Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna method guidance


Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna method guidance
Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna method guidance


Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna, method, and Guidance is aspiring to get close to Lord Krishna. One who aspires to attain deity through meditation should scrutinize the self in inward solitude.

They should constantly practice one method – the meditation with body and mind.

It is also important to free from worldly attachment, expectations, and material possessions.

Lord Krishana says to Arjun, those who eat too much or eat too little, who sleep too much or sleep too little, will not succeed in meditation.

But those who are restrained in eating and sleeping, work and entertainment, will come to an end of grief through meditation.

With the help of constant effort, they cognize to remove the mind from selfishness and absorb it into the self.

Bhagavad Gita meditation atop KrishnaWhenever our mind errant, restless and diffuse in the search of self-satisfaction without leads it within, edify it to rest in the self. Freed from the stigma of self-consciousness, with their consciousness, they become one with Brahman.

chapter 7 verse 4/5 Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna method and guidance

1.  To meditate atop Lord Krishna we have to do this to attain God - Under whatever circumstances, things, people, an event the mind goes, or if the mind goes in the subject of any senses or starts to make it think of that, at the same time remove the mind from these materialistic subjects and put the mind in the divine.

   If again goes mind to these materialistic subjects again control your mind and turn your attention to a deity. In this way, the mind keeps on putting in your goal (to attain god) over and again.

2.  Wherever the mind goes see (imagination) and feel God there. Like if you remember any place, thing, or whatever thing or people, do feel that all thing or place in the form of Lord Krishna the divine power. In this way put your mind in lotus foot of God.

3.   Feel like that the power of God is everything, in this world everywhere and in everything is present only and only divine power.

4.     Everywhere there is God, there was only God before, even after it is destroyed, there will be the only god and in spite of it, God will remain. In this way put your mind in God.

5.     When people strive to put their own mind in God, several of the matters come in mind. For this people thinks that when I remain busy in worldly matters, not more things come in my mind, but when we try to meditate God, then different kinds of matters star to be remembered. 

    It is the process of purification of inner self because when we get determined to attain God then the dirty matters of the world going outside from our mind in the form of extra thinking while meditating atop God Lord Krishna. By which our inner world gets purified.

6.   The people have difficulty in thinking about God because he considers himself to be part of the world and then thinks of God. So thinking about the world is an automatic process but to about God, we have to put our own mind to God, still, it isn’t done. For this, the best way is the people should think with attachment to God than think about God.

7.   People who want meditate upon God, think like that, I am of God and the only God is mine, I am not of this body and world and it is not mine – in this way of thinking of God is automatically have done and you will have not to think about God.

8.   While meditation atop Lord Krishna, the seeker should take care not to store any work in the mind like to be done that work, to be gone that place, to be met that person or about to come to meet or to be organized a meeting for office, etc, don’t collect much of the work in mind. 

9. Sitting calm in meditation, the errant mind always remains busy in the materialistic world so these works put their own mind in the mediation of God.

10. If any problem comes while doing mediation atop Lord Krishna then according to Bhagavad Gita, get remove all these hurdles by saying – ‘adang-bdang swaha’.

11. While looking in front, blink of the eyelid over and again quickly for a few times and then close the eyes for a few minutes. By blinking the eyelids as if the outside’s scene cuts likewise inner objects removes.

12.   First nasal breathing twice or thrice takes it out and then thrusts it in internally (with chimes) takes out the entire breathe and stops outside. As much as stop breathing for a while, then stop for that long and then slowly inhalation of natural breathing conditions, then go. This erases all resolve options.

When the meditation atop Lord Krishna upon people is mastered, the mind is unbroken like a lamp flame in an airless place. In the steady mind, in the depth of meditation manifests itself.

Even after receiving that blissful pleasure beyond the senses, revealed in a steady mind, they never deviate from the eternal truth. They want nothing more and cannot move through the heavy burden of sorrow

How does Krishna speak of meditation?

By the concept of Lord Krishna describes the solitary meditation but Arjun is nonplussed with the idea of saying.

Bhagavad Gita’s verses cognize of controlling the mind and focusing it on Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna says that who serves Krishna, love, is the highest yogi.

Method of doing mediation upon Bhagavad Gita

For meditating upon Lord Krishana according to Bhagavad Gita, first choose a clean and quiet place, which is neither too much nor too little and sit firmly on the cloth or kusha grass. Then sit once, try to make your thoughts freeze.

In meditation, turn your mind aside, and your heart will be purified with this awesome method. Hold and relax your body, head, and neck firmly in a straight line, and keep your eyes from errant.

Controlling the mind and fixing it on Lord Krishna, sitting in meditation with the name of divine power.

Through the senses and the mind is controlled through continuous meditation, united with oneself, attaining an inspirational nirvana, a state of bliss and peace in Lord Krishna.


Bhagavad Gita meditation atop Krishna with method and guidance has been concluded here with many of the points. The praxis of meditation liberates a person from all miseries. This is the practice for mediation upon God.

Direct yourself with determination and constant enthusiasm.

Use your willpower to control the senses, striving whole-heartedly of all selfish desires and expectations. Little by little, with patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stable in itself.








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