Bhagavad Gita success failure solutions formulas


Bhagavad Gita's formula for a successful life

Bahagavad Gita success failure solutions formulas
Bhagavad Gita success failure solutions formulas


The learning of Bhagavad Gita success failure solutions and formula’s knowledge is amazing, which frees us from this material life. Everybody wants to offer success with an easy path, but success is not possible without success.

There is no shortcut to success. We will work hard to win, we get success accordingly.

if it is late to achieve success, still it does get the fruits of hard work, it is also very good, so Bhagavad Gita also teaches us to be patient in such a time, shows the way to solve problems very peacefully.

And the success of Bhagavad Gita teaches all the qualities over time.

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What are success and failure?

The success solution and formula by Bhagavad Gita, for Success and failure depends on our thinking how we take it,

We do not lose when our competitor wins, while defeat happens when we accept defeat, we do not fail when we cannot achieve the goal, we fail when we stop trying let’s do it

That is why we should keep striving continuously, and do not give up, because the day we stop accepting defeat, we will definitely win.


Basic concepts for Bhagavad Gita success solutions and formulas

·     Every success path goes through failure, whatever work we do to get success, all the hard work we do is the karma.

We all understand the importance of Karma very well which also described in the Bhagavad Gita. Karma has been emphasized very strongly in Bhagavad Gita with great success solutions and formulas.


·    According to Bhagavad Gita of chapter 7 One who can control his mind, one who has good thoughts, who thinks well about all living beings, even if they are animals, such a Karma Yogi does not indulge in Karma even while doing Karma,

·   Such a man understands all the events like a common man, thinks, feels, he does the work of every common person, but there is a difference in his thinking that all things are done by God and not by me.

 That people surrender all his work to God and focuses all his attention only on Karma. That is the best success formula by Bhagavad Gita. Such people never indulge in sin karma.

·      The Bhagavad-Gita teaches us to keep striving in every situation, no matter how many times we get a failure, we must keep trying continuously. This slow step also plays a big role in making us successful.


·      You should not pay a lot of attention to the fruit, don’t think like what we will get after getting success or what we will do after being successful, until success is achieved, just focus on your karma.


·     If you get this idea out of your mind that this work has happened because of me, if you pay attention to your self-image, then you can refine yourself quickly and give yourself happiness from within.


·    Such people know very well that all our karma is done by God, we are just a means of doing work, or we are souls who can neither do any work nor get any work done.

Success formulas for achieving the goal by Bhagavad Gita 

Bhagavad Gita success solutions and formulas present here that can help us to live life better and can make us strong to achieve a better goal:

1.     Change your ways by not changing your goal

If you are going to fail in fulfilling your dreams, then do not change your goal and change the way to achieve your success.

2.   Wish or desire

We all want to have a big desire and want to achieve everything, but is it possible, it is just that you are promoting your desire, and believe that the more you wish, the more your desire will increase. Will say, the meaning is that the wish never ends, one desire is created one after the other, so you have to stop it yourself, that is the big success solution and formula from Bhagavad Gita.

And anyway there is no such a thing in this world that can give you happiness from inside and if you get happiness from someone or from any object then it is just fleeting, happiness can never meet us from outside, to stay happy you must reduce your desires.

Reducing desires does not mean that you should not dream big, but to say that it is not meant to give birth to one wish after another.

Just like if you want to become a Goal doctor and you become a doctor but even after that you have one desire after another, then it is wrong, this is to increase the desires, the reason for which is to make yourself bother.

3.   Three big enemies to grow

Lust, anger, and greed are the biggest enemies of our mind, anger cause confusion, confusion causes the anxious to be disturbed, when the intellect is disturbed, the reason is destroyed, when the argument is destroyed then the person is down going.

From getting rid of the possession of I, my and I am, gives peace a lot.

4.   Believe

The success solution and formula by Bhagavad Gita’s prominent parts are - belief

Every human being is created by his faith, he becomes as he believes in himself, this faith acts as a powerful weapon for himself,

The word believe is a simple word, but it has a lot of power, you can become whatever you want, based on this belief, if you constantly think about the object that you want to achieve, then you definitely get that object,

The faith of every person is determined by the feelings of his inner side, his power to believe.

So believe in yourself, your goal, and your feelings and your thinking. Recognize the power of your faith and belief.

5.    Mind

According to Bhagavad Gita our mind is friend and enemy is also

On controlling our mind, we can do any work in a very good way, but if we do not control the mind, it will make, us do any wrong thing, so it would be better to control the mind.

We should give up all consequences and attachment to our actions.

6.   Doubtfulness and fearlessness

Be fearless and leave the rope of doubt and adopt the real path that is real. If you are very upset and there is no way out, just sit down for a while and sit alone and think about yourself. , Doubtful thinking never grows you to find your goal

If you doubt about your own goal, it will be very difficult to get it, and you will be entangled in yourself and you will not find any accurate way,

The life of a skeptic is goalless, directionless, and wandering.


Big confusion between Goal and Fruit of Karma (action)


It is said in the Bhagavad Gita that does karma, do not desire fruit and on the other hand our elder people say that do karma only after determining the goal,

We do the same in our lives, first determine the goal, after that we work hard to get it,

But these two things must be confusing you, on one side, you have been told not to desire fruit and on the another side you are being asked to determine the goal, and then listen to whom.

Chapter 3 verse 21 of Bhagavad Gita to get success formula says that big and great people whatever do, we follow that big and great person, so we should have a big goal,

 On the other hand in chapter 2 verse 47, it is said that don't worry about the fruit, just keep doing karma,

These two opposite things have come together, in which the first is being told to have a big dream and the second is told not to desire the fruit,

First of all, there is a big difference between goal and fruits of karma. 

We have to do karma before we make any goal, and we do karma with hard work, hard work, and perseverance before we do karma

In this way, we can say that the goal is set before doing Karma, while the fruit or result is determined after doing Karma.

In this way, doing Karma is in our hands, but it is not in our hands to bear fruit of karma and by thinking about what is not in our hands, we can only disturb ourselves, think if we will focus on the fruit more than Karma. We will be able to focus as much focus on karma or hard work.


Chapter 5 verse 13-15 for mind relax, cool and happy

 Sloke 13 - In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that if the conscience is in your control, and if you leave all actions and fix your mind in Lord after detached ownself from the body of 9 gates, this type of people always stable in the foot of god.

Sloke 14 – God is neither the creator of our doing or performance of neither actions nor actions nor fruits of actions. It is all nature performing reasons.

Sloke 15 - God neither incorporates one's auspicious deeds in him nor does he incorporate one's sins.

All ignorant deeds of living creatures are due to his ignorance.

The things said in these verses are very cryptic, which if we understand you, then living life in truth can be very easy and with a very calm and cool mind, we can achieve our goal with the help of success solutions and formulas by Bhagavad Gita.


Big success tips by Bhagavad Gita

There are many difficulties in life due to which we lose, but whether we would get our goal by losing, no

If this life is not worthy of us, then make ourselves worthy of this life, then will life not become easy.

Why we fail again and again

v We sometimes try to decide our own goal in the interest of others, while we are not much interested in it. We should decide the Goal in which we feel happy and feel our minds.


v Or sometimes we set our goal by copying the other.


v Do not stable on a goal.


v With time, we change the own goal, due to its (profession) demand is more today.


v Goals are determined by not looking at your skills, while we should first understand our skills and understand what work we can do in the most perfect manner.


Bhagavad Gita success failure solutions and formulas to achieve success says that not only hard work is necessary, along with hard work, we should also come to manage ourselves, a lot of hurdles come in our way, sometimes we start thinking about giving up our goal,

In these big problems, we should focus on our mind the most which turn us away from our goal, and if we do this in our mind then this mind also shows us the right path and the path of success but it helps in moving forward.

You will find many verses in Bhagavad Gita, which will show you the best path to success. Just like Chapter 5, Chapters 2, 3, and 4, in all these chapters you have been told how to keep your mind stable along with the way of doing Karma.



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