Inspirational Disabilities Stories | Overcome Life Fear

inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear life
inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear life


Hello, friends, my today’s topic is Inspirational Disabilities Stories | Overcome Life Fear obviously you must be wondering what is this topic, but friends do not you think that we should think about them by taking a little measure.

These Inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear to live
are very strong by the way, they are very powerful but they also need some help so we should have some love and sympathy.

A laborious man without limbs accepts everything in their life with a great smile and welcomes all negative circumstances.

Some of my views about Inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear to live
It is said that if anyone is without limbs or he has not good circumstances then we can do nothing, we are unable to get something in our life, but it's not true.

Numerous inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear to live are in this world who live without limbs that too with pleasure but some of them like to do their own work and some depend on others,

Because it has settled in their mind to do nothing with support of his without limbs.

But there are many people on this earth who do their own work even when they do not have a hand.

Many of the people in our history make his name without limbs and make inspirational disabilities stories only the help of will power. Even they haven’t limbed. No matter how these kinds of people have his conditions, how they tackle his problems, or how to sever all that a big problem for that still keep on with the full force that people called Laborious man without limbs.

This world is a little bit kinda hardcore of the heart that is unable to see the pain of others.

Either he or she is in pain, doesn’t matter you have to do work with a harness of your efforts.

As we see in the above picture of art, its real heart touching but still, the man is doing all his own works with the help of his own efforts while he is without hands that are real men and we should salute him, they are real makers of inspiring disabilities stories.

And by the way, if the man without limbs sits with comfortably to eat and doesn’t do a single work, then do you offer food or money?

No, the answer is No, never

Without strive, we won’t help him.

So just think deeply, if we won’t help him,

He will have to work hard and he works hard,

So, like that, sometimes we see some scenes like that we connect with that emotionally on viewing those scenes.

There is a man, who is still involved in overcome fear for the life they are very capable of fighting his circumstances, he fills every need of himself and his family with his hard work. He works so hard that he did not even care, he is without hands.

And the other way of side, a man didn’t want to do any work; he just wanted to live with a cozy life full of comfortable articles without any hard work.

and he is capable to do his own work with his labor still he didn’t want to do anything.

Then whom will you give more importance to differentiate with him, absolutely your answer is a hard worker man means who won the life of fear and set an example for inspirational disabilities stories, because of everyone salute to hard work, determination, commitments, passion and no matter how he got success in his life. 

Means everyone only notices your success then appreciate you they, have nothing to do with your problems,

Everything is bowed down to the spirit of passion and the feeling of passion never come under any unfavorable conditions .

The makers of inspirational disabilities stories are very rigid.

Those men throwing himself all over hard work with his passion for blood, sweat, commitment, fearlessness, everything,

His every particle of travail is flowing in the form of labor sweat. So that the man who grease with a very deep heart, should appreciate him.

The winner of this life for inspiring others and makes a great story, their strenuous effort is going to make a big path to travel smoothly on that path.

But the other side is an example for those who doesn’t want to strive for even their own fulfillment?

They always depend on others for their comfort, they haven’t a bit of self-respect for the dependency of others and the vast thing is that begging for them is not a big deal. 

These people just want to sit and eat. The word self-respect is bulshit kind of matter (with some angry smile), for these people.

We all know very well, no shortcuts available for hard works, if hard work was not given much importance today, every other man in the world would be rich.

The main difference between both of these kinds of men are only the way the survival of determination in his mind, so we a call like this is inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear to live.

They keep on indulging in fulfillment of their dreams and efforts and fill him with confidence that there is no shortage of my efforts.

A scene has been created when this Laborious man  but without limbs  went to interview, but he didn’t qualify this interview for the reason of partiality,

Because he has no money, source, so at randomly listened to those people.
The conversation is here,

(With dominance smile) some big employees gathered in one place with noise and a loud laugh.

They are all talking among themselves that we will offer jobs to those people who will give us money.

 (With deep thinking of worry of laborious man) Now the laborious men get tired and think how can I make a great story for others for inspirational disabilities stories or how to overcome my fear  I get these successful achievements if I have no money, no education, no limbs, no external support or nothing have any sources,

But it is true that in today’s time, if someone has enough money to get a job or has a big source, then he gets a job, his qualification has no meaning.

So the laborious man is thinking with a deep heart about his future even though he doesn’t have a-arms.

We all know that they need love support; we should help them not with money but with love.

If we offer some money to help then the spirit of the makers of strong stories of disabilities, they will be hurt.

Their self-respect is valuable for us, and no matter how he able to do or not but they have great self-confidence.

And neither is everyone so intelligent nor does anyone understand their feelings and problems?
Those who do something always finds compatibilities around them, they all people(Laborious man  without limb),  do not take care of their dislikes at all and they do love what they get in his life and keeping satisfaction in mind and move forward for their goal.

They look and understand everything that is useful for them, or to make able to overcome fear towards life, whatever they have welcome with a smile then even if it is negative and bad conditions that are revolving always around him.

Some basic queries about inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear to live 

·        Bilateral Amputee

 The people who are with no arms and legs called bilateral amputees and these legs and arms missing below the knee.

      Number of people with no arms and leg

Its almost 2.1 million people.

       Life of laborious people with no arms and leg

The life of these people gets so hard but if you make some strong bridges that smoothly cross the hurdles of the barriers and boundaries of life definitely you will catch whatever you want with great affection, love, and hope. The best example for this is the name Nick Vujicic, who can be great inspiration for us and their way of life directs us a walk on hurdles with a lot of motions.

      Have you ever think that you can survive without limbs?

Yes I know its tough question for everyone who has never been through this pain, but it’s ok, but I think we all should think about Laborious men but without limb and should be offered for great help, but this help should not be in the money but in love, we should give support, love, affection, contribution and be nice for him. Sympathy and love is the great medicine for this community so please love this community.

·        Use of washroom of without limbs people

Now the big question definitely arise in our mind that how men  but without limb uses washroom, a type of tube attached through their lower body then drains through the tube into a collection bag.

      Can you walk with no feet?

You lose some balance, strength, and ability to propose in gait, but they walk fine as long as they are inappropriate shoes with customized inserts and toe fillers.

      Best examples for this

Shalini Saraswathi, Mariyappan Thangavelu, Vishwas HS, Manasi Joshi, Vinod Rawat, T Samuel, Suyash Jadhav, Briju Mohan, Antara Telang, Sheryl Rebecca, Arle Ramchandra, Dhaval Khatri, Kiran Kanojia.


It is a real heart touching picture of inspirational disabilities stories with overcome fear to live in the society that pinches us to support those people with harmony, pleasure, and with a great smile. We should welcome this community with an open heart ever. They are so nice because they are hard workers, while they do not have limbs, but still live gracefully. From these Laborious men but without limb we should learn how to live life.


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