The Untold Secret Ways Learn Life Lessons- Bhagwat Gita

The untold secret ways learn life lessons- Bhagwat Gita
The untold secret ways learn life lessons-Bhagwat Gita


Hello friends, my today’s topic is about  The untold secret ways to learn life lessons from Bhagwat Gita.

Bhagwat Gita  that teaches us many life lessons but how do we start learning the life lessons from Bhagwat Gita never told us.

We read many of the life lessons from internet, youtube videos, articles, newspapers and attend many Satsangs but have you really realize that they teach us the basic or root ways to implement in our life.

Alright let me clarify that we are told us all this life lesson every day but how these lessons get in life is never told us.

Then we need to know The untold secret ways to learn life lessons from Bhagwat Gita.

I think its a little bit to touch this topic so first, we should learn to apply in our life, it’s not a big deal to know these life lessons, it is a big thing to get apply to your life by knowing these life lessons.

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The untold secret ways to learn life lessons from Bhagwat Gita

I will describe here some best ways to start learning the life lessons from Bhagwat Gita. These ways are simple but important to follow, which will make your thinking unraveled.

So you will be able to decide how you can implement These untold secret ways to learn life lessons from Bhagwat Gita.  These secret ways turn you into a big master for your life. Your lives will itself catch the path that is right for you because you are implementing all that tightly.

You stay strong as long as you stay connected to the life lessons by Bhagwat Gita.   You will feel something like that you have gained a big achievement in your life that’s why you are filled with a lot level of confidence.

Let’s get started now here the ways to learn life lesson by Bhagwat Gita

1.     To learn books related to Bhagwat Gita lessons

Read it consciously at a peaceful place and doesn’t wander your mind. It has two benefits, the first one is by doing this the method you will able to control your mind, so if you get control over your mind then you are great and all complied knowledge gained by Bhagwat Gita will give you great success in your life.

And the second one thing is that what question you exactly asked about life lessons of Bhagwat Gita then you will get very close to it.

Book reading is really good quality but it gets four moons when we read devotional books. So you should apply this first thing in your life to implement lessons.

You can add to read this pious book daily, if you want to read only short para that’s ok, you can read an only short paragraph. It is no need to read the full book daily because it’s not possible for anyone.


2.     Must take these lessons in daily life after reading the book of Bhagwat Gita


After reading the book of Bhagwat Gita you should take all measures in your daily life, implement all that. It’s not so easy very well known by others, but if you will try, you can.

For better ways, you can make a list of these lessons and can read every day. You can follow these lessons in your daily communication by reading the process of ‘prem ki bhasha’, in your behavior you can use the lesson by Bhagwat Gita which one is read by you.


3.     Leave yourself alone for a while for better thinking of lessons by Bhagwat Gita

It is really a good idea to leave you alone for some time that really gives a lot of relaxation from your life. Do thinking about those lessons which you have read from lessons of Bhagwat Gita before. 

Feel that those lessons are affecting you. It’s taking you in the right way; you can see your destination of goal. 

Your wandering mind now able to focus on one piece of thought that reveals you exactly what you want from life or what you really want from life. 

Everything gets now clear like crystal before your eyes that direct your mind always in the right ways.


4.     Write something about those lessons of Bhagwat Gita  which you have read before

Writing is the best idea to implement lessons in your life. It is like an energy drink for your implementation of lessons. 

If you write properly everything about life lessons of Bhagwat Gita it gets stuck in your mind forever so think that if you got properly then it shows in your behavior definitely. 

Because of which you are appreciated by others, liked by others. Then you feel the best of the best in this world.


5.     Watch some videos related to lessons by Bhagwat Gita


Videos act some different roles in this, directly enters into our mind of the lesson by Bhagwat Gita. we can learn different and new thoughts about life about relations or about senses that always try to break our courage. 

By listening to these video we feel fresh by the mind and fill with a lot of courageous things.


6.     Make some art related to lessons by Bhagwat Gita

Yes you can draw different postures of your knowledge to make your thinking creative. 

By that process you will fully indulge in that art and your meditation will continue to happen as well. 

You will feel happy and relax which is very expensive in today’s life. And you will gain

             That very easily but the main thing is that you should always try that.


7.     Snap all that pictures in front of your eyes of lessons by Bhagwat Gita

Whatever picture you have made from lessons of Bhagwat Gita make sure to put it in front of your eyes. 

That will have a great effect on your brain; your mind will blossom with new expectations, thoughts, ideas, and hope.  At 24/7 hours effect is epic for your life.

One picture is equal to 1000 words that implies everything in one the movement of art. 


8.     Paste good life quotes in your room of lessons by Bhagwat Gita

             With some different pictures, you can paste some quotes of life lessons that inspire you towards your life, which makes you understandable to achieve your part of the truth. 

It gives you the sense to understand what is wrong and what is right. If you notice theses quotes ever you will feel the change of your thoughts, your activities, and your way of thinking.


9.     Count your attention towards  lessons of Bhagwat Gita


          If you have read the starting lines of this article, then I have said one       thing in it that it’s not a big deal to know these life lessons, it is a big thing to get apply to your life by knowing these life lessons.

 So should pay tight attention towards that and will have to regular for that. But don’t worry it’s not too tough to apply if once you get to enter into this you will make you big itself.


The untold secret ways to learn life lessons from Bhagwat Gita is present here. If you have any other tool to follow easily these ways, obviously you can try this.

Well, these nine superb tools are very helpful to regain us to regain our life’s goal and to reach where there is a real piece of peace, real bliss, and to blossom your mind, and now you got the way to pave to become master of your life. You don’t know exactly if we are able to control your own mind, it will be a big achievement for your life.

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