Best relationship attachment concept | Bhagavad Gita

 Bhagavad Gita concept for Relationship

Best relationship attachment concept | Bhagavad Gita
Best relationship attachment concept Bhagavad Gita



The best relationship attachment concepts consider in every everyday life. The concept of relationship only based on feelings and emotions. That is the main and basic reason to flourish in any relationship.

But sometimes that relation only based on fascination, not on love.


“Fascination tries to tie us, that's why it is the reason for sorrow

Love gives us freedom so it is reason for the basis of happiness.”

Bhagavad Gita also describes very beautifully about relations and attachment behavior. That has described in this article.

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The concept of attachment of relationships

We are all connected to each other in the best relationship attachment somewhere or whether we know him or not. And this way also gives us love and snatches love.

All the behavior of the world depends on the relationship, the relation of father to son, the relation of husband and wife, or there is the family relationship and there is the relation of the business.

At first, we find this relationship attachment very sweet, after that, we start to make this relationship weak and burdensome. Do you think ever, why is it happening?

If we pursue some relationship with love, then we give respect to any relationship because we benefit from it.

And we add some relation to this which is necessary only for living in society. If this relationship is good and durable, then it gives us a lot of benefits.

And some attached relationship concepts are only professional.

You to attach very much heartbroken in some relations first, after that those relationships start to burden.

After all, why is it that the same relationship starts gets a burden for us?

Have you feel ever all that about good relationships.

“Sam – same bandh – bound to relations”

Like in an office, an employee is tied to his boss but his boss is free from this bond

In relation both people are bound in the same way, like a father-son relationship, in which both people get something and both has great expectation from each other,

 if the father gives good care to his child then the child will love and support, and then the same child grows up and becomes the support of his parents, then in return, the father gives guidance to the child,

The same happens in every relationship attachment concept, there is the hope of getting something from each other, the mother and daughter's Relation, husband-wife.

It is also a reason to break the relationship and create a burden that the ego of either of the two relationships increases and there is a lot of hope to get it only when a relationship starts to crack.

Or when a person forgets his responsibility, what is my responsibility in this regard, after all, this is also a very big reason.


Concept of relationship by Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 to 12 describes the way and path of love and devotion.

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna gives his message of love in chapter 2 of sloke 13, by an awakening of Arjun, says we have temporary body and relations, in a real way our body is only like a cloth that covered our soul of body.

So Krishna says that if you want to love someone, you should love only God. who are not temporary, God will always live with you.

In a chapter of 4 sloke 3 of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says about the science of relationships. The relationship only connects with Lord Krishna.  


What is attraction and what is love

1.     For Relationships

The best relationship attachment attraction means that such an attraction is such a drag in which you cannot control yourself, you can be drawn towards that relationship like a magnet and even we put everything on the claim and we don't aware of that things

We do not get to know why we are attracted so much towards that relationship, our intelligence gets tied to one direction like that and we see only that.

The fascination can be any type of thing like, an object, a position, or a bad habit, from which you cannot separate yourself, thus we do not detach with our attachment.

And we take this best attraction attachment concept in the wrong way and consider it beneficial for ourselves and consider attraction as love.

Have you ever thought that if the attraction is a deep form of love then why have scholars, thinkers told so many measures to get rid of it?

But if we think deeply then we will know what the basic difference between love and attraction is:

When we have love in our heart, we try to give love to it, wish for its comfort, wish for it’s away from any the trouble that is tackle by him or her; we are not the center of love while the core and central part is that person who is lovable by him or her.

When there is an attachment, we try to give ourselves pleasure through it, we make ourselves paramount. We only are the core and central part of that attraction, not that one who also the part of that best relationship attachment.


2.   For objects of any types of profession

When we love the post that we want to achieve, we will make ourselves worthy of it, we will work hard to get it, we will try to get it with truth and honesty with best relationship attachment to that post.

If there is a fascination - if we dream something big and we have a lot of desire to achieve it, we can do anything to get it, whether it is the wrong path or some unethical thing, no one hesitates to adopt it. They try to get that post forcefully by adopting the wrong method, and then it comes under the attachment concept.


3.   For property

If there is love for property, you will work hard and if you have an attraction for the property, you will steal, try to grab it by doing wrong, and will think anything wrong to harm anyone. Only you will see your well-being. The second party men will be nothing to us, no matter how much trouble he has.

Important point

One important thing about the relationship attachment of attraction is that any object or human we are fascinated with, we accept the basis of our happiness and sorrow as the bond of this attraction.

While this is our confusion, this relationship attachment is bound to bind us, whether it is wrong or right, we only consider it to be true, and we detach what is true.

In this way, our eyes are covered in curtains.

We consider that the attraction is the basis of everything.

If we do not get the thing for which we have a fascination, then there is a mad passion-filled in our minds.

All the time we think about getting these things while doing some work, we keep thinking about that, day and night, we only think about how to achieve it.

Even to get it, they do not even think about the wrong right. This is such a passion that just keeps on provoking us to do something wrong, it has such an effect on our mind that we are unable to think well. The concept of relationship attachment is the best part of Bhagavad Gita.

This is the reason that scholars have given so many measures to avoid attraction (moh) and a person full of attraction is harmful to society and also for people.


4.   How to win attraction for love

The best relationship attachment concept for attraction or love is described here:

The simple way to win over the attraction is to change your attraction to love.

That fills love others with us as well as society,

So understand that the happiness and sorrow of any person cannot be due to anyone, even if it is a person or an object,

Happiness and sorrow depend on our thinking; our inner behavior is happiness and sorrow.

As soon as we stop accepting someone as our base, we come to our reality and everything like water becomes transparent and clear. Then we think ourselves what I was doing till now, in which world I was lost,

Like we loved our things so much in school, that no one could touch our book or copy, but now we neither have any fascination nor any madness, love is still there.

5.    How to recognize good partner of life

The best relationship attachment concept for recognizing any relation is only based on belief and faith.

You must have heard the name of faith; it happens in everyone's life, it is impossible without beliefs matter,

But not everyone is true in this life, on which we can faith in one go, we have to give ourselves a little time,

to understand him and to make we understand we can give ourselves full time for this belief. It does not convince us that we should believe that person or not, and if,

This is a big question that, which person is eligible on which we can believe?

If someone is in your life that can recognize your this 3 things, then it can be considered that he or she loves me:

·        The trouble that is hidden behind your smile and happiness,

·        Love behind you angriness

·        Your compulsion to do something,

One who know this 3 things about you, you can blindly believe on that person, and you can cross any hurdles in your life with the help of that loveable partner.

6.   Whose relation is ours?

The best relationship attachment concept for own sided relation is one who is standing for you always. 

Who is ours, the one with whom we have a blood relation or who is a childhood friend or who works with us in office.

The answer is the one who stands with us in trouble, in the problem.

We can test our relations on the time basis only.

The one thing is – it is not able to find a time when we live with our close relationships, it can be only find real and true relationships when we are in trouble.

7.    How should be any relationship?

Whether it is any relationship attachment concept of husband-wife, friends, brother-sister, father-son, sister-sister wants only honesty and deep love.

But how it can be possible, every relationship gets to turn into a fight. Why?

It is only possible with accepting each other’s deficiencies and good things. We have to accept each other whole-heartedly.

If you will count only and only shortcomings of your partner, it will only result in the spoiling of your relationships.

We should amend those shortcomings without realizing it to your life partner. Their shortcomings should be making power of him of her.


These are the basic questions of Best relationship attachment concept that is responsible for good relations or bad relations. Relation with attachment makes attraction that is tied us with that relation or that object. Here is an also described solution for the relationships that is a break.

That relationship also flourishes when we are happy and in good circumstances but that relations do not stand with us when we are not able to do anything or we haven’t money.

Every relationship is selfish with own thinking of loss and profit. So I think we should always think about us first then everything is secondary.  

It is also described beautifully in Bhagavad Gita.




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