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Taj Mahal A sybmbol of Beauty|Love

  Taj Mahal A symbol of beauty|love Introduction Well known as one of the marvels of the world as the Taj Mahal: the image of adoration and excellence India is an encapsulation of genuine affection and enthusiasm.  The Taj Mahal, A symbol of beauty and love was worked by the renowned Mugal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his dearest spouse, Mumtaj Mahal. The structural excellence and wonderfulness of the Taj Mahal and beauty and love have never been outperformed.  It is said to be the most delightful landmark worked by Mugal ruler and speaks to the Zenith of the Mugal design. Fabricated totally out of white marbles, the excellence of Taj Mahal, A symbol of beauty and love is stunning.  The excellence and love of the Taj Mahal have been apropos condensed by the well known English artist, Sir Edwin Arnold, as "Not a bit of engineering, as different structures may be, however, the pleasing energy of a sovereign's affection fashioned in living stones.