Everdyday Reading Bhagwat Gita Benefits Importance

Why should we start reading the Bhagwat Gita and how will it change our life.

Everdyday Reading Bhagwat Gita Benefits Importance
everyday reading Bhagwat Gita benefits importance  



Hello friends, my today’s topic is about Bhagwat Gita, the topic is - everyday reading Bhagwat Gita benefits importance. This means why should we start reading Bhagwat Gita. Gita teaches us the deep secrets of our life.

Well, we have heard the same thing in many places that we should always start everyday reading Bhagwat Gita.

But why, why everyone forces us to read, only good and devotional books, has anyone told us this. I guess No, and if someone had told, then a little bit.

I think we should know everything about why should we read Bhagawat Gita daily, what will change in us or around us and what is its benefits, importance and impacts.

Importance  and Benefits of Everyday Reading Bhagwat Gita

We should start to read Bhagwat Gita every day because it enlightens us to the solution to our problems, we can feel a bunch of pieces that are hidden somewhere today. 

The great book of this era shows the batter way to handle the situation of stray humans. Today’s men are trapped in life’s worries, problems, and many stresses. To get out of all these problems, we must read Bhagwat Gita

Many of the times men stray from their own real path and he doesn’t understand what to do so Gita teaches us to activeness and the art of living.

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 1.     Gita Introduces us to the real truth

Importance - The Bhagwat Gita introduces us to the deeper truths of life. All those truths that get remove every layer of confusion that can find every area like fear, 

why do you feel fear or restlessness sometimes, while all is well, these are confusions which can’t understand by a single mind. You must include truths that are given in Bhagwat Gita.

We can get rid of the lies that lie around us by reading of  Bhagwat Gita every day, the reason is here, if you ever notice, 

you must have found that we feel great by doing some welfare work like we ever fed a poor person, or helped the needy. 

These are the real things that revolve around us always.  But we didn’t understand all this and the most important this is what our heart demands.

In this way Bhagwat Gita makes us aware of lies and illusions, superstitions. The path ahead of it is automatically visible.

Many questions bring in our mind related to our existence, which we can never solve because we cannot accept this truth and love in falsehood. For this, we have to know the truth of life.

And this truth seems so clear in the Bhagwat Gita that no one gets convinced of it.

Benefits – The curiosity to know the knowledge of this truth makes us intelligent to see the reality of truth.

2.   Have great power to overcome difficulties

Importance – This is one of the best tools to overcome own problems, difficulties by everyday reading Bhagwat Gita. 

Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to follow the path of truth and we have to compromise with it and it becomes difficult to follow the principle of goodwill and ideology. 

In this way, we are not able to perform our duty well.  Bhagwat Gita gives us a message to overcome these types of problems.

These problems face everyone in his life today or tomorrow then he reminds the goodwill hand of Bhagwat Gita.

These words of Bhagwat Gita are not literal but practical. This holy book not only given the suggestions but knowledge and eternal values have been mentioned on the basis of logic. 

Basically, it focuses on logical lectures. Due to which everyone has to follow the truth.

Benefits – Through the moral of Bhagwat Gita Krishana does not inspire only the discouraged Arjun in Kurukshetra rather motivated the whole world of people to know their duties, life lessons, karma and many more thoughts are given.


 3.   Gita tells us our duty to benefits for humanity


Importance Gita enlightens us to our duty,  we get awakens for the spirit of our own after reading the book Bhagwat Gita, that teaches us to bring happiness to someone. Everybody should sacrificially offer pleasure to each other.


Benefits – If we will fill our minds with all these duties and we will always direct for the real work of itself. We can feel automatically our duties.


4.   Gita teaches us to get rid of the influence of desire, selfishness, attachment


Importance – we do work under the influence of desire, love selfishness, attachment. But Bhagwat Gita says we should do all work without these behaviors. Because these people don’t have both temporal and otherworldly benefits while there is harm.


BenefitsBhagwat Gita gives us the power to think the right way for these cheap kinds of behaviors.


5.    Gita teaches us how to free yourself from the bondage of karma

Importance – It takes the only better results from reading Bhagwat Gita every day if you obey the duty of karma lawfully. 

And it is known very well that we use the same things which are taken by this world like education from teacher-that is not mine, 

all body- this is taken by parents and upbringing also takes place by parents, God gives us a duty to do. 

In this way, we take all that from others so if you want to free from this bondage, you have to return all that.


BenefitsBhagwat Gita makes us realize to free from this bondage. The real face of this bondage can be seen in our daily life in the form of money bondage, relation bondage, 

thinking bondage, material things bondage, work bondage desire bondage. Many things are here that feel us tie to these things. So if we will free from all that bulshit kind of materials, 

we can feel fly in the sky and free from everything.


6.   Gita teaches us the truth behind material  things

ImportanceIf you read everyday Bhagwat Gita, it makes us intellectual for the truth behind these material things, it is worth nothing for your own life.  

Just have the material things that you need, should not be excessive. If you have excessive you should distribute in poor men.

BenefitsThe reading of Bhagwat Gita every day offers itself to make us intelligent to notice the real things of this world. 

Like the material things are important for us that is very well know, but if it is beyond the limit, it’s not good. Money always distracts our mind from a vivid picture of this life.

7.    Gita teaches us deep knowledge about senses and their work and to aware for senses

Importance – In the chapter of third sloke number 36, Arjun asks the question that who is the one who is making me commits this sin? 

Krishana says- the root cause is ‘worldly pleasure with luxurious life and wish to the collection of material things. 

But due to the lack of vision, for this reason, men do not know who is going to commit sin. So with everyday reading, Bhagwat Gita gives us a great gift in this world is ‘intuition’. 

This is the power that introduces us to sin or worse things that we do every day in our life but many people do not pay attention to it.

Benefit – The power of intuition that has got us from an everyday reading of Bhagwat Gita is just like a great weapon for us that prevents us to do something wrong for us. 

This is our inner voice. What is wrong what is right, who is the perfect for us, which thing should we do, where we should go, our behavior for others, love to everyone, these all are daily life matters, 

that can be solved by this. Sometimes we get entangled in big problems then we need this great weapon is ‘intuition’. We should follow this like blind men because it remains always right.


8.   Bhagwat Gita teaches us about intelligence, mind with a deeper layer of logic and senses 

Importance – Gita says that prudence appears in the intellect. Prudence (buddhi) are three types – Sativiki, Rajashi, and Tamashi. 

In satviki we can realize clearly, properly our duty clause means what we should do or what we shouldn’t do. 

In Rajashi buddhi we can’t realize the real truth of our duty clauses. And in Tamsik buddhi, every knowledge has an opposite way of perspective. 

This is the real benefit to read Bhagwat Gita. So our pious book Gita enlightens us to all these conditions of mind in which humans can take any step of good or bad.

 Benefits – The best intellectuality of that mind gives us the chance to handle our mind by Satvik buddhi. 

So Gita says that doesn’t create too much worldly desire otherwise your noumenal the path will be lost. 

And if we are not careful about worldly desire then it will increase. So we will definitely follow some wrong ways.

 And this desire gets to cover our intelligence to notice the right things in life. So Bhagwat Gita directs us to the right path.


9.   Gita teaches us to give importance to their own intelligence

 ImportanceEveryday reading of Bhagwat Gita describes ‘to give importance to the intelligence we have.’ 

If we don’t give importance to our intelligence it creates one behavior in us, that is doubtfulness. 

The reason is that the knowledge of doubtful men is out of natural education (natural education is that given by God) and also he didn’t obey others than how they can dispel their doubts. 

And without dispelling that doubts they can’t get success.

 Benefits – Gita aware us towards doubtfulness behavior of mind and teaches us to understands the value of the intelligence that we have.


 10.          Gita teaches us to focus on karma, not on fruits of karma

Importance - Gita teaches us to focus on only karma, not on the fruits of karma, because if you focus on the fruit of karma then you will not be able to fully focus on your own work. 

And you wouldn’t get success till you would fully indulge in your work. If you start reading every day Bhagwat Gita you can get more knowledge about that, and also with that quality you will fill yourself with patience and focus.

 And If you wish to fruit of karma only the people get confused, worried, and anxious. So Gita gives us this great knowledge for a better life

 Benefits – Gita describes only karma, that we should focus on only that. Then we can achieve our own goal easily.



What we found by reading Bhagwat Gita everyday

Many of the importance and benefits described here that can be definitely proven best for our life. 

Everyday reading Bhagwat Gita benefits importance makes us aware, realization, towards our duties our senses our intelligence and mind. 

Gita tells us the deep knowledge of our daily life that are secrets of our life. Nobody knows about these secrets unless humane won’t be thrown us in the humanity of Bhagwat Gita unless they won’t follow the instructions of Gita and unless they won’t feel the real meaning of realization, intuitions, mediations or deep meanings of daily life questions and answers.

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