Universal Message Chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagavad Gita Book

Universal Message Chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagwat Gita Book
Universal message chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagavad Gita book 

Jive Paramatma ka hi ansh hai| We Are All God's Creatures


This week’s article is about universal message chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagwat Gita's book. We all are God’s creatures.

According to Bhagwat Gita, we have become so involved in the world that we are forgetting the real things. Due to which the relationship related to God is being forgotten.

We won’t know the actual relationship until this mistake is amended. That is why God says that we already have a strong relationship with that god. The God who is eternally attained must be fully searched.

We all know that the universal message of Bhagwat Gita is - what is discovered is already prevalent. God is eternal and plenipotentiary.

Further, God says that the world was never your own and do not take the support of this world, your present relations, in material things, but you should take the shelter of god that is eternal and ever, forever.

chapter 7 verse 4 and 5 Bhagavad Gita

practical application of Bhagavad Gita from daily life

Bhagwat Gita says that it is important for every human being to attend spiritual lectures, hymn, and all the process of worship and sadhana. 

Because there is no more superior work from this in this world.

But if you think that you will gain own god only by preach-hymn that is not fair because if you think like that means your ego is increasing that is a big hurdle in the path to get God.

According to chapter 15 verse 4 Bhagwat Gita's book. We can reach to God only by grace to God by our emotional level, our pureness of heart, bhav, love towards God, and pureness of mind, all these are very important.  We cannot get the divine God by any product.

A big misconception happens to most people that as doing hard work we can get everything likewise we can get God by doing manipulation, on the purification of inner self we can reach to God.

But this is not true because divine attainment cannot be enlisted by any work like jap, tapasya, austerity

No matter how superior that works. Because every superior work has both starting an ending pattern.  So, how that fruit karma would be continuous.

And the fruit of work (karma) is also having both ends patterns. So we can’t enlist God any type of hard work (15/4, Bhagwat Gita).

To dissociate from this world, you have to remind every time that we haven’t any relation to this body and the whole world,

Don’t be confused, it only makes you bound free from everything. In everything, these two matters (our body and this material world) is a big matter for everyone, by which we are most attached to this,

That’s why lord Krishna basically force on those two matters. 

So after experiencing no relation to anyone, it feels us free from everything and I am the creature of God – to be live in this reality is the best way to search for god.

In real ways, if anyone is being freed from any bounded relation of this world, they can feel God’s existence, this is the universal message of  Bhagwat Gita's book.

 Just like, we cannot differ one drop of water from the ocean if this drop mixes with it up once. 

Like this, if a part (ansh) of creature mixes with God once then it is difficult to separate from this. This means this creature cannot come back again in this world.

It is well known that we are the part (ansh) of this great God, so until this living being does not get to this God they will continue to rebirth process.

And the real and permanent happiness and peace can get only they will mix with the god. In the real image of perception, these creatures are not separate from God. 

But because the reason for this material world, that is full of defects and dualities these living beings wanders to his path and get birth again in the ignoble stage( yoniya).

We are the part(ansh) of God so the home(Dham) of God will be ours home, so if once we reach this home(Dham), that not have to come on this earth this is the universal message of  Bhagwat Gita book.

If you would feel in your livings that sometimes you are in a big inner problem that you cannot see by this naked eye, means you have to enter you in your mind, in your thoughts.

But it is very difficult to get God so it is a very easy process that if you can enter into your mind you can get something that you want for relief to you.

This restlessness happens to us because we are still far away from that God. So until we reach them, we will continue to roam in many worlds like travelers and never gonna stop.

If we go to the highest Brahm, we will have to come back from that too. The big reason is behind that, this world is not ours, this world is unrecognized for us, and this world is not our real home until we will keep wandering till we reach our real home. 

And walking in different yoniya will stop only when we reach our real home. And this real home is God’s foot.

Here we are doing one big mistake that- this body is part of this world and we are itself the part of God. 

Mistakes are that the part of God and the Part of this world, we assimilate with each other, we want to favorable both the world and God.

We should not do this. For this, we should make our body favorable to this world and we should make self to favorable to divine God.

  Leave this body dependant on the world, whatever it wants, in elaboration form – we should use this body in only welfare work for the world. It should be left for the world.

And leave yourself to the divine, as God wills. Give the things of the world to the world and give the things of God to the divine. This is honesty. And this honesty is called ‘Mukti’.

If you do not give the things of the person, and take the things of the world and take the things of God, it is not right and that is ‘bondage’.

If we notice deeply to this sentence you will find that all this is of god. In this world, everything is of others, either our body, our education, our upbringing.

Everything is done by others that's why Lord Krishna says give everything to this world whatever you have this is shows in chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagwat Gita book.

Lord Krishna describes his divine devotion, which he says is self-luminous if you are dedicated. It is no need for sun, moon, or fire to light it up.

Lord Krishna says about this world is full of bliss, knowledge, and eternality.

Here is the big knowledge about God that we are not part of Brahma (nirgun) besides we are the part of God.

In Bhagwat Gita it is said that every human being should gain knowledge about part (ansh) - we should live continuously in that which we are the part of that god and we should connect relations only with that we are part of this is the universal message of  Bhagwat Gita book.

We have to connect this relation to God, nobody here to connect that amazing relation between devotee and God. We themselves have to connect to this connection of God.

Because we are a big reason to join this relation to God and to disrupt this relation to god. 

In elaboration form, the real meaning of connection to God is, if we are in any painful situation we do remember every time god and if this pain becomes deep then you connect with deep feeling to God. That is a connection to God.

According to chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagwat Gita's book the real meaning of disruption to god is, we are so busy and indulged in this the material world only for materialistic things. 

Those are no use for us; it’s all total time-wasting. If you make this time useful to worship God on God, you can achieve something big. 

So if you have no problem in your life, you can’t turn you toward this God. So it disrupts the connection. You are a big reason to disrupt this connection to God.

Due to we are part of God, we all are independent and this human being takes many of the wrong advantages of this freedom. So this living being has to save these wrongdoing works materials.

We have perpetual relation to God that can never change in any era.  But we are now busy in fake relationships to this world, that’s why we keep on forgetting the real relationship to the divine god.  

So we aren’t able to feel this real relation to God.

In this fake world, sometimes we feel that if we connect to God then will god connect with us?

But if we are in the full shelter of God, then we can get every knowledge about God and we can feel this real connection to God that is part of God (ansh hai hum Prabhu ke) this is a universal the message of  Bhagwat Gita's book.

The creature is the eternal part of God. So the real effort of these living beings is to connect their own relationship with God and realize this very dedication and devotion.

 All actions done by our own body is an activity that is only for this world because our body is part of this world. It is the matter of practice that is we do every day. But its necessary to do daily work and that is part of karma.

But the efforts are done by themselves, emotions (bhav) is vital to this world. So free of bad things, bad thoughts, devoted to god, pour mind, pour thoughts – these are self-effort activities. 

These skills make us real human beings. That is only for goodwill for others, only for benefits for others, only for care for others, only have a big heart for others. 

These are real efforts to find the real path of honesty.

Being free from any type of evil makes goodwill necessary for the world.

So this body becomes free from this world makes it very useful for us.  this real nature of men becomes very useful for god.

This fact is very clear that being evil habits we can’t get anything.

Here god shows the reality – the living beings are part of me. But the human being becomes a creature after accepting the relation with nature’s work, senses, mind, life, etc. this life is not real.

God loves all human beings very much. 


We are the part of God, Soul is the part of God this is the universal message of chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagwat Gita's book.

The god, how much has love for human beings it is shown in this article. Everything comes from God, either we are or our soul. We are very much connected to God.  But this relation is hiding until we don’t back to god after leaving this fake relationship of the world.

Here god openly says that we are only the part (ansh) of God; there is not the solution of nature in us.

In chapter 15 verse 7 Bhagwat Gita's book God itself shows every path to reach God. In this chapter, we can find every criterion to get to god. 

What is shelter and how it works, it is elaborately state here very better way, that is the first step to reach to God. 

This verse shows a universal message for us. That is unknown to most people.  So if you want to know, why Lord Krishna said creature is the part of God then you can read this chapter.

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