad Gita emphasize to Bhakti Movement to underline the devotion of Lord Krishna as the Supreme Being.  

3.     Everyone would also situate attention on Kurukshetra, the Dharma-dhama( the place of Dharma), so far as this is the place where Lord Krishna taught the most vital information as found in Bhagavad Gita’s Ultimate Best Solid Purpose.

Therefore the land of Kurukshetra should be considered as one of the most   important places for not only the bhakti movement, but also as the historical places of origination for these most essential teachings on Vedic Dharma.

This is the place where these teachings were most effectively put into action with the battle of Kurukshetra.

4.     At the starting of chapter 2, the vital notion of Bhagavad Gita compressed, after the teaching of the essential aspect of understanding the soul, Lord Krishna says in verse 72 about the real purpose of the soul, that is how to follow this path to lead a life that will bring a person to the highest destination possible, “that is the way of the spiritual and godly life, after attaining which a man is not bewildered. 

5.     Being that, indeed, even in the hour of death, anyone can embay into the kingdom of God. “ this is the start of perceiving that Lord Krishna wants Arjuna and we all to at last obtain the spiritual region. This is the genuine reason for the teaching of Lord Krishna’s lessons in Bhagavad-Gita. 

6.     At that point in Chapter 4, Sri Krishna keeps on explaining this in the clarifications of what Transcendental Knowledge is and how to start to understand Krishna as the Absolute Truth.

7.  In verse 9 of chapter 4, Lord Krishna says one who knows very well the ‘transcendental nature of my appearance with all activities of karma’ does not take his birth again and again in this material world after leaving the body, but attains My eternal abode. 

8.     In the verse of 23 and 24 of chapter 4, Lord Krishna again underlines that “the work or karma of a man who is unattached to the variants of material nature, and the men who are fully situated in transcendental knowledge merges entirely into transcendence. 

9.     A man who is fully indulged in lotus foot of Krishna and in Krishna consciousness, because of his full contribution and devotion to spiritual activities, is sure to enlist the spiritual empire, in which the ascendant is absolved and the one who is offered is of the same spiritual nature.

In the real world of the meaning of that sentence is – with devolving in Bhakti-Yog or the devotional nursing towards the Supreme power “Lord Krishna”, all these activities are on the spiritual platform, dispel one-off from the material activities and their reactions.

Consciousness of an individual spiritualizes which is the goal for perceiving then entering into the spiritual abode.

10.    The verse of 30 of chapter 4, Lord Krishna made it even more clearly by explaining that when a person attains an attraction to perform loving devotional action from them, that attraction overcomes any material desires and spiritually takes the field. 

11.  As per supreme power Lord Krishna, performers (yogi) who is participates in the devotional and sacrifices activities become cleansed from sinful reaction (freedom from the material world and freedom from karma) and having tasted the nectar of the remnants of such sacrifice, they go to the supreme eternal abode.

     It is to attain the attraction of performing spiritual activities.

12.  In verse 32 of chapter 4 of Bhagavad Gita elaborates – every kind of sacrifices are accepted by Vedas, and these all sacrifices originated from many different types of actions like intellectual, mental, and physical. Knowing this in this way of manner to bring us from the physical stage, we will be free. 

13.  It has been described in chapter 5 of Bhagavad Gita of verse 24-26, Lord Krishna explains the main and solid purpose of the spirituality of all activities or karma, which is also the purpose of karma-yoga, “whose bliss Within is that which is active within, which is blissful within and illuminated within is truly perfect mystic” 

14. He is freed in Supreme, and he eventually acquires Supreme. One who is beyond duality and doubt, whose mind remains inward, who is always busy working for the welfare of all sentient beings, and who is free from all sins, attains salvation in the Supreme. 

15.  Those who are free from anger and all material desires, which are self-realized, self-disciplined, and constantly striving for perfection, are assured of salvation in the Supreme in the very near future. 

16.     The purpose of centering all our actions on the transcendental nature of who we are, and who is the means to free ourselves from all actions, is to ultimately attain liberation or freedom from the continuation of any greater material existence. 

17.   Now in the Chapter 7, understanding of Absolute Knowledge, Lord Krishna explains his various energies and energies related to the individual soul. However, in verse 18, Lord Krishna underlines the central purpose of being his devotee, and how to reach supremacy in the most favorable way: all the devotees are certainly benevolent soul, but those who are situated in knowledge of Lord Krishna; Lord says “I really believe to dwell in me. He receives me because of his involvement in my transcendental service. "

18.     To detail ahead, in chapter 8, verses 5-8 obtaining the supreme power, Lord Krishna clearly says the object and the ultimate goal of meditation for which we must practice through all stages of our lives needed. 

19.     Whoever, at the time of death, leaves his body, remembers me alone, once attaining my nature. Whenever he leaves his body, he remembers what state he is in. 

20.  Lord Krishna said to Arjun, you should always think of me as Krishna and at the same time fulfill your prescribed duty. Because of my activities devoted to me and based on my mind and intellect, you will receive me without a doubt. 

21. Lord Krishna expressed the main thing – “he who meditates on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his mind is constantly in remembrance of me, moving away from the path, is sure to reach me.” 

22.  Again Lord Krishna further states in chapter 8, verses 13–14, the ultimate way to prepare this body to leave so that we can attain the highest destination after this life: "After being situated in this yoga practice and vibrating the sacred syllable Om, the supreme combination of letters, if one thinks of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and leaves his body, he will surely reach the spiritual planets. For a man who deviates me. Without recollection, it is easy to find me, O son of Parth, because of his constant. Engagement in devotional service that is Bhakti-Yoga. 

23. Lord Krishna again makes the ultimate purpose of all his instructions in the Bhagavad-Gita very clear, in chapter 8, verse 21, explaining that he expects us to attain our spiritual abode: "That ultimate abode is latent and It is said to be infallible, and it is the highest destination. When someone goes there, he never returns. This is my highest abode. "


Bhagavad Gita’s Ultimate Best Solid Purpose   expressed brilliantly in Bhagavad Gita that makes us real achiever for the purpose to read Bhagavad Gita. However, in the Bhagavad-Gita, we find a recurring theme that Lord Krishna has taught Arjun and all readers about it, and emphasizes for all its readers what we really have to achieve, and what is its real purpose? Of all the teachings found within us, Lord Krishna emphasizes the need to end our karma, stop the cycle of birth and death in this physical existence, and ultimately reach the spiritual world, their abode where we are.

There are many verses of this type that explain this most essential purpose to read Bhagavad Gita's theme as emphasized by Lord Krishna.

In this way, understanding the truth and characteristics of Lord Krishna is a way that can bring a person into the spiritual world. But achieving the spiritual world is the main point.

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